City Boxing's Denis Grachev Stops Biosse

Ringside Report by Scott Ploof

Photography By Emily Harney

May 6, 2011

Fox Theatre

Foxwoods Resort and Casino

Mashantucket, CT



As the old boxing saying goes, 'somebody's "0" must go' and it did on Friday night in front of just over 1000

fight fans at the Fox Theatre inside of Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, CT as Jimmy

Burchfield's Classic Entertainment and Sports presented "Champion Breed."


In the main event of the evening, San Diego CA's Denis Grachev (10-0-1, 5 KOs), a former Russian

kickboxing champion, scored a fourth round TKO victory over the previously undefeated Providence RI super

middleweight, Vladine Biosse (11-1, 6 KOs) as he knocked down twice in four rounds. After the second

knockdown, referee Joey Lupino had seen enough and stopped the fight immediately.


Biosse, a former college football player from the University of Rhode Island, stood toe to toe with Grachev

in the first round but seemed to be fighting a little too tight with his punches as Grachev was able to easily

avoid them throughout the contest.


Grachev began working at the body of Biosse in a big way over the first two rounds. This allowed him the

opportunity to land several jabs and combinations that had Biosse on the defensive throughout the later

rounds of the fight.


A clash of heads early in the fourth round caused a nasty cut on the side of the right eye of Biosse. Shortly

after the accidental headbutt, Grachev connected with a hard right hand that sent Biosse to the canvas for

the first time in the fight.


The action continued after Biosse was able to get to his feet before referee Joey Lupino reached the count

of ten. It was easy to see that Biosse was still on wobbly legs after the initial knockdown as Grachev went

right after him looking to put him away.


Even after getting knocked down and with Grachev throwing knockout punches at him, Biosse was able to

land a nice solid left hook counter on his opponent. The only problem was that it was then followed up with

a Grachev right that landed cleanly on Biosse sending him down to the canvas for the second and final time.

Time of the stoppage was 2:56 of round number four, giving Grachez the tenth win in his professional boxing



After the fight, Biosse stated to the media, "He hit me with some good shots tonight. I give him a lot of

credit. I'm not making any excuses. He took advantage and made the most of his opportunity. If I were in

that position, I would've done the same thing."


FightNews also had a chance to speak with Grachev after the bout, "I wasn't surprised in the way that he

approached the fight. I had seen a few of his fights on YouTube so I knew what to expect."


When asked what his game plan going into this fight was, since both fighters seemed to be counter

punchers, Grachev said, "It was kind of a feeling out process. I tested his power and knew he was strong. I

adjusted, controlled the fight from there, and finished him off."


"I knew after the first round, I knew," said Grachev when asked when he first started to realize that he had

figured out Biosse's offense and was going to win the fight.


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- Press Release courtesy of City Boxing \ Scott Ploof

- Photos courtesy of City Boxing \ Emily Harney



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