2011 California State Pankration Championships

An MCCS Event



April 23, 2011

62 Area

Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton, California 



Open To Military And Civilians 

Spectators Are Free !!! 

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Double Elimination Modified FILA Pankration/ Combat Grappling Rules

One Skill Level Amateur Tournament. Athletes with Two or more Professional Victories are



- Strikes, Takedowns, Grappling and Submissions allowed

- 21 age and weight groups for youth and adults

- Custom medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finalists


Join us in our 8th Annual California State Pankration Championships. This is one of the oldest and most

prestigious Pankration Tournaments in the World. This years venue will contain only three full size Wrestling

mats so participation is limited. Pre register to ensure your spot! Adult divisions will fill up fast!!!



$45 Civilians and dependents

$5 Active duty, retired and reservists of the US Armed Forces

Military must shows current military ID at time of weigh in. No Exceptions 

20% of all proceeds go to support Marine Corps Community Services


Important info:

- Failure to make weight will result in removal from tournament, No Refunds No Exceptions!

- Applicants may request to change weight groups prior to April 20th if space still exists.  

- **No refunds after April 20th. Cancelations prior to April 20th will receive refund minus $15 ** 


** Refunds only apply to full $45 entry fee** 



Rules Demo Q& A : 9:30 AM

All Youth Divisions (ages 17 & under) 10:00 AM

All Adult Divisions (ages 18 and up) 12:30 PM



62 area fitness center, San Mateo Area, Camp Pendleton, California

Directions: Note - The Cristianitos Gate is closed, use Basilone Rd instead.

Exit Basilone Rd from I-5. The Northern most end of Camp Pendleton and the Orange / San Diego County



Proceed east to the Military Gate and enter base. Stay on Basilone Rd for 3 miles and turn left onto San

Mateo Rd (You will see the Fire Station on the Right Side of the road). 


Proceed on San Mateo Rd for 3 miles and turn left onto 6th street ( You will see a big Flag pole). Go down

the hill to the gymnasium.   


**To drive on base you must show drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. All

vehicles are subject to search**  


WEIGH IN: Must weigh in either April 22 or 23rd

April 22, 2011 All Locations: 6 PM to 8 PM Location #1: Conquest Fight Shop - 4093 Oceanside Blvd Ste.

E, Oceanside CA


Location #2: Lightning MMA - 23211 Del Lago Dr. Unit B, Laguna Hills CA 


Feb 23, 2011 - 62 Area Fitness Center, Building#620411 Youth 8:00 AM - 9:00AM Adults 8:00 AM - 10AM  



"B" Class Pankration/ Combat Grappling Rules

All Strikes below the collar bone

Cannot win by KO

No Heel hooks or twisting pressure against the knee

No dynamic neck cranks or forceable twisting pressure against neck joint without choke




1 pt - Punch, knee or legal hand/arm strike to the body

2 pts - Clean Kick to body with torque and follow through

3 pts - Maximum strikes counted per position of control (Standing clinch and ground positions) 



4 points - Back mount with a minimum of 1 hook 

3 points - Mount 

2 points - Side control (includes knee on belly, north south, scarf hold)

2 pts - Throw or takedown which elevates opponent and results in weighted top control

1 pt - Takedown (without elevation) or any technique or reversal which results in weighted top control

1 pt - Escape to neutral position after being scored on (Escape to Standing)  

1 pt - Attempted Submission

1 pt - Push out  


** All Grappling positions require 3 seconds of control to earn points. 


See a complete listing of Class B rules here:










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More events to be announced very soon.....






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