The Combat at the Capitale

Kickboxing \ Muay Thai


June 10, 2005

 Capitale - 8pm

130 Bowery

New York, New York



The card is being presented by World Kickboxing champion Louis Neglia and Ray Longo. For more

information (tickets, flyer, latest news, etc...), visit: would like to

apologize to Mr. Marcus Antebi for misspelling his first name.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - 170 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Harold Herzlich vs. Carl Beams


Fight 2 - 185 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Alexus Caban vs. Jake Shaper


Fight 3 - 110 lb. Women's Muay Thai Bout

Naomi Wolff vs. Evelyn Guzman


Fight 4 - 175 lb. Muay Thai Bout

Artie Moyano vs. Andrew Rivera


Fight 5 - 135 lb. Women's Kickboxing Bout

Andrea DeAngelo vs. Brittany Kriet


Fight 6 - 150 lb. Muay Thai Bout

Marcus Antebi vs. Neil Gonzalez


Fight 7 - 179 lb. Muay Thai Bout

Silima Diarra vs. Nieko Kalamata


Fight 8 - 125 lb. Women's Kickboxing Bout

Adina Lopez vs. Michele Onnikian


Fight 9 - 144 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Martin Mcklin vs. Mark Fileccia


Fight 10 - 140 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Vinny Chapple vs. Mike Rifken


Fight 11 - 162 lb. Muay Thai Bout

Rod Wells vs. Joe Diable


Fight 12 - 130 lb. Muay Thai Bout

Paul Maffei vs. Little T


Fight 13 - 131 lb. Women's Muay Thai Bout

Sophia Gegovic vs. Kristine


Fight 14 - 152 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Julio Cesar Flores vs. Noble Hirooka


Fight 15 - 130 lb. International Bout

Kat Diaz (USA) vs. Hilary Mack (Scotland)


Fight 16 - 189 lb. International Bout

Will Hamilton (USA) vs. Yousef Taghizadeh (Iran)


Fight 17 - 174 lb. WKA Muay Thai Title Bout

Derek Riddick vs. Luke Cummo


Fight 18 - 164 lb. Kickboxing Bout

Elvis Garcia vs. James Onnikian




Card subject to change