PRIDE Fighter

Dean Lister

Video Interview

Dean with CFC promoter Tony Perez


This past Saturday at the Crown Fighting Championship II, we had the opportunity to speak with former King

of the Cage middleweight champion, reigning Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Absolute Champion, and

current PRIDE Bushido fighter Dean "The Boogeyman" Lister. When we met up with Dean before the

event, the live band had the crowd mesmerized on the inside of the venue while the radio station DJ on the

outside was spinning his tunes, so no matter we went, music was going to be part of the game. And even

though we could barely hear ourselves talk, we all decided to march on. Dean spoke with us about his

upcoming fight(s) on April 3rd where he'll be in a four-man tournament for the last spot in the PRIDE

Middleweight Grand Prix. If you would like to train with the Champ or get more information about his

schools, drop on by his website at or call (619) 920-6719 for more information.


Dean Lister Interview

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