Battle at the Brady 2

Quick Results

November 12, 2005

Brady Theater

105 West Brady

Tulsa, Oklahoma



- Special Thanks go out to Anthony J Sullivan for the results:


The Oklahoma Boxing Commission was present with chairman Danny Hodge in attendance (along with a

near sell-out crowd).

Fight 1 - Middleweight Kickboxing Bout (3x2)

King Wynn wins over Austin "Buck" Standeford


Fight 2 - XFL Extreme Fighting Middleweight Bout (3x2)

Melvin Scott wins over Scott Kern


Fight 3 - XFL Extreme Fighting Jr. Heavyweight Bout (3x2) - TBC

Ryan Rogers wins over Bryan Arnal


Fight 4 - XFL Extreme Fighting Jr. Heavyweight Bout (3x2)

Derrick Brown wins over Clinton Barnes


Fight 5 - Kickboxing Middleweight Bout (3x2)

David "Master Kick" Vogtman wins over Gary Frank


Fight 6 -XFL Extreme Fighting Heavyweight Bout (3x2)

Orvil Palmer wins a decision over Josh Luna


Fight 7 - Kickboxing Junior Heavyweight Bout (3x2)

David Frank wins over Chris Clugston


Fight 8 - XFL Extreme Fighting Middleweight Championship (5x2)

Matt "Cowboy" Wiman wins over Thomas Grissom - Wiman retains title


Fight 9 - XFL Extreme Fighting Jr. Heavyweight Championship (5x2)

Tom Jones wins over Wayne Cole - Jones retains title


Fight 10 - Heavyweight Boxing Super Fight (3x2)

Toby Tillman wins by TKO over Jerimiah Constant


Fight 11 - XFL Extreme Fighting Lightweight Championship (5x2)

Levi Schrock wins over Andrew Flores


Fight 12 - Main Event: Kickboxing U.S. Middleweight Championship (5x2)

Thomas Longacre wins over Jeremy Harminson