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Bodog Fight Re-Opens "The Vault"(12/31/07)

Yarennoka! Results(12/31/07)

K-1 Dynamite!! Results(12/31/07)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter - December '07(12/30/07)

Solo Boxeo - January 4th(12/30/07)

ShoBox: Peterson Bros. Return - Jan. 4th(12/30/07)

ESPN2 Boxing: Green vs. Williams - Jan. 4th(12/30/07)

Total Combat Hosted NYE Party(12/29/07)

IFL GP Results(12/29/07)

UFC 79 Results(12/29/07)

Bodog Fight - February 1, 2008(12/28/07)

Profile On: "Mr. Unbreakable" Brian Warren(12/28/07)

UCN Sponsorship Program(12/28/07)

HDNet Fights: Fedor Returns(12/28/07)

K-1 Dynamite!! Update - Dec. 31st(12/28/07)

Yarennoka! Update - Dec. 31st(12/28/07)

ROF: UFC 79 Party This Weekend(12/28/07)

Yarennoka Update - Dec. 31st(12/27/07)

K-1 Max - February 2, 2008(12/26/07)

Smack Girl Results(12/26/07)

Shooto Boxing Results(12/24/07)

Sportfight XXI Recap - Dec. 22nd(12/23/07)

Andreas Hesselback Interview by J. Franchise(12/23/07)

DEEP Results(12/23/07)

Yarennoka! Update - Dec. 31st(12/23/07)

Pancrase Results(12/22/07)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/22/07)

Ultimate Glory 7 - January 20, 2008(12/21/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Antillon vs. Valdez(12/21/07)

King of the Cage - January 12, 2008(12/21/07)

Solo Boxeo: Mora vs. Ruvalcaba - Jan. 11th(12/21/07)

WBC News: 2007...Great Year For Boxing(12/21/07)

Emirates Asain Jiu-Jitsu Super Cup Results(12/21/07)

HBO Boxing PPV: Trinidad vs. Jones Jr. - Jan. 19, 2008(12/21/07)

Yarennoka! Update - Dec. 31st(12/20/07)

Lord of Ring - January 12, 2008(12/19/07)

Shooto Update - Jan. 26, 2008(12/19/07)

Smack Girl Update - Dec. 26th(12/19/07)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/18/07)

Southern California Pankration Team Duals Results(12/17/07)

SportFight XXI Update - Dec. 22nd(12/17/07)

Bodog Fight Re-Opens "The Vault"(12/17/07)

Art of War FC X - Dec. 23rd(12/17/07)

Ultimate Fight Challenge 2 Results(12/16/07)

MMA & Kickboxing Simulators(12/17/07)

TFA Update - January 19, 2008(12/17/07)

Solo Boxeo: Antillon vs. Valdez - Dec. 21st(12/16/07)

Gladiator Challenge - Dec. 22nd(12/16/07)

WBC News: Maskaev vs. Peter - Feb. 2, 2008(12/16/07)

HBO Boxing PPV: Pavlik vs. Taylor - Feb. 16, 2008(12/16/07)

HBO Boxing PPV: Marquez vs. Pacquiao - March 15, '08(12/16/07)

HBO Boxing: W. Klitschko vs. Ibragimov - Feb. 23, 2008(12/16/07)

HDNet Fights Results(12/15/07)

DEEP 34 Impact - Feb. 22, 2008(12/15/07)

King of the Cage - January 24, 2008(12/15/07)

Pete Spratt Returns To HDNet Fights - Dec. 15th(12/15/07)

Smack Girl Update - December 26th(12/15/07)

Combat Sports International: Holiday Discounts...(12/15/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Salido vs. Avila(12/14/07)

World Championship Muay Thai - January 12th(12/13/07)

K-1 Dynamite Update - December 31st(12/13/07)

Yarennoka! Update - December 31st(12/13/07)

Sengoku Update - March 5, 2008(12/13/07)

HDNet Fights Update - December 15th(12/13/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 9 Update - January 19, 2008(12/13/07)

C3: Winter Games - January 26, 2008(12/13/07)

Total Combat Update - Dec. 15th(12/13/07)

Hit and Submit Fight Shop & Apparel(12/12/07)

Solo Boxeo: Salido vs. Avila - Dec. 14th(12/12/07)

German Top Team - 2008(12/12/07)

DEEP 33rd Impact Results(12/12/07)

K-1 Dynamite!! Update - Dec. 31st(12/11/07)

Cage Rage 25 - March 8, 2008(12/12/07)

Strikeforce At The Dome - February 23, 2008(12/10/07)

Bodog Fight Re-Opens "The Vault"(12/10/07)

World Cagefighting Organization - January 12, 2008(12/10/07)

Outsider Cup 7 Results(12/10/07)

MARS Results(12/10/07)

Xplosion Super Fights 17 Results(12/10/07)

Evolution Fightwear! - 20% Off(12/10/07)

Shooto Update - January 26, 2008(12/9/07)

OB-GULA Fight Night Results(12/9/07)

K-1 World GP Final Results(12/8/07)

U.C.N: Promote You Club & Fighters Free...(12/8/07)

HBO Boxing PPV Results: Mayweather vs. Hatton(12/8/07)

UFC TUF 6 Results(12/8/07)

Shooto Results(12/8/07)

HDNet Fights Update - Dec. 15th(12/8/07)

TapouT at No Fear in Las Vegas - Dec. 10th(12/8/07)

Max Muscle Grand Opening - Dec. 8th(12/8/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Ornelas vs. McKart(12/7/07)

Yarennoka! Update - Dec. 31st(12/6/07)

OB-GULA Fight Night - Dec. 8th(12/6/07)

Xplosion 17 Update - Dec. 8th(12/6/07)

ProElite.com to Stream Platinum "Ring of Fire"(12/6/07)

Total Combat Update - Dec. 15th(12/6/07)

Mari's Minute: King of the Cage Recap(12/5/07)

Cage Warriors - December 8th(12/5/07)

K-1 GP Final Update - Dec. 8th(12/5/07)

Solo Boxeo: Ornelas vs. McKart - Dec. 7th(12/5/07)

VERSUS TapouT Special(12/5/07)

Pancrase Weight Class Announcement(12/5/07)

WMC S1 World Championship - Dec. 5th(12/5/07)

Ultimate Fight Challenge 2 - Dec. 15th(12/4/07)

Ultimate Fight Cacak Results(12/4/07)

Mari's Minute: CA Muay Thai Championship Recap(12/3/07)

Bodog Fight Re-Opens the Vault(12/3/07)

TapouT Crew, Jens Pulver...at No Fear - Dec. 10th(12/3/07)

SportFight XXI - December 22nd(12/3/07)

Smack Girl Update - Dec. 26th(12/3/07)

King of the Cage Results(12/2/07)

DEEP X 02 Results(12/2/07)

Cage Rage 24 Results(12/2/07)

Mari's Minute: WCK Muay Thai Recap(12/1/07)

CA Muay Thai Championship Results(12/1/07)

So. Cal Pankration Team Duals - Dec. 16th(12/1/07)

Showtime Boxing Results: Tarver vs. Santiago(12/1/07)

Emirates Asian Jiu-Jitsu Super Cup - Dec. 14th and 15th(12/1/07)

HDNet Fights - December 15th(12/1/07)

Bodog Fight Results(12/1/07)

Cage Force Results(12/1/07)

Casca Grossa News - December, 2007(12/1/07)

CA Muay Thai Championship - Dec. 1st(12/1/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Hernandez vs. Garcia(11/30/07)

ShoBox Results: Kirkland vs. Conyers(11/30/07)

Shoot Boxing Results(11/30/07)

Ring of Fire 31 Update - Dec. 1st(11/30/07)

U.S. Grappling Championship - Dec. 1st & 2nd(11/30/07)

NAAFS Updated Card - Dec. 1st(11/30/07)

Ring of Fire 31 Weigh-ins (Nov 30th)(11/30/07)

Showtime Boxing: Tarver vs. Santiago - Dec. 1st(11/30/07)

Ring of Fire Update - Dec. 1st(11/30/07)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai Results(11/29/07)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(11/29/07)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai - Nov. 29th(11/29/07)

Pancrase Results(11/28/07)

Yarennoka Update - Dec. 31st(11/28/07)

Solo Boxeo: Hernandez vs. Garcia - Nov. 30th(11/28/07)

ShoBox: Kirkland vs. Conyers - Nov. 30th(11/28/07)

DEEP X 02 Update - Dec. 2nd(11/28/07)

Demolition Results(11/28/07)

Boxing PPV: Cahvez Jr. vs. Sanchez(11/28/07)

Bodog Fight Returns to Russia - Nov. 30th(11/27/07)

Cage of Fire X Results(11/27/07)

European Top Ten (Nov.) by Groundandpound.de(11/27/07)

RioHeroes 12 Results(11/27/07)

Shoot Boxing - November 30th(11/27/07)

ProElite.com: Buy Two, Get One Free...(11/27/07)

WVR: Sengoku - March 5, 2008(11/27/07)

Cage Force Update - December 1st(11/27/07)

Fight Magazine Now on Stands(11/27/07)

Bodog Fight: Re-Opens "The Vault"(11/26/07)

Smack Girl - December 26th(11/26/07)

Total Combat Update - December 15th(11/26/07)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai - Nov. 29th(11/26/07)

Platinum Ring of Fire - Dec. 9th(11/26/07)

UFC 79 Update - Dec. 29th(11/26/07)

UFC: TUF 6 Finale - December 8, 2007(11/26/07)

UFC 80 - January 19, 2008(11/26/07)

Xplosion Super Fights 17 Update - Dec. 8th(11/25/07)

Swiss Las Vegas 2 Update - December 15th(11/25/07)

Lugano Grand Prix Update - December 1st(11/25/07)

Grapple Kingdom Live Results(11/25/07)

Heat 5 Results(11/25/07)

Emirates Asain Jiu-Jitsu Super Cup - Dec. 14 & 15th(11/24/07)

Art of War Results(11/24/07)

Cage of Fire X - Nov. 24th(11/24/07)

Fight League Upcoming Schedule 2007/2008(11/23/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Baldomir vs. Perez(11/23/07)

Desafio Vale Tudo - Feb. 9, 2008(11/23/07)

ADCC Open Italy 2007 Report & Results(11/23/07)

Cage Rage 24 Web Presentation(11/23/07)

Showtime Boxing Results: Vargas vs. Mayorga(11/23/07)

ZST 15 Results(11/23/07)

HDNet Fights Update - Dec. 15th(11/23/07)

Pancrase Update - December 22nd(11/22/07)

Heat 5 - November 25th(11/22/07)

Combate Total TV Program(11/22/07)

Bodog Fight: Women's Champ Heavy Heart(11/21/07)

The Battle of Champions - Dec. 1st(11/21/07)

Ring of Fire 31 Update - December 1st(11/21/07)

Yarennoka Supported by M-1 Global - December 31st(11/21/07)

Fury FC 5 Live Streaming On... - Dec, 6th(11/21/07)

EliteXC Fighters Donate Turkeys To...(11/21/07)

Bodog Fight: New Webisodes(11/20/07)

Solo Boxeo: Baldomir vs. Perez - Nov. 23rd(11/20/07)

DEEP Impact in Osaka Update - Dec. 22nd(11/20/07)

C3: The Winters Games - January 26, 2008(11/20/07)

United Combat Network: Looking for Promoter(11/19/07)

Bodog Fight: Alavarez & Thompson Postponed(11/19/07)

World Freefight Challenge 3 Results(11/19/07)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(11/19/07)

Cage Force Update - Dec. 1st(11/18/07)

HBO Boxing Results: Guzman vs. Soto(11/17/07)

Larry Landless' Submission Challenge - Nov. 18th(11/17/07)

UFC 78 Results(11/17/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Lopez vs. Toribio(11/16/07)

StrikeForce Results(11/16/07)

ShoBox Results: Abell vs. Oruh(11/16/07)

Bodog Fight: Alvarez vs. Thompson(11/16/07)

DEEP X 2 Update - December 2nd(11/16/07)

VS Boxing Results: Rahman vs. Lawrence(11/16/07)

King of the Cage - December 2nd(11/15/07)

PRO TKD Tournament - Nov. 17th(11/15/07)

TFA 9 Update - January 19, 2008(11/15/07)

Pancrase Update - Nov. 28th(11/15/07)

ROF: ...Coors Light Experience...(11/15/07)

ProElite: New Fantasy Fight Game(11/15/07)

Boxing: Rahman vs. Lawrence - Nov. 15th(11/15/07)

Solo Boxeo: Lopez vs. Salmon - Nov. 16th(11/14/07)

Strike Force Streamed Live on Yahoo Sports - Nov. 16th(11/13/07)

Masters Fight Night - December 9th(11/13/07)

ZST 15 Update - Nov. 23rd(11/13/07)

Swiss Las Vegas 2 - December 15th(11/13/07)

The Night of Terminators - December 15th(11/13/07)

GCM: Demolition - November 25th(11/13/07)

Caged Supremacy Update - Dec. 8th(11/12/07)

Mix Fight Gala 6 - November 25th(11/12/07)

Thai and Kick-Mas - December 1st(11/12/07)

Lugano GP 5 - December 1st(11/12/07)

The Cage Vol. 8 Results(11/12/07)

MARS 10 - December 9th(11/12/07)

Cage Fights From Hamburg - December 9th(11/12/07)

IKBO Fight Night - December 2nd(11/12/07)

Xplosion 17 - December 8th(11/12/07)

Art Of War 9 - Nov. 24th(11/12/07)

StrikeForce: Lottery To Decide Brackets - Nov. 16th(11/12/07)

Bodog Fight: Two New Webisodes(11/12/07)

Tapout Exclusive In-Store Appearance - Nov. 15th(11/12/07)

K-1 FN: Hero's 2007 Results(11/11/07)

Cage Force Results(11/11/07)

K.S.W. Quick Results(11/11/07)

Hit & Submit Fight Shop Grand Opening - Nov. 11th(11/11/07)

Shooto - January 26th(11/10/07)

HBO Boxing Results: Cotto vs. Mosely(11/10/07)

EliteXC Showtime Results(11/10/07)

DEEP 33rd Impact Update - December 12th(11/10/07)

Warriors Realm 11 Results(11/10/07)

Full Bred Pankration Results(11/9/07)

Ring of Fire 31 - December 1st(11/9/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Rosales vs. Lorenzo(11/9/07)

ZST 15 Update - November 23rd(11/9/07)

Caged Supremacy - December 8th(11/9/07)

Shooto Update - December 8th(11/9/07)

Underdog Santiago Preparing to Upset...(11/9/07)

EliteXC Bout Sheet \ Weights - Nov. 10th(11/9/07)

FIGHT Magazine - 3rd Issue Comes out November 20th(11/9/07)

HDNet Fights - December 15th(11/9/07)

UFC 78 Update - November 17th(11/9/07)

Pancrase Update - December 22nd(11/8/07)

K.S.W. - November 10th(11/8/07)

The Cage Vol. 8 - November 10th(11/8/07)

EliteXC Press Conference Quotes & Photos - Nov. 10th(11/8/07)

K-1 World GP Final Update - Dec. 8th(11/8/07)

EliteXC: Showtime Announcers Weigh-in on... - Nov. 10th(11/8/07)

Shooto Results(11/8/07)

DEEP 33rd Impact - December 12th(11/7/07)

Total Combat 25 - December 15th(11/7/07)

K-1 Fighting Network: Hero's 2007 - Nov. 10th(11/6/07)

EliteXC Fight Card - November 10th(11/6/07)

Bodog Fight Middleweight Champ In Strikeforce(11/6/07)

Pancrase Update - December 22nd(11/6/07)

Solo Boxeo: Rosales vs. Lorenzo - Nov. 9th(11/6/07)

Showtime PPV Boxing: Vargas vs. Mayorga - Nov. 23rd(11/6/07)

King of the Cage - Nov. 21st(11/6/07)

K-1 Dynamite!! Update - December 31st(11/5/07)

MMA Bushido Results(11/5/07)

Fatal Femmes Fighting Recap: Mari's Minute(11/4/07)

StrikeForce - Cung Le To Be "Squeeze"...(11/4/07)

DEEP Impact in Osaka - Dec. 22nd(11/3/07)

Fatal Femmes Fighting Results(11/3/07)

HBO Boxing Result: Kessler vs. Calzaghe(11/3/07)

Showtime Boxing Results: Marquez vs. Juarez(11/3/07)

Siberian Challenge Recap\Results(11/3/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Ouma vs. Roman(11/2/07)

ShoBox Results: Brock vs. Chambers(11/2/07)

U.S. Sombo November Newsletter(11/2/07)

King of the Cage - November 17th(11/2/07)

Total Combat 24 Weigh-Ins(11/2/07)

It's Showtime Trophy 75 Max Final - March 15, 2008(11/2/07)

Rage in the Ring - Nov. 3rd(11/2/07)

Inside MMA on HDNet(11/2/07)

Brasa Club de Jiu-Jitsu Seminar - Nov. 2nd & 3rd(11/1/07)

"SHO Sports Presents" To Air Nightly on Showtime 2(11/1/07)

Bodog Fight Joins "Revolution"(11/1/07)

EliteXC Partners with HOPSports, NUI...(11/1/07)

Shooto - December 8th(10/31/07)

DEEP X 02 - Dec. 2nd(10/31/07)

EliteXC Notes - Nov. 10th(10/31/07)

Shobox: Arreola vs. Oruh - Nov. 16th(10/31/07)

K-1 Star Jerome Le Banner's New Website(10/30/07)

Exclusive Bodog Fight "Webisodes" Airing Online(10/30/07)

Solo Boxeo: Ouma vs. Roman - Nov. 2nd(10/30/07)

SportFight XX Recap \ Gallery(10/29/07)

Don Team Argentina News - Oct. 21st(10/29/07)

StrikeForce Update - November 16th(10/29/07)

OctoberFist Update - Oct. 31st(10/29/07)

Pure Force VI - December 15th(10/29/07)

Total Combat 24 Line-up - Nov. 4th(10/29/07)

Cage Force - December 1st(10/29/07)

Trbovlje Cage Fight Night Results(10/29/07)

One Night in Bangkok Results (Muay Thai)(10/29/07)

HBO Boxing: Guzman vs. Soto - Nov. 17th(10/29/07)

HBO Boxing: Kessler vs. Calzaghe - Nov. 3rd(10/29/07)

ShoBox: Brock vs. Chambers - Nov. 2nd(10/29/07)

Gladiator Challenge - Nov. 11th(10/29/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Results(10/29/07)

Hero's Korea Results(10/28/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Castillo vs. Perez(10/28/07)

ShoXC Results(10/26/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/26/07)

Inside MMA Tonight on HDNet(10/26/07)

Pancrase - December 22nd(10/25/07)

Shooto Update - Nov. 6th(10/26/07)

King of the Cage - October 27th(10/26/07)

Bodog Fight To Air Never Before Seen PPV Bouts(10/25/07)

Cage Force Update - Nov. 11th(10/24/07)

WBA News: Regional Rankings(10/24/07)

Solo Boxeo: Castillo vs. Perez - Oct. 26th(10/24/07)

K-1 Istanbul - November 2nd(10/24/07)

StrikeForce: Buentello vs. Overeem - Nov. 16th(10/23/07)

Pancrase Update - November 28th(10/23/07)

World Freefight Challenge 3 - November 18th(10/23/07)

K-1 Dynamite!! - December 31st(10/23/07)

Newsbits: WBC - FFF - New Orgs...(10/23/07)

Special Edition of HDNet's Inside MMA - Oct. 25th(10/23/07)

UFC 79 - December 29th(10/24/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/23/07)

ZST 15 - Nov. 23rd(10/23/07)

Hero's Korea Update - Oct. 28th(10/22/07)

K-1 Final Update - Dec. 8th(10/22/07)

NAAFS Events Calendar Update(10/22/07)

CA Muay Thai Championship - Dec. 1st(10/21/07)

Strikeforce: First CA MMA Tourney - Nov. 16th(10/21/07)

CA Muay Thai Championship Results(10/21/07)

Shooto Update - Nov. 8th(10/21/07)

Shooto Results(10/20/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/20/07)

Bodog Fight: Fedor vs. Lindland on Free TV(10/20/07)

California Muay Thai Championship - Oct. 20th(10/20/07)

Alvin Robinson Returns to UFC(10/20/07)

UFC 77 Results(10/20/07)

World Ultimate Full Contact - October 24th(10/19/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 9 - January 19, 2008(10/19/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Castaneda vs. Hernandez(10/19/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/19/07)

Total Combat 24 - Nov. 4th(10/19/07)

ShoXC Returns to Showtime on Oct. 26th(10/19/07)

MMA Manager CEO Zoran Saric Interview(10/18/07)

Bodog Fight To Sponsor SportFight(10/18/07)

Bodog Fight's Welter Champ No Longer "Fainting Goat"(10/18/07)

Dan Henderson Comes To Las Vegas NHRA Nationals...(10/18/07)

Noche De Gladiadores - Oct. 19th & 26th(10/18/07)

ProElite Partners With Endorsed Sports(10/18/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/18/07)

ProElite Partners With Endorsed Sports(10/18/07)

CA CC Video Interviews: J. George, J. Robles...(10/17/07)

KOTC Video Interview: Frank Park & John DeLaO(10/17/07)

StrikeForce - November 16th(10/17/07)

Solo Boxeo: Castaneda vs. Hernandez - Oct. 19th(10/17/07)

Hardcore CF - Oct. 19th(10/17/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/16/07)

Ninja Announced at Cage Rage 24 - Dec. 1st(10/16/07)

ESPN The Contender Boxing: Gomez vs. Tackie Result(10/16/07)

TapouT In Store Appearance - Oct. 19th(10/16/07)

Hero's Korea Line-up - Oct. 28th(10/16/07)

WBA News - October 2007(10/16/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/16/07)

Shooto - November 8th(10/15/07)

Shooto Rankings - October, 2007(10/15/07)

Bodog Fight: A. Emelianenko Highlights Episode...(10/15/07)

ESPN Boxing: Gomez vs. Tackie - Oct. 16th(10/15/07)

Spirit MC 13 Results(10/15/07)

Pula Challenge Results(10/15/07)

Pancrase Update - November 28th(10/14/07)

Pancrase Results(10/14/07)

Tapout Reigns in Cincinnati - Oct. 18th(10/13/07)

HBO Boxing Result: DIaz vs. Diaz(10/13/07)

MARS Results(10/13/07)

Boxing: Ibragimov vs. Holyfield Results(10/13/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: De Jesus vs. Solis(10/13/07)

LA Boxing Fight Night - Oct. 20th(10/12/07)

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic & The UFC(10/12/07)

HDNet Fight Night Update - October 13th(10/12/07)

OctoberFist 2007 Update - Oct. 31st(10/11/07)

This Is Shido - November 11th(10/11/07)

EliteXC Signs Nick Diaz To Contract Extension(10/11/07)

Bodog Fight: Prangley Says Professional...Tailor Made(10/11/07)

EliteXC: Kimbo Slice Signs...Contract - Nov. 10th(10/11/07)

K-1 Riga GP - October 13th(10/11/07)

Cage Fight Night - October 27th(10/11/07)

Cage Force Update - Nov. 11th(10/11/07)

Looking for...Aaron & Ryan Mazon(10/10/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/10/07)

Shoot Boxing Ground Zero Update - Oct. 28th(10/10/07)

New Generation Tournament 3 - Nov. 17th(10/10/07)

DEEP Impact Osaka - Dec. 22nd(10/10/07)

Boxing PPV - Ibragimov vs. Holyfield - Oct. 13th(10/10/07)

K.O. Arena 7 - November 3rd(10/10/07)

UFC 77 Update - October 20th(10/10/07)

UFC 78 - November 17th(10/10/07)

Mari's Minute - KOTC Recap(10/9/07)

Cage Combat Fighting Championships Recap \ Results(10/9/07)

DEEP 32nd Impact Results(10/9/07)

Total Combat 24 Postponed - New Date & Location(10/9/07)

HDNet Fights - October 13th(10/9/07)

Bodog Fight: Clash of the Nations on ION TV(10/8/07)

Shooto Results(10/8/07)

ProFight.tv - Watch For Free...Yamamoto...(10/8/07)

King of the Cage Results(10/7/07)

Pancrase - November 28th(10/7/07)

ZST 14 Results(10/7/07)

Solo Boxeo: De Jesus vs. Solis - Oct. 12th(10/7/07)

Spirit MC 13 - October 14th(10/7/07)

HBO Boxing PPV Results: Pacquiao vs. Barrera(10/6/07)

Showtime Boxing Result: Peter vs. McCline(10/6/07)

ShoBox Results(10/6/07)

16th World Kickboxing Championships Results(10/5/07)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter - October, 2007(10/5/07)

Hero's Korea Update - October 28th(10/5/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Rosales vs. Santos(10/5/07)

TFA 8 Tomorrow!! - October 6th(10/5/07)

Caged Fury 3 Update - November 3rd(10/5/07)

HDNET: Inside MMA(10/5/07)

Mauricio Shogun Surgery(10/4/07)

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HBO Boxing Results: Taylor vs. Spinks(5/19/07)

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WBA News: WBA VP Meets China's Chengdu Authorities(5/18/07)

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Muay Thai - Master Skens - June 17th(5/17/07)

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Knights of War - Postponed - May 20th(5/17/07)

World Freefight Challenge 3 Cancelled - May 19th(5/17/07)

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ProElite Partners with TapOut Magazine(5/17/07)

TFA - July 14th(5/17/07)

Solo Boxeo: Villa vs. Andrade - May 18th(5/17/07)

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SportFight XIX Recap by G. Peterson(5/6/07)

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Shamrock vs. Baroni Line on PPV - June 22nd(5/4/07)

Free Fight Championship Results(5/3/07)

Gladiator Challenge - May 11th(5/3/07)

Showtime Boxing: Tarver vs. Muriqi - June 9th(5/3/07)

Shi Kon Fight Night Update - May 5th(5/3/07)

Showtime Boxing: Tarver vs. Muriqi - June 9th(5/3/07)

Solo Boxeo: Cazares vs. Perez - May 4th(5/3/07)

UFC 71 Update - May 26th(5/3/07)

Mixed Martial Arts - May 3rd(5/3/07)

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ESPN2 Boxing Results: Camaps vs. Albert(5/2/07)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter: April \ May 2007(5/2/07)

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Bilic-Eric Fight Night Results(5/1/07)

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ProElite Partners with Bombo for Documentary(5/1/07)

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Attention MMA Promoters...(4/30/07)

Bodog Fight: Good Ole Boy hopes to stop Viking Quest(4/30/07)

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K-1 Hawaii Results(4/28/07)

Smack Girl Results(4/28/07)

HBO Boxing Result: Freitas vs. Diaz(4/28/07)

ProElite.com To Broadcast ADCC PPV(4/27/07)

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World Freefight Challenge 3 Update - May 19th(4/27/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Martinez vs. Roman(4/27/07)

ESPN2 Boxing: Anchondo vs. Jimenez - April 27th(4/27/07)

WBA News: Diaz vs. Freitas(4/27/07)

WBA News: WBA & WBC Pres. Together(4/27/07)

Bodog Fight: Cage Rage 21(4/25/07)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Litzau vs. Valtierra(4/25/07)

PRIDE FC: Decade of PPV - April 28th(4/25/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 6 - April 28th(4/25/07)

Pancrase Update - May 30th(4/25/07)

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Smack Girl Update - April 28th(4/25/07)

Solo Boxeo: Martinez vs. Roman - April 27th(4/25/07)

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Noc K-1 Rules Zapasu - April 28th(4/23/07)

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Battle of Rome II - April 21st(4/20/07)

HBO Boxing: De La Hoya vs. Mayweather TV Special(4/20/07)

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PXC 11 Results(4/19/07)

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Shoot Boxing Update - May 25th(4/19/07)

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Invincible Fighting Championship 3 - March 10th(3/8/07)

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Steel City Rumble: Fighters Wanted - April 14th(3/3/07)

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K-1 Yokohama Update - March 4th(3/3/07)

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Showtime Boxing: Vazquez vs. Marquez - March 3rd(3/2/07)

HBO Boxing: Cotto vs. Urkal - March 3rd(3/2/07)

Boxing: Holyfield vs. Maddalone - March 17th(3/2/07)

Cage of Honor: March 17th(3/1/07)

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Ultimate Glory II Results (Jan. 21st)(2/8/07)

EXC: Shamrock & Gracie Final Press Quotes - Feb. 10th(2/8/07)

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PRIDE 33 Update - Feb 24th(2/8/07)

Smack Girl Update - March 11th(2/8/07)

EliteXC Adds Two Commentators(2/8/07)

EliteXC Workout Photos: Shamrock - Feb. 10th(2/8/07)

ESPN2 Boxing: Chambers vs. Rossy - Feb. 9th(2/8/07)

MMAX Fights 8 Results(2/8/07)

Solo Boxeo: Juarez vs, Lucero - Feb. 9th(2/8/07)

EliteXC & Strikeforce Create Strategic Alliance(2/7/07)

Caged Fury - March 31st(2/7/07)

Pancrase - March 18th(2/7/07)

K-1 Yokohama Update - March 4th(2/7/07)

K-1 Khan Update - February 18th(2/7/07)

Cage Rage 20 Preview by J. Boogaloo(2/7/07)

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U.S. Sombo Newsletter - February(2/7/07)

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King of the Cage - March 10th(2/6/07)

MSNBC's Warrior Nation - 4th Episode - Feb. 10th(2/5/07)

NDN: Freestyle Cage Fighting - Feb. 10th(2/5/07)

Shooto GIG West 7 - April 21st(2/5/07)

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K-1 Max Results(2/5/07)

Pancrase Results(2/4/07)

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Elite Grappling Championship - Match 24th(2/3/07)

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UFC 67 Results(2/3/07)

California Cage Championships - Feb. 17th(2/2/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Martinez vs. Lorenzo(2/2/07)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Guinn vs. Lawrence(2/2/07)

WPKC Fight Night - Feb. 24th(2/2/07)

UFC 67 Parties This Weekend by ROF(2/2/07)

PRIDE 33 Update - Feb. 24th(2/1/07)

Showtime \ ProElite Exclusive TV Arrangement(2/1/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 5 Promo Vid - Feb. 24th(2/1/07)

Cage Rage 20 Ticket Contest - Feb. 10th(2/1/07)

WBC News: The WBC Heavyweight Challenger(2/1/07)

PRIDE 33 Update - Feb. 24th(2/1/07)

ESPN2 Boxing: Guinn vs. Lawrence - Feb. 2nd(2/1/07)

Solo Boxeo: Martinez vs. Lorenzo - Feb. 2nd(1/31/07)

A New MA Historical Fiction Book(1/31/07)

Shooto Update - March 4th(1/30/07)

HBO Boxing PPV: Barrera vs. Marquez - March 17th(1/30/07)

ShoBox: Kirkland vs. Lyell - Feb. 2nd(1/30/07)

Don Team Argentina: Maestros Revista Marcial(1/30/07)

Elite Xtreme Combat Preview Show(1/30/07)

K-1 Max Update - Feb. 5th(1/30/07)

PRIDE 33 Update - Feb. 24th(1/30/07)

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CA Pankration Championships - March 25th(1/29/07)

Boxing Hall of Fame Class of 2007(1/28/07)

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Anno Domini Fight Night Results(1/28/07)

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Cage of Fire V Final Line-up - Jan. 27th(1/27/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 5 - Feb. 24th(1/26/07)

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Shooto Results(1/26/07)

DEEP 28th Impact Update - Feb. 16th(1/26/07)

HBO Boxing After Dark: Arce vs. Ler - Jan. 26th(1/26/07)

Pancrase Update - Feb. 28th(1/26/07)

Cage Rage 20 Update - Feb. 10th(1/25/07)

K-1 Yokohama - March 4th(1/25/07)

Showtime Boxing: Vazquez vs. Marquez - March 3rd(1/25/07)

UFC Fight Night Results(1/25/07)

Cage Force - February 17th(1/25/07)

ESPN2 Boxing: Reid vs. Gutierrez - Jan. 26th(1/25/07)

Solo Boxeo: Escalante vs. Pastrana - Jan. 26th(1/25/07)

DEEP 28th Impact Update - Feb. 16th(1/25/07)

UFC 68 - March 3rd(1/25/07)

WFCA-Baltia Grand Prix - Jan. 27th(1/24/07)

Ring of Fire 28 - February 16th(1/24/07)

Shooto Update - Feb. 17th(1/24/07)

FightFest - February 3rd(1/23/07)

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Anno Domini Fight Night Update - Jan. 27th(1/23/07)

Freestyle Cage Fighting Results(1/23/07)

Masters of the Cage VIII Results(1/23/07)

Cage of Fire Update - Jan. 27th(1/22/07)

Pancrase - February 28th(1/21/07)

MFC Korea Results(1/21/07)

HBO Boxing Results: Hatton vs. Urango(1/21/07)

Total Fighting Alliance 5 Update - Feb. 24th(1/20/07)

Kickin TV Show Reminder: Thomas Kenney(1/20/07)

ShoBox Results: Lopez vs. Vargas(1/20/07)

Solo Boxeo Results: Bruseles vs. Negron(1/19/07)

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