Freestyle Fighting Championship XV


September 14, 2005

The Joint

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada



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Fight 1

Dave Garcia (Metro Fight Club) vs. Chris Wilson (Team Quest)


Fight 2

Seth Klinebeck (Dring Martial Arts) vs. Josh Haynes (New World Fighters)


Fight 3

Roger Huerta (Team Extreme) vs. Matt Wiman (Lion's Den)


Fight 4

Josh Neer  vs. Forest Petz


Fight 5

Travis Wiuff (Team Extreme) vs. Jason Lambert (North County Fight Club)


Fight 6 - FFC Welterweight Title Bout

Champ Keith Wisniewski (Duneland Vale Tudo) vs. Carlo Prater (Freelance)


Fight 7 - FFC Lightweight Title Bout

Champ Dave Gardner (Metro Fight Club) vs. Ryan Shultz (Team Quest)



Card subject to change