Real Rhythm Results

Zepp Deep Osaka

by Hody Jae Huh

Team Staff Writer


March 6, 2005

Osaka, Japan


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(Unofficial times and results as they were announced at the event. Winners in bold)


Fight 1

Anthony Netzler (Team Boon) vs. Chae Jyongyu (Spirits MC)

Winner: Anthony Netzler by TKO at 2:37 of Round 2. *Yellow card was given to Chae in the 1st round for

kicking Anthony while on the ground.

Fight 2

Isao Terada (G Squared) vs. Motoyuki Takinishi (CMA Kyoto)

Winner: Motoyuki Takinishi by unanimous decision after 2 rounds.

Fight 3

Seichi Ikemoto (Lailutsu Conan) vs. Chonan (G Squared)

Exhibition Match Draw (1 RD only) **Orignally Ikemoto was set to fight Daisuke Nakamura as the main card.

However, since he lost VIA TKO on 02/26/05 to Eddie Alvarez at Euphoria-USA vs. World, he was medically

disqualified from fighting in this event.

Fight 4

Tsuyoshi Kurihara (Team Roken) vs. Mitsunori Tanimura (S-Factory Kobe Okamura gym)

Winner: Tsuyoshi Kurihara by armbar at 0:30 of round 1.

Fight 5

Ken Hamamura (CMA Kyoto) vs. Binishiusu Takahashi (Team Mugen)

Winner: Ken Hamamura by TKO at 1:30 of round 1.

Fight 6

Dokonjyounosuke Mishima vs. Yuka Tsuji (female)

Exhibition Match Draw (1 RD only)

Fight 7

Jutaro Nakao (Freelance) vs. Kyosuke Sasaki (U-file

Winner: Jutaro Nakao by unanimous decision after 3 rounds.

More photographs will be uploaded soon.

Photographs by Hody Jae Huh and Scott Laking

** Video by David Moskowitz

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