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Dynamite!! 2008 Results(12/31/08)

Long Beach Fight Night - January 4th(12/31/08)

Grappling X Judo Seminar - Jan. 17th(12/30/08)

Dynamite!! - Bout Change - Dec. 31st(12/30/08)

Dynamite!!! Updated Card \ Bout Order - Dec. 31st(12/28/08)

UFC 92 Results(12/27/08)

HBO Boxing: Berto vs. Collazo - Jan. 17th(12/26/08)

Dynamite!!: One Bout Added - Dec. 31st(12/26/08)

Shooto Update Card - January 18th(12/24/08)

Gladiator Challenge - January 25th(12/24/08)

WTKA - Merry Christmas(12/24/08)

King of the Cage (Michigan) - Jan. 17th(12/24/08)

King of the Cage (Ohio) - January 17th(12/24/08)

Dynamite!! Updated Card - Dec. 31st(12/24/08)

DEEP Protect Impact Results(12/24/08)

WBA - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year(12/24/08)

Dynamite!!: One Bout Added - Dec. 31st(12/22/08)

Boxing Results: Holyfield vs. Valuev(12/20/08)

Sengoku 2009 Updated Line-up - January 4th(12/19/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Alvarado vs. Huerta(12/19/08)

Ring of Fire 33 - January 10th(12/18/08)

Ultimate Challenge UK: Unbreakable - Feb. 7, 2009(12/18/08)

California Xtreme Fighting - January 29th(12/17/08)

Affliction Match-ups - Jan. 24, 2009(12/17/08)

Showtime Boxing: Darchinyan vs. Arce - Feb. 7, 2009(12/17/08)

Grappling X: Judo Seminar - January 17, 2009(12/17/08)

K-1 GP - March 28, 2009(12/17/08)

HBO Boxing: Margarito vs. Mosley - Jan. 24, 2009(12/17/08)

K-1 Max - February 23, 2009(12/17/08)

Don Team Argentina Congratulates...(12/17/08)

K-1 GP 2008 Final Results Update(12/17/08)

Fiteselektor Comes to Pakistan (MMA)(12/17/08)

Dynamite!!: Three Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(12/16/08)

Sengoku 2009: One bout Added - January 4th(12/15/08)

Solo Boxeo: Alvarado vs. Huerta - Dec. 19th(12/15/08)

Heat 8 Results(12/14/08)

ShoBox Results: Holt vs. Hopkins(12/13/08)

Boxing: Toney vs. Oquendo Results(12/13/08)

Shooto Results(12/13/08)

HBO Boxing Result: Klitschko vs. Rahman(12/13/08)

2008 NAAFS National Amateur Champions Crowned...(12/13/08)

UFC: TUF Finale Results(12/13/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Antillon vs. Cruz(12/12/08)

King of the Cage Results(12/12/08)

Southwest Grapplefest II - March 28, 2009(12/12/08)

Grappling X - A Thank You to Sponsors(12/12/08)

Cage Warriors: Ultimate Women Combat...(12/12/08)

Don Team Argentina Salutes...(12/12/08)

Team Quest Youth & Adult MMA....Camp - Dec. 14th(12/12/08)

VS Boxing Results: Adamek vs. Cunningham(12/11/08)

Casca Grossa News: Great Holiday Ideas!(12/11/08)

Adrenaline MMA II Results(12/11/08)

Dynamite 2008: Two Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(12/11/08)

A-1 Int'l: Super 8 in Argentina - Dec. 14th(12/11/08)

Solo Boxeo: Antillon vs. Cruz - Dec. 12th(12/11/08)

DEEP 39 Impact Results(12/11/08)

UFC Fight Night Results(12/10/08)

Grappling X Tournament Results(12/10/08)

California Xtreme Fighting - January 29, 2009(12/9/08)

Pro Tae Kwon Do Tournament - Dec. 13th(12/9/08)

Grappling X - January 10, 2009(12/9/08)

Fast Track Gracie Jiu-Jitsu For Pro MMA Fighters(12/9/08)

Rabid Dog MMA: ...Management, Training...(12/9/08)

Rabid Dog MMA: MMA Contacts eMail....(12/9/08)

The Fight Lab: Spark of Love Toy Drive(12/8/08)

Chojnicki Boxing Show Results(12/8/08)

Pancrase 2009 - February 1, 2009(12/8/08)

NGT 5 - December 14th(12/8/08)

Corral's Combat Classic - January 10, 2009(12/8/08)

"Fighter" Featuring Randy Couture...on VOD(12/8/08)

Happy Holidays from Total Combat(12/8/08)

Pancrase Results(12/7/08)

Cage Force 9 Results(12/7/08)

HBO Boxing PPV Results: Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya(12/6/08)

K-1 World GP 2008 Final Results(12/6/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Jones vs. Perez(12/5/08)

Cung Le Takes Center Stage on NBC(12/5/08)

Team Quest Youth & Adult MMA Camp - Dec. 13th(12/4/08)

Super 8 In Argentina - Dec. 14th(12/4/08)

Shooto - January 18, 2009(12/4/08)

Cage Force Update - Dec. 6th(12/4/08)

ShoBox: Holt vs. Torres - Dec. 13th(12/4/08)

Thai & Kickbox Gala - Dec. 13th(12/4/08)

Grappling X This Weekend - Dec. 6th(12/4/08)

The Champions Club - Dec. 13th(12/2/08)

Shooto - Dec. 13th(12/2/08)

HBO Boxing: W. Klitschko vs. Rahman - Dec. 13th(12/1/08)

ShoBox: Abregu vs. Estrada - Dec. 5th(12/1/08)

Glory 10 Drew 17.4 Million Viewers....(12/1/08)

Grappling X Tournament - Dec. 6th(12/1/08)

Solo Boxeo: Jones vs. Perez - Dec. 5th(12/1/08)

New Era Lawsuit....CSAC... - Press Release(12/1/08)

Gladiator Promotion K-1 & Muay Thai Team(12/1/08)

FCE: Domination - Dec. 13th(11/29/08)

ADCC Open Italy 2008 Report and Results(11/29/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Williams vs. Phillips(11/29/08)

Shooto Results(11/29/08)

K-1 GP Final: Updated Line-up - Dec. 6th(11/28/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Soto-Karass vs. Lau(11/28/08)

Sengoku 2009: One Bout Added - Jab. 4, 2009(11/28/08)

DEEP 39 Impact - December 10th(11/28/08)

W1: Inception - March 28, 2009(11/27/08)

Strikeforce: Jorge Gurgel Signed(11/27/08)

Dynamite!!: Two Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(11/27/08)

Huge News From Grappling X(11/27/08)

Fight Night Thai Kickboxing Gala - Nov. 29th(11/27/08)

Strikeforce: "Greatest Knockouts" - NBC(11/26/08)

The Contender Elimination in Basel - Nov. 30th(11/26/08)

UFC Fighter Lauzon's Goodwill Trip...(11/26/08)

Duane Ludwig Bests Yves Edwards, Talks Future(11/26/08)

Grappling X - 2 Tourneys for the Price of One(11/26/08)

Bushido World GP Riga Results(11/25/08)

DEEP 39 Impact Updated Line-up - Dec. 10th(11/25/08)

HEAT 8 - Dec. 14th(11/25/08)

Solo Boxeo: Soto Karass vs. Lau - Nov. 28th(11/25/08)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Results(11/24/08)

ZST 18 Results(11/23/08)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Updated Line-up - Nov. 24th(11/23/08)

Shooto Results(11/23/08)

HBO Boxing Results(11/22/08)

Grappling X Pankration Results(11/22/08)

Grappling Experience X-mas Gift(11/22/08)

Strikeforce Results: Smith KO's Martin....(11/22/08)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Bout Change - Nov. 24th(11/22/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Gonzalez vs. Lopez(11/21/08)

ShoBox Results: Molitor vs. Caballero(11/21/08)

Strikeforce HDNet Results(11/21/08)

News From HDNet Fights(11/21/08)

San Manuel Casino Boxing Results(11/21/08)

HBO Boxing Newsletter(11/21/08)

TapouT Crew Signing in Ohio...(11/21/08)

WinterFist II - Nov. 23rd(11/20/08)

Strikeforce Weigh-in Results - Nov. 21st(11/20/08)

Strikeforce: Ludwig vs. Edwards - Nov. 21st(11/20/08)

Cage Force Updated Line-up - Dec. 6th(11/19/08)

HBO Boxing: Williams vs. Phillips - Nov. 29th(11/19/08)

ShoBox: Molitor vs. Caballero - Nov. 21st(11/19/08)

WTKA Marathon of Martial Arts Photos(11/19/08)

Matt Lindland: The Story of a Cage Fighter(11/19/08)

World Championship Muay Thai Line-up - Nov. 22nd11/18/08)

Sengoku 2009: One Bout Added - January 4th(11/18/08)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - Dec. 7th(11/18/08)

Solo Boxeo: Gonzalez vs. Lopez - Nov. 21st(11/18/08)

Strikeforce: Babalu vs. Southworth - Nov. 21st(11/17/08)

Grappling X Pankration This Saturday - Nov. 22nd(11/17/08)

Affliction...Special Offer - Jan. 24, 2009(11/16/08)

Strikeforce: Smith vs. Martin - Nov. 21st(11/16/08)

Angel of Fire IV Results(11/16/08)

FCE Newsletter # 7(11/16/08)

Jewels Results(11/16/08)

HBO Boxing Result: Taylor vs. Lacy(11/15/08)

UFC 91 Results(11/15/08)

W.C.F. Results(11/15/08)

Jewels Updated Line-up - Nov. 16th(11/15/08)

Sengoku 2009 - January 4, 2009(11/15/08)

X-Mission: Couture vs. Jacare Now on DVD(11/15/08)

U.S. Pankration Championship Results(11/14/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Martinez vs. Proa(11/14/08)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Update - Nov. 24th(11/14/08)

ZST 18 Updated Line-up - Nov. 23rd(11/14/08)

Team Quest Youth & Adult MMA...Camp - Dec. 13th(11/14/08)

TFA On Saturday Night - Nov. 15th(11/14/08)

HBO Boxing Newsletter(11/14/08)

News From HDNet Fights(11/14/08)

W.C.F......Tonight! - Nov. 14th(11/14/08)

DEEP 39 Impact - Dec. 10th(11/13/08)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - Dec. 7th(11/13/08)

Masters Fight Night \ S. Schilt Seminar - Dec. 13th(11/13/08)

Muay Thai Superstar: Kaopon Lek Available for Fights(11/12/08)

Dynamite!!: Two Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(11/12/08)

W.C.F.: D. Lauzon Ready...for WCF5 - Nov. 14th(11/12/08)

Shooto: One Bout Added - Nov. 29th(11/12/08)

Dodge Trophy Grand Finale - Nov. 16th(11/12/08)

TFA - 3 Days Away - Nov. 15th(11/12/08)

Grappling X Pankration Tourney - Nov. 22nd(11/12/08)

Ernesto Hoost K-1 Workshop - Nov. 15th(11/12/08)

Blutrausch Profi Muaythai Gala - Nov. 15th(11/12/08)

Solo Boxeo: Martinez vs. Proa - Nov. 14th(11/12/08)

Strikeforce: Thomson Out - Ludwig in - Nov. 21st(11/11/08)

K-1 Final: Two Bouts Added - Dec. 6th(11/11/08)

Angels of Fire IV - Nov. 15th(11/10/08)

MMA Bushido - Hero's 2008 Results(11/10/08)

Don Team Argentina Crowns a New Champion(11/10/08)

WCF - Final Event for 2008 - Nov. 14th(11/10/08)

OneSongchai Muaythai News(11/10/08)

Glory 10 Results(11/10/08)

HBO Boxing PPV Results: Calzaghe vs. Jones(11/8/08)

All Japan Kickboxing Results(11/8/08)

Cage Force Results(11/8/08)

Valkyrie 01 Results(11/8/08)

Solo Boxeo Results - Villa vs. Mtagwa(11/7/08)

Jewels: Three Bouts Added - Nov. 16th(11/7/08)

CXF Boxing - November 13th(11/6/08)

Glory 10 - Nov. 9th(11/6/08)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Update - Nov. 24th(11/6/08)

WEC Results(11/6/08)

Shooto: Two Bouts Added - Nov. 29th(11/5/08)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - Dec. 7th(11/5/08)

DEEP - December 22nd(11/5/08)

WCF & WBCN Partners to Support Toys For Tots(11/4/08)

Pancrase Rankings - November 4th(11/4/08)

TFA: New Highlight Fight Reel for Nov. 15th(11/4/08)

Solo Boxeo: Villa vs. Mtagwa - Nov. 7th(11/4/08)

HBO Boxing: Taylor vs. Lacy - Nov. 15th(11/4/08)

WBC News(11/4/08)

Boxing: Haye vs. Barrett - Nov. 15th(11/4/08)

Pancrase - December 7th(11/4/08)

MMA Bushido - Hero's 2008 - Nov. 8th(11/3/08)

Strikeforce: Couture To Make Debut Nov. 21st(11/2/08)

NAAFS Upcoming: Night of Champions(11/2/08)

Showtime Boxing Results: Mijares vs. Darchinyan(11/1/08)

Strikeforce: Cung Le - Black Belt Magazine...(11/1/08)

Boxing Results: Chavez Jr. vs. Vanda(11/1/08)

Sengoku 6 Results(11/1/08)

FCE: Mayhem - Nov. 1st(11/1/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Diaz vs. Trejo(10/31/08)

Winterfist II MMA - Nov. 23rd(10/30/08)

San Manuel Championship Boxing - Nov. 20th(10/30/08)

Grappling X Pankration Tourney Update - Nov. 22nd(10/30/08)

King of the Cage: Press Release - Future(10/30/08)

Muay Thai Argentina: Tourney in Quilmes - Nov. 1st(10/30/08)

Cage Force-EX: 2 Bouts Added - Nov. 8th(10/30/08)

USA Today Feature on MMA & Strikeforce(10/30/08)

TFA - 2 Days left for...Special - Nov. 15th(10/30/08)

World Championship Muay Thai - Nov. 22nd(10/29/08)

No Limits Kids...Wrestling Tourney - Nov. 22nd(10/29/08)

W.C.F. Bout Added - Nov. 14th(10/29/08)

Shoot Boxing: S-Cup - Nov. 24th(10/28/08)

Casca Grossa News: Upcoming Tournament - Nov. 1st(10/28/08)

MMA Expo: UFC 90 Photos From Ringside(10/28/08)

U.S. Pankration...Update - Nov. 9th(10/27/08)

Baltic Storm 4 Results(10/27/08)

Solo Boxeo: Diaz vs. Trejo - Oct. 31st(10/27/08)

Dynamite!! 2008 - December 31st(10/27/08)

Pancrase Results(10/26/08)

Shooto Results(10/26/08)

UFC 90 Results(10/25/08)

Grappling X: Pankration Tourney - Nov. 22nd(10/24/08)

ShoBox Results: Bute vs. Andrade(10/24/08)

Kombat League World Cup - May 1st - 3rd, 2009(10/24/08)

Baltic Storm 4 - October 26th(10/24/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Alvarez vs. Mosley(10/24/08)

San Manuel Championship Boxing - Nov. 20th(10/24/08)

W.C.F. - Dan Lauzon Added - Nov. 14th(10/24/08)

World Grappling Championship  Dec. 20 & 21st(10/24/08)

Jewels (Women's MMA) - November 16th(10/24/08)

TFA November 15th Fight Card Posted...(10/24/08)

Southwest Grapplefest II \ Championship Photos(10/24/08)

Latest Strikeforce on NBC....Draws Record...(10/24/08)

DEEP 38 Impact Results(10/23/08)

Valkyrie: Two Bouts Added - Nov. 8th(10/23/08)

King of the Cage - Dec. 11th(10/23/08)

Gladiator Challenge - Nov. 2nd(10/23/08)

Shooto Updated Card - Nov. 22nd(10/23/08)

Showtime Boxing: Mijares vs. Darchinyan - Nov. 1st(10/23/08)

HBO Boxing PPV - Calzaghe vs. Jones - Nov. 8th(10/23/08)

ShoBox: Bute vs. Andrade - Oct. 24th(10/23/08)

MMA Expo: Fight Planet Grand Opening - London(10/22/08)

UFC 92 - December 27th(10/22/08)

Long Beach Fight Night: Mari's Minute Recap(10/21/08)

W.C.F. Fight Card - November 14th(10/21/08)

German Vale Tudo Fight News - October 2008(10/21/08)

RFC XV "Throwdown" - November 1st(10/21/08)

Shooto - November 29th(10/21/08)

Solo Boxeo: Alvarez vs. Mosley - Oct. 24th(10/21/08)

Strikeforce Update - November 21st(10/20/08)

Long Beach Fight Night Results(10/20/08)

Sengoku 6: One Bout Added - Nov. 1st(10/20/08)

F.C.E. Newsletter Vol. 1, # 6(10/20/08)

Pancrase Updated Card - Oct. 26th(10/20/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Pavlik vs. Hopkins(10/18/08)

UFC 89 Results(10/18/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Garcia vs. Smith(10/17/08)

King of the Cage Results(10/17/08)

ZST 18 - November 23rd(10/17/08)

Casca Grossa News" Upcoming Events(10/16/08)

NBC: Strikeforce At the Mansion II...(10/16/08)

Cage Force 09 - December 6th(10/16/08)

Cage Force-EX - November 8th(10/16/08)

TapouT News: TapouT Radio(10/16/08)

Sengoku 6 Update: 3 Bouts Added - Nov. 1st(10/15/08)

California Xtreme Fighting - October 30th(10/14/08)

Gladiator Promotion K-1 & Muay Thai Team(10/14/08)

Long Beach Fight Night - Oct. 19th(10/14/08)

WCF Covered In...- Nov. 14th(10/14/08)

Shin Do Kumate XV PR - Nov. 15th(10/14/08)

ADCC Open Italy 2008 - Oct. 26th(10/14/08)

Grappling X This Weekend - Oct. 18th(10/14/08)

Solo Boxeo: Garcia vs. Smith - Oct. 17th(10/14/08)

Sengoku 6 Update - Nov. 1st(10/14/08)

Fight To Win - Oct. 17th(10/14/08)

Lauzon Visiting U.S. Troops in Iraq(10/13/08)

Shooto Results(10/13/08)

New Generation Tournament 5 - Dec. 14th(10/13/08)

Shin Do Kumate XV - Nov. 15th(10/13/08)

TFA...Halloween Special - Nov. 15th(10/13/08)

Southwest Grappling Thank You...Future Events(10/13/08)

Showtime Boxing Results: Tarver vs. Dawson(10/13/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Lopez vs. Miller - Oct. 10th(10/10/08)

Strikeforce at the Mansion II...on NBC(10/10/08)

Strikeforce: Southworth vs, Babalu - Nov. 21st(10/9/08)

Shooto - Nov. 22nd(10/9/08)

All Japan Kickboxing Federation - Nov. 8th(10/9/08)

Valkyrie 1: Three Bouts Added - Nov. 8th(10/9/08)

P.F.C. 11 - Somdet vs. Gomez - Nov. 20th(10/9/08)

Showtime Boxing: Klitschko vs. Peter - Oct. 11th(10/9/08)

Team Quest West Grand Opening - Oct. 11th(10/8/08)

Team Aerts & Kombat League(10/7/08)

Team WFK \ WPKA Nigeria(10/7/08)

Grappling X Upcoming Tourney's - Oct. 18th(10/7/08)

Kombat League World Cup FIght Sports 2009(10/7/08)

Lauzon Punches Way...Complete UFC Fighter(10/7/08)

W.C.F. Returns November 14th(10/7/08)

Pancrase: Two Bouts Added - Oct. 26th(10/7/08)

Chuck Liddell Seminar - Oct. 18th(10/7/08)

DEEP 38 impact Updated Line-up - Oct. 23rd(10/7/08)

Solo Boxeo: Lopez vs. Miller - Oct. 10th(10/7/08)

German Top Team Current Roster(10/5/08)

Shooto Results(10/5/08)

King of the Cage Results(10/4/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Martinez vs. Bunema(10/4/08)

Boxing Results: J.M. Lopez vs. Figueroa(10/4/08)

CBS EliteXC Results(10/4/08)

Strikeforce Results Press Release(10/4/08)

EliteXC: Shamrock Unable to fight...Oct. 4th(10/4/08)

Strikeforce Results(10/3/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Alvarado vs. Garnica(10/3/08)

ShoBox Results: De La Rosa vs. Coleman(10/3/08)

Casca Grossa Grappling Tourney - Nov. 1st(10/3/08)

Asian Jiu-Jitsu Super Cup - Dec. 12 & 13th(10/3/08)

Total Combat: Sycuan....MMA Card - Oct. 2nd(10/2/08)

Strikeforce Weigh In - Oct. 3rd(10/2/08)

U.S. Pankration National... - Nov. 9th(10/1/08)

K-1 World MAX Results(10/1/08)

Pancrase Results(10/1/08)

Fight Card Entertainment Newsletter # 5(10/1/08)

ShoXC - October 10th(10/1/08)

Strikeforce: "Karate Hottie" - Oct. 3rd(10/1/08)

Total Combat: Taylor & Fickett Weigh in - Oct. 2nd(10/1/08)

NAAFS: Caged Fury 5 - Oct. 4th(10/1/08)

"This is Shido!" 7 Results(9/30/08)

Grappling X Results(9/30/08)

Total Combat: S.R.P. Entering MMA - Oct. 2nd(9/30/08)

FightZone TV & UWC - Oct. 11th(9/30/08)

Grappling X: Youth....Need Our Help - Oct. 4th(9/29/08)

Pancrase: Two Bouts Added - Oct. 26th(9/29/08)

Solo Boxeo: Alvarado vs. Garnica - Oct. 3rd(9/29/08)

Sengoku 5 Results(9/28/08)

Muay Thai Tournament Argentina - Oct. 5th(9/28/08)

Shooto Results(9/28/08)

World Freefight Challenge 6 Results(9/28/08)

Valkyrie (Women's MMA Event) - Nov. 8th(9/28/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Mosley vs. Mayorga(9/27/08)

Strikeforce: ATT'er Steps up to face... - Oct. 3rd(9/27/08)

K-1 Final 16 Results(9/27/08)

Cage Force Results(9/27/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Escobedo vs. Salcido(9/26/08)

ShoXC Results(9/26/08)

World Freefight Challenge Updated Line-up - Sept. 27th(9/26/08)

Grappling X on Saturday - Sept. 27th(9/26/08)

Sengoku 5 Updated Card - Sept. 28th(9/26/08)

HBO Boxing PPV: Pavlik vs. Hopkins - Oct. 18th(9/25/08)

Shooto: Bout Change - Oct. 5th(9/25/08)

King of the Cage - Oct. 4th(9/25/08)

Gladiator Challenge - Oct. 25th(9/25/08)

Cage Force: 2 bouts Added - Sept. 27th(9/25/08)

Carlos "Sapao" Ban Seminar - October 11th(9/24/08)

Pancrase: Two Bouts Added - Oct. 26th(9/24/08)

Strikeforce: Vitale vs. Trigg - Oct. 3rd(9/24/08)

Strikeforce MMA VIP Package - Oct. 3rd(9/24/08)

CBS EliteXC - October 4th(9/24/08)

Dream 6 Results(9/23/08)

Grappling X This Saturday - Sept. 27th(9/22/08)

Knights of War Results(9/22/08)

M-1 Challenge 7th Edition - Sept. 27th(9/22/08)

Sengoku 5 Bout Change - Sept. 28th(9/22/08)

M-1 Challenge UK - Sept. 27th(9/22/08)

Dream 6 Bout Change - Sept. 23rd(9/22/08)

DEEP 38 Impact - Oct. 23rd(9/22/08)

Solo Boxeo: Escobedo vs. Salcido - Sept. 26th(9/22/08)

Shooto Results(9/22/08)

World Championship Fighting Results(9/21/08)

Strikeforce Results(9/21/08)

Fight Festival 24 Results(9/21/08)

K-1 Final 16 Update - Sept. 27th(9/20/08)

TFA On HDNet.....(9/20/08)

DEEP Glove 3 Results(9/20/08)

HBO Boxing: Martinez vs. Bunema - Oct. 4th(9/20/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Jauregui vs. Kid Diamond(9/19/08)

Total Combat - Oct. 2nd(9/19/08)

SportFight Tonight - Sept. 19th(9/19/08)

Total Combat 31 Update - Sept. 20th(9/19/08)

Fight Card Entertainment Newsletter # 5(9/18/08)

Cage Force: 2 Bouts Added - Sept. 27th(9/18/08)

MMA Expo: UFC: 90...Discount...(9/18/08)

OneSongchai Muay Thai - Oct. 9th(9/18/08)

Shooto Updated Card - October 5th(9/17/08)

Pancrase 2 Bouts Added - Oct. 26th(9/17/08)

UFC Fight Night Results(9/17/08)

Pancrase 2 Bouts Added - Oct. 1st(9/17/08)

NAAFS: Night of Pain - Sept. 19th(9/17/08)

WBA News: Bulletin # 4 - Sept. 28-Oct. 4th(9/17/08)

Dream 6: 1 Bout Added - Sept. 23rd(9/16/08)

Strikeforce: Prangley To Rematch...- Sept. 20th(9/16/08)

Sengoku - November 1st(9/16/08)

W.C.F. Update - Sept. 19th(9/16/08)

Solo Boxeo: Jauregui vs. Kid Diamond - Sept. 19th(9/16/08)

Fight Festival 24 - Sept. 20th(9/16/08)

Knights of War Line-up - Sept. 20th(9/15/08)

W.C.F. Special Autograph Session on Friday(9/15/08)

King of the Cage - Oct. 16th(9/15/08)

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World Championship Fighting - Sept. 19th(8/6/08)

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WTKA World Championships... - Oct. 21-16th(7/29/08)

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HBO Boxing PPV: Casamayor vs. Marquez - Sept. 13th(7/28/08)

HBO Boxing: Judah vs. Clottey - August 2nd(7/28/08)

Grappling X - August 9th(7/28/08)

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HBO Boxing PPV: Cotto vs. Margarito - July 26th(7/24/08)

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Solo Boxeo: Soto Karass vs. Estrada - July 25th(7/24/08)

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Fedor Wins WAMMA Undisputed Heavyweight Title(7/21/08)

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C.B. Dollaway Leads MTX MMA Fighters...(7/17/08)

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"Minotauro Nogueira" Seminar at City Boxing - July 20th(7/16/08)

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Affliction Banned Drawing Record Media Interest(7/9/08)

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"Big" John McCarthy Joins Team Affliction... - July 19th(7/3/08)

Affliction Banned On Closed Circuit TV... - July 19th(7/3/08)

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Total Combat - All Ages....August 2nd(7/2/08)

SummerFist Line-up - July 6th(7/1/08)

Kaopong Lek: Thai Legend Available For Your Next Event...(7/1/08)

Affliction Banned Hits New York's Time Square(7/1/08)

FSN to air Undercard of Affliction Banned - July 10th(7/1/08)

Shoot Boxing Results(7/1/08)

Shooto Update - August 3rd(7/1/08)

Colosseum Sports Festival - August 29-31st(7/1/08)

Affliction Banned: Arlovski vs. Rothwell - July 19th(6/30/08)

Swiss Las Vegas III - August 2nd(6/30/08)

Elite GC Summer Challenge & Fundraiser - July 19th(6/30/08)

Corral's Combat Classic Newsletter(6/30/08)

WTKA: 3rd Exhibition Tourney - Oct. 21-26th(6/30/08)

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HBO Boxing Results: Diaz vs. Pacquiao(6/28/08)

Strikeforce Results(6/27/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Mares vs. Arias(6/27/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Prescott vs. Abril(6/27/08)

Team Quest: Lindland wins Primary Election(6/27/08)

Real Fighting Championships - July 11th(6/27/08)

Solo Boxeo: Mares vs. Arias - June 27th(6/27/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Prescott vs. Abril - June 27th(6/27/08)

Affliction Banned: Fedor vs. Sylvia - July 19th(6/26/08)

Strikeforce: Jeff Shamrock Signs Deal...(6/26/08)

Showtime: SHO Sports Presents...(6/26/08)

MAX Extreme Fighting Press Release(6/26/08)

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WTKA: Miss World Martial Arts - Oct. 21-26th(6/25/08)

Long Beach Fight Night - August 17th(6/24/08)

SummerFist II Show - July 6th(6/24/08)

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DEEP 36 Impact Update - July 27th(6/24/08)

Pancrase Update - August 27th(6/24/08)

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Newsbits: Boxing Result - MT: Noelani Brown(6/24/08)

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MTX Audio Continues Support of MMA(6/24/08)

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Mari's Minute: Invincible FC 6 Recap \ Results(6/23/08)

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1st Friendship International Tournament - June 28th(6/22/08)

Invincible Fighting Championship 6 Results(6/21/08)

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Pankration National Team Championships - July 26th(6/21/08)

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UFC TUF 7 Finale Results(6/21/08)

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Grappling X Upcoming Dates & Events(6/20/08)

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WTKA 2008 Opening Ceremony - Oct. 21-16th(6/5/08)

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Mixed Martial Arts Expo III Update - June 21 & 22(5/21/08)

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European Top Ten - May, 2008(5/16/08)

Affliction Banned - Press Conferences Open To Public(5/16/08)

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King of the Cage Results(5/15/08)

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Tyson Johnson Wins MMA - MOTY Award(5/13/08)

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The Marathon Of Martial Arts Movie - Oct. 21-26th(5/12/08)

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MMA Expo III Update - June 21 & 22(5/12/08)

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Total Combat Fight Card - May 10th(5/7/08)

Solo Boxeo: Alvarado vs. Rosales - May 9th(5/7/08)

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Pancrase - May 25th(5/6/08)

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Marathon of Martial Arts Promo Video - Oct. 21-26th(5/6/08)

ShoBox: Witter vs. Bradley - May 10th(5/6/08)

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CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights - Gina Carano(5/6/08)

Trg U Plamenu (MMA \ Kickboxing) - May 20th(5/5/08)

Sportfight XXIII - June 20th(5/5/08)

Sengoku Update - May 18th(5/5/08)

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Dream 4 - June 15th(5/5/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Oliver vs. Lopez - May 7th(5/5/08)

World Boxing Association News(5/5/08)

Martial Arts Marathon Location Virtual Tour - Oct. 21-26th(5/5/08)

Battle of Champions (Russia) - May 9th(5/3/08)

NAAFS Newsletter # 6(5/3/08)

HBO Boxing Result: De La Hoya vs. Forbes - May 3rd(5/3/08)

WCF - June 20th(5/3/08)

Shooto Results(5/3/08)

World Championship Muay Thai Results(5/2/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Escobedo vs. Arrieta(5/2/08)

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Obracun U Ringu 8 - May 11th(5/1/08)

Fighting Spirit - June 7th(5/1/08)

Solo Boxeo: Escobedo vs. Arrieta - May 3rd(5/1/08)

ZST 17 Update - May 18th(5/1/08)

HBO Boxing: De La Hoya vs. Forbes - May 3rd(5/1/08)

ShoBox: Dirrell vs. Hanshaw - May 2nd(5/1/08)

Harrah's Total Combat Event Vitrual Tour - May 10th(5/1/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Julio vs. Smith(4/30/08)

Lojak Fightwear Explodes into International Market(4/30/08)

Dream 2 Results(4/29/08)

Pancrase - June 1st(4/29/08)

DEEP 35 Impact Update - May 19th(4/29/08)

Shooto Update - May 3rd(4/29/08)

Full Moon Fighting II - May 31st(4/28/08)

World Championship Muay Thai Update - May 1st(4/28/08)

HDNet Fights & FEG Announce Exclusive Deal...(4/28/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Julio vs. Smith - April 30th(4/28/08)

Pete Spratt Wins Big In UWC Main Event(4/28/08)

Club Total Combat...Party for the fans...(4/28/08)

CroCop To Face LeBanner at Dream 4(4/28/08)

Pancrase Results(4/27/08)

K-1 Amsterdam Results(4/26/08)

Cage Rage 26 - May 10th(4/26/08)

AJA...Fresstyle Kata Tournament - May 31st(4/26/08)

Pete Spratt Ready for UWC Main Event - April 26th(4/26/08)

TFA 11 Update - July 12th(4/26/08)

World Championship Muay Thai Final Line-up - April 26th(4/26/08)

Cage of Fire XII - May 3rd(4/25/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Martinez vs. Favela(4/25/08)

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News From HDNet Fights(4/25/08)

Strikeforce - June 27th(4/25/08)

Ultimate Warrior Challenge by Al Martino - April 26th(4/25/08)

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K-1 Amsterdam - April 26th(4/24/08)

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ESPN2 Wednesday Boxing Results: Urango vs. Vilches(4/23/08)

Solo Boxeo: Martinez vs. Favela - April 25th(4/23/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Tsurkan vs. Feliciano - April 25th(4/23/08)

SmackGirl - April 25th(4/23/08)

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ESPN2 Boxing Results: Urango vs. Vilches - April 23rd(4/21/08)

King of the Cage Results(4/19/08)

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Fight To Win Registration Info - May 10th(4/19/08)

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Pankration Invitational - May 17th(4/18/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Hernandez vs. Bravo(4/18/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Johnson vs. Smith(4/18/08)

Dream Update - April 19th(4/18/08)

Sengoku Update - May 18th(4/18/08)

Total Combat Television Premier - April 22nd(4/18/08)

Pete Spratt UWC Sponsorship Opportunity - April 16th(4/17/08)

Boxing Results: San Manuel Indian Casino - April 17th(4/17/08)

WFC: Noc Gladiatora III - April 19th(4/17/08)

King of the Cage - April 19th(4/17/08)

Open Martial Arts Marathon & WTKA...Oct. 21-26th(4/17/08)

Solo Boxeo: Hernandez vs. Bravo - April 18th(4/17/08)

Shooto Update - May 3rd(4/17/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Johnson vs. Smith - April 18th(4/17/08)

HBO Boxing: Hopkins vs. Calzaghe - April 19th(4/17/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Quilin vs. Echols(4/16/08)

Join Team MTX Fighter C.B. Dollaway...(4/16/08)

World Championship Muay Thai - May 1st(4/15/08)

Hell Cage - May 3rd(4/15/08)

Spirit MC 16 - April 27th(4/15/08)

Gladiator Challenge Results(4/15/08)

ESPN2 Wednesday Night Fights - April 16th(4/15/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "Vault" For "Great Escape"(4/14/08)

Shooto - May 15th(4/14/08)

Battlequest 8 Results(4/14/08)

SportFight XXII Updated Card - April 18th(4/14/08)

Kimbo Slice Poses With Vernon Forrest - Showtime(4/14/08)

K-1 Yokohama Results(4/13/08)

CA State Pankration Championships Results(4/12/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Cotto vs. Gomez(4/12/08)

Showtime Boxing Results: Tarver vs. Woods(4/12/08)

ZST 17 - May 18th(4/12/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Soto-Karass vs. Smith(4/11/08)

YAMMA Pit Fighting Results(4/11/08)

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Sneak Peak at "Strikeforce on NBC" Online(4/11/08)

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Deep 35 Impact Update - May 19th(4/10/08)

Pancrase - April 27th(4/10/08)

K-1 Max: Final 8 - July 7th(4/10/08)

Battlequest 8 Final card - April 11th(4/10/08)

Battlequest 8 Fighter Ian Berg - April 11th(4/10/08)

Battlequest 8 Weigh-ins Open to Public - April 10th(4/10/08)

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Gladiator Challenge Update - April 12th(4/9/08)

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NAAFS Newsletter # 5(4/9/08)

Battlequest 8 Fighter - Cat Albert - April 11th(4/9/08)

MTX MMA Fighter Dollaway Makes TUF 7 Cast(4/9/08)

Boxing: San Manuel Indian Casino - April 17th(4/8/08)

SpringFist - April 13th(4/8/08)

Shooto Update - May 3rd(4/8/08)

Solo Boxeo: Soto-Karass vs. Smith - April 11th(4/8/08)

HBO Boxing: Cotto vs. Gomez - April 12th(4/8/08)

ShoBox: Santana vs. Lopez - April 11th(4/8/08)

ESPN2 Wednesday Night Fights - April 9th(4/8/08)

WTKA: Marathon of Martial Arts - Oct. 21-26th(4/8/08)

K-1 Max European GP Results(4/7/08)

SportFight XXII Update - April 18th(4/7/08)

Showtime Boxing: Tarver vs. Woods - April 12th(4/7/08)

Gorilla Fight Event Vol. 2 Results(4/6/08)

Live Chat with Cro Cop - April 9th(4/6/08)

WTKA World Championships Update - Oct. 21-26th(4/6/08)

Total Combat 28 & 29(4/5/08)

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Cage Force 06 Results(4/5/08)

Dream 3 - May 11th(4/5/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Chavez vs. Jimenez(4/4/08)

Dream Update - April 29th(4/4/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Estrada vs. Whitaker(4/4/08)

Shoot Boxing Results(4/4/08)

Muay Thai: Fighting in the Devils Den - May 17th(4/3/08)

CXF - April 12, 2008(4/3/08)

Deep 35 Impact - May 19th(4/3/08)

Showtime Boxing: Tarver vs. Woods - April 12th(4/3/08)

Cage Force 06 Update - April 5th(4/3/08)

Shamrock vs. Cung Le Does $1.1 Million Gate(4/2/08)

UFC Fight Night Results(4/2/08)

Combat FC 4: The Rebirth by Thomas Larsen(4/2/08)

Solo Boxeo: Chavez vs. Jimenez - April 4th(4/2/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Estrada vs. Whitaker - April 4th(4/2/08)

MMA Expo Launches New Web Site(4/2/08)

Glory Part 9 - July 6th(4/1/08)

WTKA World Championships Update - Oct. 21st - 26th(3/31/08)

Steel City Rumble: Fighters Wanted(3/30/08)

Shooto Results(3/30/08)

Noc Skorpiona 5 Results(3/30/08)

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Fatal Femmes FC - April 3rd(3/29/08)

Strikeforce Results(3/29/08)

Shooto Results(3/29/08)

News From HDNet Fights(3/28/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Ouma vs. Bundrage(3/28/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Garcia vs. Lock(3/28/08)

K-1 Yokohama Update - April 13th(3/28/08)

Sengoku Update - May 18th(3/28/08)

K-1 Fukuoka - June 29th(3/28/08)

Boxing Result: Spinks vs. Phillips(3/28/08)

Solo Boxeo: Garcia vs. Lock - March 28th(3/28/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Ouma vs. Bundrage - March 28th(3/28/08)

SHO.com: ...Inside the cage for Shamrock vs. Le(3/28/08)

King of the Cage Results(3/27/08)

Strikeforce on NBC - April 12th(3/27/08)

Dream 2 Update - April 29th(3/27/08)

Total Combat - April 26th(3/27/08)

Azille To Appeal....Judges' Scoring....(3/27/08)

World Championship Muay Thai Update - April 26th(3/26/08)

World Championship Muay Thai - April 26th(3/26/08)

Pancrase Results(3/26/08)

K-1 Max European GP - April 6th(3/25/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "Vault"...(3/25/08)

Noc Skorpiona 5 - March 29th(3/25/08)

World Freefight Challenge 4 - March 29th(3/25/08)

WCK: Muay Thai - June 20th(3/24/08)

Dream 2 - April 29th(3/24/08)

New Generation Tournament 4 - March 29th(3/24/08)

Shooto Results - March 23rd(3/23/08)

MMA Expo New Newsletter(3/23/08)

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King of the Cage Results - March 22nd(3/22/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Casamayor vs. Katsidis(3/22/08)

Battlequest 8 - April 11th(3/21/08)

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Showtime Sports: Goldberg Toe-To-Toe Series....(3/21/08)

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Indiana Amateur Fight League Looking For...(3/20/08)

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Pancrase World Submission Championships Results(3/20/08)

Shooto Update - March 28th(3/20/08)

NAAFS Newsletter 4(3/20/08)

TFA X - 2 days Away - March 22nd(3/20/08)

Shoot Boxing Update - April 4th(3/20/08)

Cage Rage 26 - May 10th(3/20/08)

ShoXC - March 21st(3/20/08)

CBS EliteXC Saturday Night FIghts - Debut on May 31st(3/20/08)

King of the Cage - March 22nd(3/20/08)

UFC 84 Update - May 24th(3/19/08)

Bitka na 4 Rijeke - March 21st(3/19/08)

HBO B.A.D. - Casamayor vs. Katsidis - March 22nd(3/19/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Lee vs. Vera - March 21st(3/19/08)

Max Extreme Fighting Results(3/19/08)

K-1 Yokohama Update - April 13th(3/18/08)

Sengoku - May 18th(3/18/08)

Predador FC Results(3/18/08)

Gorilla Fight Event Vol. 2 - April 5th(3/17/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "Vault"(3/17/08)

MMA Bushido Results(3/17/08)

Total Combat Update - March 22nd(3/17/08)

Total Fighting Alliance Update - March 22nd(3/17/08)

MMA-ID.com Officially Sponsoring Cro Cop(3/16/08)

Elite Grappling Championship Update - March 22nd(3/16/08)

Shooto Results(3/16/08)

Icon Sports Results(3/16/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Marquez vs. Pacquiao(3/15/08)

K-1 Italy - April 12th(3/15/08)

Dream Results(3/15/08)

Shooto Results(3/15/08)

WTKA - 2008 Marathon of Martial Arts - Oct. 21 - 26th(3/14/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Huerta vs. Jauregui(3/14/08)

Shoot Boxing Update - April 4th(3/14/08)

Gladiator Challenge - April 12th(3/14/08)

King of the Cage - March 15th(3/14/08)

Dream Update - March 15th(3/14/08)

TapouT Named Official Apparel Sponsor...(3/14/08)

SpringFist 2008 - April 13th(3/12/08)

Elite Grappling Championship Update - March 22nd(3/12/08)

Solo Boxeo: Huerta vs. Jauregui - March 14th(3/12/08)

Cage Force update - April 5th(3/12/08)

Hurt Clothing March 2008 Newsletter(3/12/08)

Max Xtreme Fighting Results(3/12/08)

MMA Bushido 2008 - March 16th(3/11/08)

Dream Update - March 15th(3/11/08)

Emirates BJJ Team Go To Brazil(3/11/08)

2008 Pancrase W.S.W.C. - March 15th(3/11/08)

Max Xtreme Fighting - March 15th(3/11/08)

Cage of Fire XI Results(3/10/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "Vault"...(3/10/08)

MTX Audio Apparel Now Available(3/10/08)

TFA - March 22nd Update(3/10/08)

1st Emirates Cup Jiu-Jitsu Results(3/9/08)

Invincible Fighting Championships 5 Results(3/8/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Maskaev vs. Peter(3/8/08)

Showtime Boxing Result: Haye vs. Maccarinelli(3/8/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Mtagwa vs. Valtierra(3/7/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Mashaba vs. Cruz(3/7/08)

Jan "Samael" Muller Wins S-1 MT European Title(3/7/08)

Dream 1 Update - March 15th(3/7/08)

Shooto - May 3rd(3/7/08)

HBO Boxing: Maskaev vs. Peter - March 8th(3/7/08)

Invincible Fighting Championship 5 - March 8th(3/7/08)

MAX Xtreme Fighting - March 9th(3/7/08)

News from HDNet Fights(3/7/08)

Cage Fighting Championship Results(3/7/08)

Cage Rage 25: Quotes \ Weigh-ins - March 8th(3/7/08)

Showtime Boxing: Haye vs. Maccarinelli - March 8th(3/7/08)

Cage Rage Fact Sheet...- March 8th(3/6/08)

Sengoku Results(3/5/08)

Shooto Update - March 28th(3/5/08)

Solo Boxeo: Mtagwa vs. Valtierra - March 7th(3/4/08)

Train with Dan Henderson!!(3/4/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Mashaba vs. Cruz - March 7th(3/4/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "The Vault"(3/4/08)

Bodog Fight: St. Petersburg Series...on DVD(3/4/08)

WBA News: Niida Stops Varela \ Kentikian...(3/4/08)

Pancrase...Submission Wrestling... - March 15th(3/3/08)

TFA - March 22nd(3/3/08)

J Girls Results(3/3/08)

Showtime Boxing result: Vazquez vs. Marquez(3/1/08)

NAAFS Newsletter - Caged Fury 4 Results \ Schedule(3/1/08)

Total Combat 27 - March 22nd \ Schedule(3/1/08)

UFC 82 Results(3/1/08)

WBA News: Kentikian & Goodson make weight(2/29/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Martinez vs. Garcia(2/29/08)

ESPN2 boxing Results: Walker vs. Echols(2/29/08)

ShoBox Results: Guerrero vs. Litzau(2/29/08)

IFL Results(2/29/08)

Rocky Point Beach Brawl Results(2/28/08)

K-1 Yokohama Update - April 13th(2/28/08)

ROF: Slugfest - March 1st(3/1/08)

CBS & ProElite...Bring MMA To...TV(2/28/08)

UFC 82 Update - March 1st(2/28/08)

K-1 World Max Line-up - April 9th(2/28/08)

UFC Fight Night - April 2nd(2/28/08)

Mixed Martial Arts Expo - June 21st & 22nd(2/28/08)

UFC 83 - April 19th(2/28/08)

UFC 84 - May 24th(2/28/08)

Sportsfight XXII - April 18th(2/26/08)

Strikeforce Shatters Live Gate Records in Washington...(2/26/08)

Dream 1 Update - March 15th(2/26/08)

Solo Boxeo: Martinez vs. Garcia - Feb. 29th(2/26/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Green vs. Echols - Feb. 29th(2/26/08)

ShoBox: Guerrero vs. Litzau - Feb. 29th(2/26/08)

Donruss To Make MMA Trading Cards(2/26/08)

Showtime Boxing: Vazquez vs. Marquez III - March 1st(2/26/08)

Arena Warriors 2 Results(2/25/08)

Bodog Fight "Opens Vault"(2/25/08)

Battlequest 7 Recap by Ann Dain(2/25/08)

Elite Grappling Championship & Upcoming Events(2/25/08)

Upcoming Glory 2 Results(2/25/08)

K-1 MAX Asia Results(2/25/08)

ZST 16 Results(2/25/08)

Pancrase Update - March 16th(2/23/08)

Shoot Boxing - April 4th(2/23/08)

HBO Boxing Result: Klitschko vs. Ibragimov(2/23/08)

Shooto Results(2/23/08)

Strikeforce Live on HDNet - Feb 23rd(2/23/08)

Spotlight on: Fernando Saucedo (Pro Fighter)(2/22/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Ornelas vs. Bravo(2/22/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results - Feb 22nd(2/22/08)

DEEP 34 Impact Results(2/22/08)

News From HDNet Fights(2/22/08)

Battlequest 7 Public Weigh-in info - Feb. 21st(2/22/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(2/21/08)

Gods of War - March 15th(2/20/08)

Pancrase Update - March 26th(2/20/08)

Max Muscle Grand Opening - Feb. 23rd(2/20/08)

Gladiator Challenge Recap - Mari's Minute(2/19/08)

K-1 World Max - April 9th(2/19/08)

Solo Boxeo: Ornelas vs. Bravo - Feb. 22nd(2/19/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Gamboa vs. Edwards - Feb. 22nd(2/19/08)

Total Combat 26 Results(2/19/08)

Bodog Fight Opens "The Vault"(2/18/08)

GTT: This is Shido 4 - March 9th(2/18/08)

Cage Combat FC Results(2/18/08)

Win Las Vegas Vacation at Battlequest 7 - Feb, 22nd(2/18/08)

Abu Dhabi Int'l BJJ Cup - May 9th & 10th(2/18/08)

Tactical Krav Maga - Germany(2/18/08)

WBC Muay Thai - March 1st(2/17/08)

Renzo Gracie & Emirates BJJ Team 2008(2/17/08)

Gladiator Challenge Results(2/16/08)

Ken Shamrock...EliteXC Debut - March 8th(2/16/08)

EliteXC Results(2/16/08)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Pavlik vs. Taylor(2/16/08)

Sho.com: Special Ref Cam...Kimbo vs. Tank(2/16/08)

Cage Warriors: Enter the Rough House - April 19th(2/16/08)

WinterFist Opening Night - Feb. 20th(2/15/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Alvarado vs. Rodriguez(2/15/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Rodriquez vs. Browning(2/15/08)

CWFC Braves - April 19th(2/15/08)

Cage Rage 25 - March 8th(2/15/08)

Investment at Cage Warriors(2/15/08)

Total Combat 26 Update - Feb. 16th(2/15/08)

Larry Landless Submission Challenge - March 2nd(2/14/08)

StrikeForce Line-up Update - Feb 23rd(2/14/08)

SmackGirl Results(2/14/08)

WBC Muay Thai Championships Line-up - March 1st(2/13/08)

Dream 1 - March 15th(2/13/08)

Solo Boxeo: Alvarado vs. Rodriquez - Feb. 15th(2/13/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Rodriquez vs. Browning - Feb. 15th(2/13/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(2/13/08)

Rage in the Cage News: RITC 105 - Desert Quest(2/12/08)

Pete Spratt MFC Sponsorship Opportunity - Feb. 22nd(2/12/08)

MARS 11 Results(2/12/08)

SmackGirl Update - Feb. 14th(2/12/08)

Showtime Sports debuts Unique Short-form Programs(2/12/08)

Bodog Fight Presenting Sponsor of Stirkeforce - Feb 23(2/12/08)

Cage Force Results(2/12/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(2/12/08)

CA State Pankration Championships - April 6th(2/11/08)

K-1 Budapest Results(2/11/08)

Bodog Fight Re-opens "The Vault"(2/11/08)

HDNet To Present The Debut of Kim Couture - Feb. 29th(2/11/08)

Strikeforce Inks TV Deal With HDNET(2/11/08)

EliteXC Press Release - Feb. 16th(2/11/08)

EliteXC: Rapper Pitbull to perform - Feb. 16th(2/11/08)

World Championship Fighting Results(2/9/08)

HBO Boxing Results: Williams vs. Quintana(2/9/08)

WBC Muay Thai Championships - March 1st(2/8/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Escalante vs. Beranza(2/8/08)

Gracie U.S. Nationals - Feb. 15th - 17th(2/8/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Wilson vs. Flores(2/8/08)

StrikeForce - Masvidal... - Feb. 23rd(2/8/08)

News from HDNet Fights(2/8/08)

W.C.F. Update - Feb. 8tht(2/8/08)

The Battle of Champions - Feb. 23rd(2/7/08)

J Girls (Kickboxing) - March 2nd(2/7/08)

DEEP 34 Impact Update - Feb. 22nd(2/7/08)

Total Combat Press Release - Feb. 16th(2/7/08)

K-1 Asia Max - Feb. 24tht(2/6/08)

Shooto - March 21st(2/6/08)

Solo Boxeo: Escalante vs. Beranza - Feb. 8th(2/6/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Wilson vs. Flores - Feb. 8th(2/6/08)

Shooto Update - March 16th(2/6/08)

TFA 9 Video Review on ProElite Homepage(2/6/08)

BattleQuest 7 - February 22nd(2/5/08)

MMA Fist Series Line-up - February 20th(2/4/08)

Elite Grappling Championship Date Change - March 22nd(2/4/08)

HBO Boxing: Williams vs. Quintana - Feb. 9th(2/4/08)

ZST 16 Update - Feb. 24th(2/4/08)

Abu Dhabi BJJ Cup - May 9 & 10(2/3/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(2/3/08)

Shoot Boxing Results(2/3/08)

K-1 Max Results(2/2/08)

UFC 81 Results(2/2/08)

Cage of Fire XI - March 8th(2/1/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Bruseles vs. Frankel(2/1/08)

ESPN Boxing Results: Meza Clay vs. Aiken(2/1/08)

Leonard Garcia WEC Sponsorship Opportunity(2/1/08)

Cage Force Update - Feb. 11th(2/1/08)

ShoBox Results: Angulo vs. Cortes(2/1/08)

News From HDNet Fights(2/1/08)

NAAFS Newsletter # 2(2/1/08)

Pancrase - March 26th(1/31/08)

WU Full Contact: Arena Warriors 2 - Feb 24th(1/31/08)

W.C.F: ,,,Filming of Tapout...Show - Feb. 8th(1/31/08)

K-1 Budapest - Feb. 9th(1/31/08)

DEEP 34 Impact Update - Feb. 22nd(1/31/08)

Smack Girl World ReMix Update - Feb. 14th(1/31/08)

Hardcore Championship Fighting - Feb. 1st(1/31/08)

K-1 Yokohama - April 13th(1/31/08)

UFC 81 Updated Card - Feb. 2nd(1/31/08)

In Memoriam: Ginty Vrede(1/30/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(1/30/08)

Pancrase Results(1/30/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Meza Clay vs. Aiken - Feb. 1st(1/29/08)

Solo Boxeo: Bruseles vs. Frankel - Feb. 1st(1/29/08)

Bodog Fight: Kaitlin Young...Debut - Feb. 1st(1/29/08)

Shooto - March 28th(1/29/08)

K-1 Max Update - Feb. 2nd(1/29/08)

ZST 16 Update - Feb. 24th(1/29/08)

Total Combat Press Release - Feb 16th(1/29/08)

Shooto - March 15th(1/29/08)

WEC Update - Feb. 13th(1/29/08)

King of the Cage Recap: Mari's Minute(1/28/08)

Bodog Fight Re-Opens "The Vault"(1/28/08)

Strikeforce: "Bang" Battles Berger - Feb. 23rd(1/27/08)

World Ultimate Full-Contact - August 22nd(1/27/08)

TFA 9 Total Sell Out \ TFA 10 Tix on Sale(1/27/08)

European Top Ten by Groundandpound.de(1/26/08)

Shooto Results(1/26/08)

HBO Boxing Result: Chambers vs. Povetkin(1/26/08)

Cage Force Update - Feb. 11th(1/26/08)

Boxing: Laura Ramsey Calls Out Mary Jo Sanders(1/26/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Cazares vs. Guardia(1/25/08)

World Championship Fighting Update - Feb. 8th(1/25/08)

DEEP 34 Impact Update - Feb. 22nd(1/25/08)

Smack Girl World ReMix Update - Feb. 14th(1/25/08)

ShoXC Results(1/25/08)

King of the Cage Results(1/24/08)

German Top Team Seminars 2008(1/24/08)

UFF: Genesis - Jan. 26th(1/24/08)

Shooto - March 23rd(1/24/08)

Rocky Point Beach Brawl - Feb. 23rd(1/23/08)

Shooto - March 16th(1/23/08)

C3: The Winter Games Update - Jan. 26th(1/23/08)

UFC Fight Night Results(1/23/08)

ZST 16 - February 24th(1/23/08)

Solo Boxeo: Cazares vs. Guardia - Jan. 25th(1/23/08)

MMA-ID.com: New Social Network(1/23/08)

ProElite: Martial Arts School Locator(1/22/08)

ShoXC on Showtime - Jan. 25th(1/22/08)

Bodog Fight: Offering...Something Different(1/22/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(1/22/08)

Yarennoka Dec. 31st: Results Change(1/22/08)

Strikeforce: Nortje vs. Sapp - Feb. 23rd(1/21/08)

Ultimate Glory 7 Results(1/21/08)

Bodog Fight Reopens "The Vault"(1/21/08)

Muay Thai: Netherlands vs. Thailand 4 - March 2nd(1/21/08)

Kick Tournament - Feb. 1st(1/21/08)

DEEP 34 Update - Feb. 22nd(1/21/08)

Spirit MC 14 Results(1/21/08)

Alvin Robinson Returns to the UFC(1/21/08)

Iroquois MMA Championships II - Feb. 9th(1/19/08)

Total Fighting Alliance 9 Results(1/19/08)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Trinidad vs. Jones Jr.(1/19/08)

Inside MMA: Randy Couture Interview Schedule(1/19/08)

Boxing Results: Chagaev vs. Skelton(1/19/08)

UFC 80 Results(1/19/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Soto-Karass vs. Sanders(1/18/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Bailey vs. Mora(1/18/08)

World Championship Fighting Update - February 8th(1/18/08)

Cage Force - April 5th(1/18/08)

Smack Girl: World ReMix Update - Feb. 14th(1/18/08)

TFA 9 Update - Jan. 19th(1/18/08)

Don Team Argentina Kickboxing \ Muay Thai(1/17/08)

WCK: Muay Thai Recap - Mari's Minute(1/16/08)

Solo Boxeo: Soto-Karass vs. Sanders - Jan. 18th(1/16/08)

Cage Force - February 11th(1/16/08)

Shoot Boxing Update - Feb. 3rd(1/16/08)

TFA 9 Update - Jan. 19th(1/16/08)

ESPN2 Boxing: Bailey vs. Mora - Jan. 18th(1/16/08)

Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Le - March 29th(1/15/08)

Fist Series Announced - Feb. 20th(1/15/08)

Pancrase Update - Jan. 30th(1/15/08)

Fist Series & Battle in the Ballroom Dates Announced(1/15/08)

TBZ: The Battle of Champions - Feb 23rd (New Date)(1/14/08)

K-1 Max Update - Feb. 2nd(1/14/08)

The Lord of Ring Results(1/13/08)

Pancrase Update - Jan. 30th(1/13/08)

Shooto Update - Jan. 26th(1/13/08)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai Results(1/12/08)

MMAX Fights 18 - Jan. 26th(1/11/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Mora vs. Ruvalcaba(1/11/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Miranda vs. Banks(1/11/08)

Sengoku Update - March 5th(1/11/08)

Casca Grossa: E.G.C. - Feb. 16th(1/11/08)

The Lord of Ring Update - January 12th(1/11/08)

C3: The Winter Games Update - Jan. 26th(1/11/08)

HDNet Fights Present IFL GP Finals Encore(1/11/08)

Total Combat Television - Jan. 29th(1/11/08)

Shooto Update - January 26th(1/10/08)

ShoBox: Angulo vs. Cortes - February 1st(1/10/08)

Shoot Boxing - February 3rd(1/10/08)

Boxing Results: WBA & WBC Titles(1/10/08)

NAAFS Newsletter: Northcoast Showdown II Update(1/10/08)

EliteXC - February 16th(1/10/08)

World Extreme Cagefighting - February 13th(1/10/08)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai: Hotel Info - Jan. 12th(1/9/08)

Shooto - February 23rd(1/9/08)

C.S.I.: Win "The Rampage Experience"...(1/9/08)

Discovery Channel's Fight Quest(1/8/08)

WCF Returns To Boston - February 8th(1/8/08)

SmackGirl World ReMix - Feb. 14th(1/8/08)

Bodog Fight Re-Opens "The Vault"(1/7/08)

Total Fighting Alliance 9 Update - Jan. 19th(1/7/08)

King of the Cage - Feb. 22nd(1/7/08)

ESPN2 Boxing - Miranda vs. Banks - Jan. 11th(1/5/08)

Spirit MC 14 - January 20th(1/5/08)

Showtime Boxing Results: Malignaggi vs. Ngoudjo(1/5/08)

WCK: Muay Thai Update: Prelim. Odds - Jan. 12th(1/4/08)

Solo Boxeo Results: Rosales vs. Esalas(1/4/08)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Green vs. Williams(1/4/08)

Boxing Hall of Fame - Class of 2008(1/4/08)

Shobox Results: Peterson Brothers(1/4/08)

HDNet Fights Presents: Fedor Returns(1/4/08)

Gladiator Challenge - Feb. 16th(1/3/08)

Pancrase Update - Jan. 30th(1/3/08)

HBO B.A.D.: Chambers vs. Povetkin - Jan. 26th(1/3/08)

Boxing: Chagaev vs. Skelton - Jan. 19th(1/3/08)

Showtime Boxing: Malignaggi vs. Ngoudjo - Jan. 5th(1/3/08)

King of the Cage - February 9th(1/2/08)

UFC 82 - March 1st(1/2/08)

Pancrase - January 30th(1/2/08)

UFC 81 - February 2nd(1/2/08)

Total Combat 26 Results(1/2/08)

UFC Fight Night - January 23rd(1/2/08)

Pancrase Rankings(1/2/08)

UFC 80 Update - January 19th(1/2/08)



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