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A few years ago, we had the privilege of meeting Duane "BANG" Ludwig at a King of The Cage

Pay-Per-View Party and while speaking with him, besides seeing his great sense of humor, we quickly

realized he was going to make a huge impact in the fight game - And he has,  with MMA wins over such

notables as Genki Sudo at UFC 42, Jens Pulver at what is now TKO 12 (formerly UCC) and kickboxing

wins over Ole Laursen, Kozo Takeda, Malapaiet Sitprapom, and Serkan Yilmaz plus he is the current

ISKA Light Middleweight Muay Thai Champion. We were very fortunate to have Duane put some time aside

for us, to answer some questions we shot off to him during his very busy schedule late last week (a few

questions edited for continuity).



TheFightGame.tvThe MMA community knows you from the early King of the Cages and the UFC while

the kickboxing community knows you as the current ISKA Light Middleweight Muay Thai Champion and a

standout K-1 veteran but for those out there who may be new to the sport and may not have had a chance to

see you fight yet, can you give us a little background about yourself - how did you get started in Martial Arts

& how did you make the transition into kickboxing and MMA?


Duane: I started in Thai boxing at age 15 and from day one, I wanted to win a world title.  My training was

geared for fighting from day one actually, which was a great benefit.  There was a lot of care that was put into

my training from the get go. As far as what inspired me was the movies of course, Bruce Lee, Rocky and

movies like that.  Plus, I grew up fighting a lot.  I would fight for little or no reason.  My MMA transition came

due to lack of Thai boxing matches.  I had a hard time finding fights but there were tons of MMA fights going

on.  My grappling training started and stopped a lot, at first I wasn't into it that much.  I would train just to do

it if I was bored or something but as soon as I got another Thai boxing match, I would say forget grappling so

it was off and on.  When Bas Rutten came to Colorado to train for his UFC title shot, I trained with him

everyday for a month and I got better and better at grappling.  Then it came really hard to find Thai boxing

matches so I went to MMA.  Bas got me hooked up with Ted Williams who then got me into the KOTC and

from there, things started happening for me. 

TheFightGame.tv: Has anyone influenced your game?


Duane: My game has tons of influences, BAS RUTTEN would be my main influence though.  When

watching fights, I try to pick up things from Boxing to MMA to K-1.  There is something to be learned in each

fight you watch.  If you remember to practice it or not is another thing so try to write things down.  I would

get a pen and paper while watching fights and take little notes of what I liked and didn't like.  No, I'm sorry, it

was a Pencil and paper, not a pen. 

TheFightGame.tv: (thefightgame.tv lol at pencil reference) Who do you train with and what's your training /

schedule like?


Duane: Right now, I am training with my boxing Coach every morning at 6am, lifting weights and then

running on the tread mill, then I work as an electrician, then my night training will be Thai boxing with BAS'S

TAPES M-W-F and NHB training with Christian Carvalho T-TH.  Saturdays, I try to get to Nathan

Marquardt's gym H.A.M.A. in Aurora.  This is my training schedule for now because I do not have a fight

set.  Things just to stay in shape and keep weight on since I want to start fighting at 170 in MMA.  My day

to day training log can be found at DUANEBANGLUDWIG.com,  then go to the training log link. 

TheFightGame.tv: What's your favorite and least favorite part of training?


Duane: My favorite thing about training is that I can hit people man.  I am a very aggressive person so I like

to hit and get hit. I like to hit more then get hit though.  It's like when someone makes me mad, my first

reaction is to punch them in the face but I don't. I just like to train man, it makes me feel good you know?  I

like to get up early and do something beneficial, something positive.  Like when I train for my Japan fights, I

hate it man, I have to stay up late and sleep in  to get used to Japan time.  I feel like the loser son that stays

in his parents basement all day and night not doing anything with his life.  That really bugs me. When people

who have opportunity and throw it away, I want to kick the shit out of them man.  Look at the freaking kids in

Iraq jumping over craters made from missiles for fun.  That is some crazy shit man.  Things I hate are having

to diet to make 154/70kilos.  That kills me.  I am walking around right now at 182-185 so for me making 154

has been hard.  Most of time goes to just keeping my weight down and not actually getting better at

fighting.  No matter who the opponent or what the show is, I didn't care, it took a lot of fun out of being a

fighter.  I would eat a little something and think "I wonder what I weigh now."  It was nuts man.  I couldn't wait

to get to bed so I could get up and eat something but I had to stay up late for Japan. My biggest meal would

be breakfast and my smallest meal would be dinner so it made my nights suck.  I would be snappy at

people and that's not me at all.  I am a very happy person with a lot of energy but I get pissed easy and then

that leads to the whole "I want to punch the guy in the face" mode. Little things will make me made man,

like when I hold the door for someone at the store and they don't say THANK YOU, I want to turn around and

kick them in the back of the head but instead, I say real loud "YOUR WELCOME."



TheFightGame.tv:  We can relate...changing speeds a little, how does your family feel about the time you

need to dedicate to training and then entering the ring \ cage?


Duane: My family is real supportive of my fighting, my wife makes me good healthy meals from 5:30 am

breakfast to Dinners.  Sometimes I just eat a breakfast bar or something with a shake.

Now, you’ve been up against some of the best fighters in the world - Genki Sudo, Jens

Pulver, Masato and the late Alex Gong to name a few. What fight would you say has been the toughest on

you physically and on you mentally?


Duane: Mentally was the Genki fight because he broke my nose and there was a lot of financial things going

on at the time due to the UCC/TKO.  My fight with Jens was easy but the training was very hard, I trained for

a long time for that fight due to the postponing and bullshit that Stephan Petry did.  One of the postponing

was due to Jens being sick, what the hell man?  If I was sick, I bet the fight wouldn't have been postponed

but it's cool, the fight finally happened and I won so I'm happy with that of course.  To get back to the Genki

fight, if you look at my face when they announced  the scores, I was freaking because it was a $6,000 to

show which would have went to pay off bills that I had due to the lack of money from my post UCC/TKO fight

where it took him 4 months to get all my money, and $6,000 to win.  So, the first 6 was to go to past bills,

that was already spent, the other 6 was to live on for a while so I didn't care about winning or losing in the

sense of my record or rankings but the money deal, the first thing that came to my mind was that I had

money again.  It was funny, at the UFC, my buddy Christian and I had to follow Stephan Petry up to his

room to get the remainder of my purse money from a fight that happened 4 months prior??  I hate not having

money man, I was poor as a kid and I had enough of it, if I can do something to  better myself, I do it.  With

the fight and all the postponements, then the whole money issue, it made it really hard not to hate that guy

but now, we are mutual.  I guess he had some issues with sponsors pulling out and not getting enough

money from the show to pay his bills and we all run into things like this in one way or another but when the

guy says "I SENT THE MONEY" and your waiting at the window like a fat kid waiting for the pizza man, you

get a little pissed and I don't forget things like this easy.   



TheFightGame.tv: (thefightgame.tv lol at pizza reference) Speaking of not forgetting, is there a particular

move you wish you could go back and change in a past fight…like, if I had gone right instead of left, I could

have finished the fight sooner?


Duane: Good question man, great question.  First time this was asked ever or as Baroni says "EVA" 

HAHA. OK.  Ya man, I wish that I would have kept a lower stance when I exchanged with Masato because I

was tall and his hook hit me on the chin and mine hit him on the head but I went down.  If I was lower, the hit

would have been opposite.

TheFightGame.tv: What fight would you say is your most memorable to date and why?

Duane: I have a lot of memorable fights man, Jens, Genki, Kozo, 1st pro Thai boxing match, Masato, Ole

Lauren.  I would say Ole because there was a lot riding on it.  It was a very tough fight physically and it was

in my hometown and it was my biggest test at the time.  We both KOed out 1st opponents and then we met

in the finals of the North American K-1 tournament and he knocked me down in the first rd but that pissed

me off so  got up and took it too him for the rest of the fight for it to go into overtime, it was a good night, I

love tough fights man, it brings something out of me that's not normal. 




TheFightGame.tv:  Is there any particular fighter you would like to face or perhaps an organization you

would like to fight for?


Duane: I would love to fight for the UFC again, my whole goal right now is to get back into the Octagon and

take care of some business but the UFC 170's are tough as hell right now man. 

TheFightGame.tv: It would be awesome to see you in the UFC again. There are some great match-ups for

you there. What are some of your favorite events to watch - PRIDE, UFC, K-1, Boxing or maybe other

sporting events - football, baseball, etc…?

Duane: I only watch fighting man, I will glance at the TV with football or what ever is on at the time while at

the fitness gym that I train at in the morning but when I sit down to watch some TV, it has to be fighting.  I

love the TUF show that the UFC has going. It's not the particular event per say as it is the fighters that I like

to watch.  All the major shows have great fights so it's not a particular show that I watch as much as it's the

fighters that are on at the time.  Like the Jens fight with Gomi, I would much rather watch that then BJ vs.

Rodrigio Gracie.    With that in mind, I much rather watch an exciting fighter like Silva, Cro Cop, George St.

Pierre, Robby Lawler, Baroni and exciting fighters like that then Matt Serra or Shawn Sherk.  There is a big

stink about Sherk right now about him getting back into the UFC but lets face it, he's the last guy that I

would want to fight but he is boring as hell.  His fight with Hughes was pretty good and he has a very

effective game plan but I would rather watch the grass grow.  Please don't GnP me if you see me Sherk but

it's the truth. 

TheFightGame.tv: Now imagine you’ve been made the The Fight Game Czar for a day – you have unlimited

money and your power extends over every organization - If you could make a match between any two

fighters in the world excluding yourself (be it MMA, kickboxing, boxing) who would they be, what type of

match and why?


Duane: WOW, another good question.  Nice my man.  Hard to say you know?  I would have to put a whole

card together.  Silva and Couture for the # 1 spot.  CroCop and Silva for excitement.  Yves and Thompson

again.  Murray and Riggs.  Baroni and Lawler.  Spratt and Anderson Silva.  John Wayne Parr and Buakaw in

K-1 rules.  Mike Zambidis and Buakaw in K-1 rules.  Masato and Zambidis again on K-1.  I could go on for a

while.  Oh ya, Kraus and JWP also, K-1 rules.


 What's something that people would be surprised to learn about you?


Duane: Something surprising about me?  OK, I'm really appreciative, giving and caring.  I always give money

to the guy on the street and like to help people out but you don't say THANKS, I can then in return, kick the

shit out of you.  One time I gave this homeless guy money and he didn't say thank you, I said Your

welcome! Still nothing so I say Fuck you man, I just gave you money.  Then I had to drive away.  That really

pisses me off when that shit happens.   



TheFightGame.tv: What’s next for Duane “Bang” Ludwig - what’s your ultimate goal?


Duane: Ultimate goal, the UFC title baby.  That would be nice.  Right now, there is nothing set until April

Ring of Fire but I am trying to get something before then, MMA though. 

TheFightGame.tv: You’re still young but have you given any thought on what you would like to do after your

fight career?

Duane: After my fight career I will be an electrician,  that is why I have continued to work while training for

the most part, I am always looking ahead man. 


TheFightGame.tv:  Anybody you would like to give a shout out to?


Duane: I would like to thank you THEFIGHTGAME.TV for this interview, GLCDIRECT.COM,



Is there anything we didn’t cover that you would like to get off your chest?


Duane: Nope, that's pretty much it for now, THANK YOU THOUGH.

TheFightGame.tv: If someone out there wanted to train with you or get a hold of you for a fight, is there a
number, website or e-mail they can reach you at?


Duane: Contact info for my manager Sven Boogie Bean is BEANZ4@MSN.COM  and you can also go to

my forum on my site DUANEBANGLUDWIG.COM  and ask me things as I always answer questions there




TheFightGame.tv: One of the Best Fighters in the game today, Duane Ludwig, Thank you.




TheFightGame.tv would like to Thank Mr. Ludwig for all his time and use of his photograph. We wish him the

Best. And don't forget to check out his website at DuaneBangLudwig.com for photo galleries, tips, apparel,

and much more...


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