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Fight Club OC Launched - Ballroom Era Ends



New Name Ė New Venue Ė Fights Guaranteed 

For those that saw the critically acclaimed Brad Pitt & Edward Norton movie, Fight Club, you might

remember both stars stating throughout the film , ďThe first rule of Fight Club isÖ do not talk about

Fight Club!Ē But in 2011 the first and only rule of Fight Club OC is toÖ.Tell Everybody!


So after Opening Night on Thursday, February 24th, Southern California will be abuzz about the most

exciting and action packed fight series ever launched.


Yes, after 26 years of Battle In The Ballroom at the Irvine Marriott, a new era of Orange County fight action

begins on the evening of February 24th, and you need to be there!


So what is Fight Club OC:

- Itís a six show series promoted by Roy Englebrecht Promotions that will take place in The Hangar the

  centerpiece on the OC Fair & Event Center property

- The Hangar opened this past April and is a 23,000 square foot, air conditioned venue, designed to

  resemble an aviation hangar it has a 50 foot high ceiling and unique 50 foot high hangar doors

- Itís All Inclusive Luxury Suites with all food and beverages included

- Itís VIP Parking for Season Seat Holders right next to The Hangar

- Itís a Special Happy Hour Cafe located right next door to The Hangar, with great specials

- Itís a 40 foot video screen to bring the action of Fight Club OC to life each and every show

- It will be the only hybrid fight series in the nation, featuring both pro boxing and pro mixed martial arts bouts

  each and every show

-  Itís so much more you need to check out


So donít miss out on what will be some of the most thrilling nights of sports and entertainment in Orange

County. Now six great nights to entertain clients, friends, or just the guys! Get your Season Seats today

before tickets go on sale to the public February 1st. Check out all the perks of being a Season Seat Holder,

and there are a bunch, at


The response to Fight Club OC has been great with almost 100% Season Seat Renewals from 2010

Season Seat Holders, eight of the twelve Luxury Suites sold so donít miss out in 2011. To request a 2011

Fight Club OC Season Seat Packet, email, or call 949-760-3131.


Remember in 2011 it will beÖ. Fight Club OC Ė Fights Guaranteed!


Be There


Next Event: Feb 24th








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