Combat Sports International Gears-up all Combat Athletes



Engineered for the performance athlete, Combat Sports International offers the most comprehensive line of

equipment in the industry. Launching now, gear can be ordered and a catalog can be requested from or by calling toll-free 877-8-COMBAT. It is this focus on not one, but all the

combative sports that sets Combat Sports International apart and provides a clear advantage over others in

the marketplace.


In meeting the wide range of equipment needs for the combat athlete, Combat Sports International offers only

the most diligently designed and constructed gear achievable. This premium product falls into one of three

all-inclusive categories.


The striking arts include disciplines such as kickboxing, muay thai, san shau, savate and sabaki. These

hard-hitting arts require equipment that can match the vigorous effort applied into them. Windy, one of the

original, most qualified brands in the world is up to the challenge. From gloves to apparel, train in confidence

with the Windy brand carried by Combat Sports International.


The grappling arts include jiu-jitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, vale tudo, pancrase, judo, sambo,

submission wrestling and many others. Interest in the grappling arts is rapidly growing, and through

partnerships with the UFC, Gracie Sports and Brazilian Top Team, Combat Sports International will support

that growth.


The traditional arts include point fighting, tae kwon do, kuk sool, karate, kung fu and kempo, to name a few.

Rich in history, the traditional arts date back hundreds of years and have an established set of equipment

requirements. With a rich history of its own, adidas has come to be recognized as the premier supplier of

that equipment. Through Combat Sports International, all the traditional arts gear under the adidas banner is

now within easy reach.


The striking arts, grappling arts and traditional arts have a common foundation based on combat and

personal growth, requiring participants to dedicate themselves to their art. Combat Sports International

shares this dedication and is devoted to meeting all the needs of the combat athlete.


- From Combat Sports International with a little editing from us (highlight)