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PRIDE Shockwave 2006 Results(12/31/06)

K-1 Dynamite Results(12/31/06)

UFC 67 - Feb. 3rd(12/31/06)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai - Jan. 11th(12/30/06)

Masters of the Cage VIII Update - Dec. 31st(12/30/06)

Duane "Bang" Ludwig looks Back At 2006(12/30/06)

Amanda Buckner Looks Back On 2006(12/30/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/30/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/30/06)

Portugal Vale Tudo 3 - Jan. 21st(12/30/06)

UFC 66 Results(12/30/06)

UFC 66 Party This Weekend - ROF(12/30/06)

Solo Boxeo: Santa-Cruz vs. Arceo - Jan. 5th(12/28/06)

WBC News - December 2006(12/28/06)

K-1 World Max - Feb. 5th(12/28/06)

Pancrase Rankings - December 2006(12/28/06)

It's Showtime - June 23rd(12/28/06)

Pancrase 2007 Rising Tour - Feb. 4th(12/26/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/26/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/26/06)

Merry Christmas from OneSongChai(12/25/06)

Happy Holidays from RITC Training Center(12/25/06)

Masters of the Cage VIII - Dec. 31st(12/24/06)

Boxing: De La Hoya vs. Mayweather - May 5, 2007(12/24/06)

MARS 06: Rapid Fire Results(12/23/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/22/06)

Shooto Update - Jan. 26, 2007(12/22/06)

Cage Rage 20 - Feb. 10, 2007(12/22/06)

Branko Cikatic Interview by ProFightStore.com(12/21/06)

Shooto - February 17, 2007(12/21/06)

Cage Fury Fighting Championships 3 - Jan. 19, 2007(12/21/06)

DEEP 27th Impact Results(12/21/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Huerta vs. Ramirez(12/21/06)

APEX - January 13, 2007(12/21/06)

Solo Boxeo - Dec. 22nd(12/21/06)

MARS Update - December 22nd(12/21/06)

Sitpholek Muay Thai - Dec. 27th(12/19/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/19/06)

Total Fighting Alliance 5 - Feb. 24th(12/19/06)

Don Team Argentina Press Release(12/19/06)

Casca Grossa Christmas Newsletter - Specials(12/19/06)

Outsider Cup 6 Results(12/19/06)

New Products from Evolution Fightwear!(12/19/06)

WCK: Full Rules Muay Thai - Jan. 11, 2007(12/18/06)

Xtreme Muay Thai Challenge 2 Results(12/18/06)

European Top Ten by Groundandpound.de(12/18/06)

Jungle Fight 7 Results(12/18/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/18/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/18/06)

K-1 Khan 2007 - January 27, 2007(12/17/06)

Xtreme Muay Thai Challenge - Dec. 17th(12/17/06)

TKO 28 - Feb. 9, 2007(12/17/06)

International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun(12/17/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Miranda vs. Gibbs(12/16/06)

Elite Extreme Combat Gallery \ Interviews(12/15/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Soto-Karass vs. Perez(12/15/06)

MARS - December 22nd(12/15/06)

UFC 66 Update - Dec. 30th(12/15/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/15/06)

DEEP 28th Impact - Feb. 16, 2007(12/14/06)

Shooto - Jan. 26, 2007(12/14/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/13/06)

Tsunami Fighting Championships - June 30, 2007(12/13/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/13/06)

2007 Midwest Grappling Open - January 27, 2007(12/13/06)

Solo Boxeo: Soto-Karass vs. Perez - Dec. 15th(12/13/06)

UFC Fight Night Results(12/13/06)

Total Fighting Alliance 5 - Feb. 24, 2007(12/12/06)

DEEP 27th Impact Update - Dec. 20th(12/12/06)

Cage of Honor Recap \ Results(12/11/06)

Cage Warriors Official Results(12/11/06)

WBC News(12/11/06)

Ultimate fight Challenge Results(12/11/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/11/06)

50th Ann. Lumpini Results \ Gallery(12/10/06)

Sitpholek Institute of Muay Thai(12/10/06)

Pancrase Results(12/10/06)

Demolition Results(12/10/06)

Cage Rage 19 Results(12/10/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Taylor vs. Ouma(12/10/06)

Cage Warriors Quick Results(12/10/06)

Casca Grossa Christmas Newsletter(12/9/06)

The 11th Triton Mitsubishi Mauy Thai Tourney(12/9/06)

Bangkok Boxing Stadium Opening(12/9/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Jimenez vs. Recio(12/8/06)

DEEP 27th Impact Update - Dec. 20th(12/8/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/8/06)

Cage Warriors Update - Dec. 9th(12/8/06)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(12/7/06)

Dominion Warrior: Esh'Chadar Brown Ton(12/7/06)

ROF 27 Official Hotel & Weigh-in Location(12/7/06)

Solo Boxeo - December 8th(12/7/06)

WPF Announces U.S. PPV Debut(12/7/06)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/7/06)

CV3: Seasons Beatings Recap \ Results(12/6/06)

SportFight - January 6, 2007

Brandon Vera Video Interview(12/5/06)

Cage of Honor Line-up - Dec. 9th(12/5/06)

Sub Wrestling Results: Kralj Tomislav(12/5/06)

Cage Warriors Update - Dec. 9th(12/5/06)

Max Fight Night Vol. 1 - Dec. 23rd(12/5/06)

Ring of Fire 27 Line-up - Dec. 9th(12/5/06)

PRIDE Shockwave 2006 Update - Dec. 31st(12/5/06)

Gladiator Challenge - December 16th(12/5/06)

CA. Champ. of Sub Grappling Update - Dec. 17th(12/5/06)

Brian Warren \ James Fanshier Video Interviews(12/5/06)

Nam Phan Written Interview(12/4/06)

Cage of fire 4 Results(12/3/06)

Strikeforce Update - Dec. 8th(12/3/06)

Desert Quest Championship - Dec. 9th(12/3/06)

Muay Thai: Superior King Birthday Celebration(12/3/06)

Shoot Boxing Results(12/3/06)

Rage in the Cage 89 Results(12/3/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Margarito vs, Clottey(12/2/06)

K-1 World GP Final Results(12/2/06)

Pancrase Results(12/2/06)

Shooto Results(12/2/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Quartey vs. Wright(12/2/06)

ShoBox Results: Santiago vs. Garcia(12/2/06)

SportFight Now on DVD(12/1/06)

King of the Cage Results(12/1/06)

Strike Zone FC - Dec. 10th(12/1/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Castillo vs. Ndlovu(12/1/06)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter - December, 2006(12/1/06)

Big Muay Thai Event - Lumpini Stadium - Dec. 8th(11/30/06)

Shooto Results(11/30/06)

Showtime Boxing: Peter vs. Toney - Jan. 6, 2007(11/30/06)

CA State Sub. Grappling - Dec. 17th(11/30/06)

Solo Boxeo - Castillo vs. Ndlovu - Dec. 1st(11/30/06)

Cage of Fire 4 Update - Dec. 2nd(11/29/06)

Smack Girls Results(11/29/06)

International Championship - PLP - WUFC Results(11/29/06)

Lugano GP Update - Dec. 2nd(11/29/06)

Hayabusa Fightwear \ Hardcore FC(11/29/06)

They Never Come Back (Kickboxing) - Dec. 9th(11/29/06)

Songchai 11 Muay Thai Nov. 25th Results \ Gallery(11/28/06)

Jungle Fight Europe Update - Dec. 17th(11/28/06)

HBO Boxing: Miranda vs. Gibbs - Dec. 16th(11/28/06)

Smack Girl Update - Nov. 29th(11/28/06)

Rage in the Cage 89 Reminder - Dec. 2nd(11/28/06)

K-1 World GP Final Update - Dec. 2nd(11/27/06)

Strikeforce Update - Dec. 8th(11/27/06)

Fury FC 2 Update - Nov. 30th(11/27/06)

ShoBox: Santiago vs. Garcia - Dec. 1st(11/27/06)

GCM: Demolition - December 10th(11/27/06)

K-1 GP Final Update - Dec. 2nd(11/27/06)

UFC Fight Night - Dec. 13th(11/27/06)

Shooto Results(11/26/06)

K-1 Scandinavia Results(11/26/06)

Cage of Honor - Dec. 9th(11/25/06)

World Freefight Challenge 3 - March, 2007(11/25/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Marquez vs. Jaca(11/25/06)

Cage Force Results(11/25/06)

MMAX Fights 7 Recap \ Gallery(11/24/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Ayala vs. Banks(11/24/06)

ZST 11 Results(11/24/06)

Fight Club Berlin 7 Results(11/23/06)

Shoot Boxing Update - Dec. 3rd(11/23/06)

K-1 Scandinavia Update - Nov. 24th(11/23/06)

ZST 11 Update - Nov. 23rd(11/23/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Recap \ Gallery(11/22/06)

K-1 Final Update - Dec. 2nd(11/22/06)

Songchai 11 Muay Thai Nov. 18th Results \ Gallery(11/21/06)

Solo Boxeo: Ayala vs. Banks - Nov. 24th(11/21/06)

Cage Warriors Showdown  2 Results(11/21/06)

Cage Rage 19 Update - Dec. 9th(11/21/06)

PRIDE Shockwave 2006 Update - Dec. 31st(11/21/06)

Strikeforce Maximum MMA Premieres Tonight!!(11/21/06)

Fury FC 2 Update - Nov. 30th(11/20/06)

Strikeforce Update: Preview Show on FSN Bay Area(11/20/06)

International Championship PLP-WUFC - Nov. 25th(11/20/06)

Rage in the Cage 89 Update - Dec. 2nd(11/20/06)

G-Shooto Results(11/20/06)

Ultimate Fight Samobor - Dec. 9th(11/19/06)

Jason Miller Interview by M. Friezo \ Ironlife(11/19/06)

What a Fight, what a Rush! Ironlife.com(11/19/06)

Fist of Fury 2 Results(11/18/06)

PRIDE 33 - February 24, 2007(11/18/06)

HBO PPV Results: Pacquiao vs. Morales III(11/18/06)

Real Rhythm 5th Stage Results(11/18/06)

UFC 65 Results(11/18/06)

UFC 65 Party Open to Public - ROF(11/18/06)

Fist of Fury 2: Line up \ Weigh-ins - Nov. 18th(11/18/06)

UFC 65 Update - Nov. 18th(11/18/06)

ShoBox Results: Ornelas vs. Soliman(11/17/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: De Jesus vs. Rodriquez(11/17/06)

Pro Sub League: X-Mission Results(11/17/06)

DEEP 27th Impact - Dec. 20th(11/17/06)

Shooto Update - Nov. 30th(11/17/06)

Cage Force 01 Update - Nov. 25th(11/17/06)

Smack Girl Update - Nov. 29th(11/17/06)

Shooto Update - Dec. 2nd(11/17/06)

HBO Boxing: Taylor vs. Ouma - Dec. 9th(11/17/06)

Real Rhythm 5th Stage - Nov. 18th(11/16/06)

G-Shooto Update - Nov. 19th(11/16/06)

PRIDE Shockwave 2006 - Dec. 31st(11/16/06)

Solo Boxeo - Nov. 17th(11/16/06)

Strikeforce Update - Dec. 8th(11/15/06)

Pancrase Special Night Update - Dec. 2nd(11/15/06)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 10th(11/15/06)

Cage of Honor Update - Nov. 18th(11/15/06)

BJPenn.com: BJ Penn Statement on UFC(11/15/06)

HCF To Debut on the Score Tonight(11/15/06)

MMAX Champion Ricco Rodriquez Video Interview(11/14/06)

Rage in the Cage 89 - Dec. 2nd(11/14/06)

PRIDE FC: New DVD's at Pridefc.com(11/14/06)

2H2H: Pride & Honor Results(11/14/06)

Showtime To Televise MMA Events(11/13/06)

Hero's Lithuania Results(11/13/06)

King of the Cage: Cyclone Results(11/13/06)

Rage in the Cage 88 Results(11/13/06)

Strikeforce: Ludwig vs. Fryklund - Dec. 8th(11/12/06)

MMAX Fights 7 Results(11/11/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting Recap \ Results(11/11/06)

European Top Ten: Fighter Rankings(11/11/06)

Shoot Boxing - December 3rd(11/11/06)

HBO Boxing Result: Klitschko vs. Brock(11/11/06)

UFC: TUF 4 Results(11/11/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 PPV Reminder(11/11/06)

Interview with Sami Berik by J. Boogaloo(11/11/06)

Cage of Fire 4 - Dec. 2nd(11/10/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Honorio vs. Mtagwa(11/10/06)

Shooto Results(11/10/06)

Hero's Lithuania - Nov. 11th(11/10/06)

HBO Boxing: Klitschko vs. Brock - Nov. 11th(11/10/06)

UFC: TUF 4 Picks by M. Friezo \ Ironlife(11/10/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting - Nov. 10th(11/10/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Results(11/9/06)

Strikeforce: Thomson vs. Phan - Dec. 8th(11/9/06)

Jungle Fight Europa - Dec. 17th(11/9/06)

HCF Signs Rumble in the Cage(11/9/06)

Smack Girl Update - Nov. 29th(11/9/06)

Solo Boxeo: Honorio vs. Mtagwa - Nov. 10th(11/9/06)

Fury FC 2 - November 30th(11/8/06)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 10th(11/9/06)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 2nd(11/8/06)

OneSongchai Muay Thai: Upcoming Bout(11/8/06)

K-1 Lithuania Results \ Small Gallery(11/7/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting Results - Nov. 4th(11/7/06)

Ring of Fire 27 - December 9th(11/7/06)

K.O. Arena 5 Update - Nov. 25th(11/7/06)

Strikeforce Update: Jackson vs. Jhun - Dec. 8th(11/7/06)

Caged Vengeance 3 Update - December 2nd(11/7/06)

King of the Cage - December 1st(11/7/06)

Coach of Champions Seminar - Nov. 12th(11/7/06)

World Championship Muay Thai - Nov. 9th(11/6/06)

Cage Championships: Fighters Wanted - Nov. 18th(11/6/06)

HBO Boxing: Marquez vs. Jaca - Nov. 25th(11/6/06)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 10th(11/6/06)

Shooto Update - Nov. 10th(11/6/06)

UFC 66 - December 30, 2006(11/6/06)

No Limits Annihilation Recap \ Gallery(11/5/06)

No Limits: Annihilation Results(11/5/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 Results(11/5/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Liakhovich vs. Briggs(11/4/06)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Baldomir vs. Mayweather(11/4/06)

PRIDE Bushido Update - Nov. 5th(11/4/06)

Shooto Gig West 6 Results(11/4/06)

WBA Ratings Changes - August \ September(11/4/06)

SHOBOX Results: Holt vs. Hlatshwayo(11/4/06)

MMAX Fights 7 - Nov. 11th(11/3/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Segura vs. Tamara(11/3/06)

No Limits: Annihilation Line-up - Nov. 4th(11/3/06)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Results(11/3/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 Update - Nov. 5th(11/3/06)

Total Combat - November 4th(11/3/06)

Strikeforce Update - December 8th(11/2/06)

NDN: Freestyle Cage Fighting - Nov. 4th(11/2/06)

Total Fighting Alliance Weigh-Ins - Nov. 2nd(11/2/06)

Pancrase Rankings - November(11/2/06)

ZST 11 - Nov. 23rd(11/2/06)

World Championship Muay Thai - Nov. 9th(11/1/06)

APEX & CFS Join Forces(11/1/06)

Solo Boxeo: Segura vs. Tamara - Nov. 3rd(11/1/06)

Strikeforce: Southworth vs. White - Dec. 8th(10/31/06)

K-1 Fighting Network Latvia - Nov. 4th(10/31/06)

Total Fighting Alliance: 2 Promo Videos - Nov. 3rd(10/31/06)

Warriors Realm 7 - Nov. 4th(10/31/06)

RINGS Kickboxing Gala - Nov. 19th(10/31/06)

K-1 Scandinavia: K-1 MAX Qualifier - Nov. 24th(10/30/06)

NAAFS: Thursday Nights Fights Returns - Nov. 2nd(10/30/06)

G-Shooto Plus 07 - Nov. 19th(10/30/06)

Pancrase Update - December 2nd(10/30/06)

Ring of Combat XII - Nov. 17th(10/30/06)

Elite Cage Fighting IX - Nov. 4th(10/30/06)

UFC: TUF 4 Finale - Nov. 11th(10/30/06)

Mari's Minute - Valor Fighting Recap(10/29/06)

Valor Fighting Gallery \ Results(10/29/06)

Full Bred Pankration Championship Results(10/28/06)

Rage in the Cage 88 Update - Nov. 11th(10/28/06)

MARS Results(10/28/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Villa vs. Bentz(10/27/06)

HBO Boxing: Quartey vs. Wright - Dec. 2nd(10/27/06)

Lugano Grand Prix - Dec. 2nd(10/27/06)

MARS Update - Oct. 28th(10/27/06)

UFC 65 - Nov. 18th(10/27/06)

Valor Fighting Results(10/26/06)

ShoBox: Ornelas vs. Soliman - Nov. 17th(10/26/06)

Macau Xplosion - Nov. 11th(10/26/06)

Smack Girl - Nov. 29th(10/26/06)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Update - Nov. 3rd(10/25/06)

Pancrase Results(10/25/06)

Solo Boxeo: Villa vs. Bentz(10/25/06)

Shooto - November 30th(10/24/06)

Pancrase - December 10th(10/24/06)

Valor Fighting - Oct. 26th(10/24/06)

MMA Mexico - Oct. 27th(10/24/06)

Muay Thai Training at OneSongChai Gym(10/24/06)

PRIDE FC: Real Deal Gallery \ Results(10/23/06)

K-1 Dynamite - December 31st(10/23/06)

Pancrase - December 2nd(10/23/06)

Kickboxing - Free Fight Night Results(10/22/06)

Rumble on the Rock Qualifier Results(10/22/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Weigh-ins \ Gallery(10/21/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Results(10/21/06)

Extreme Fighting Challenge XV - Nov. 25th(10/21/06)

Smack Girl Results(10/21/06)

Kickboxing Free Fight Night - Oct. 21st(10/21/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Weigh-ins \ Small Gallery(10/21/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal - Harrah's Odds(10/21/06)

HBO PPV Boxing Results(10/21/06)

Croatia vs. Thailand Muay Thai - Oct. 21st(10/20/06)

OneSongchai Vol. 8(10/20/06)

G-Shooto Special 02 Results(10/20/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Soto-Karass vs. Rosales(10/20/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Weigh-ins & Afterparty(10/20/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal - Weigh-Ins and Press Conference(10/20/06)

Gladiadores Extremos Gallery(10/19/06)

K.O. Arena 5 Update - Nov. 25th(10/19/06)

Cage of Honor - Nov. 18th(10/19/06)

Watch PRIDE FC: Real Deal Live Online(10/19/06)

Rumble on the Rock Qualifier Update - Oct. 21st(10/19/06)

Rage in the Cage 88 - Nov. 11th(10/19/06)

K.S.W. VI Results(10/19/06)

Gladiadores Extremos Results(10/19/06)

HBO PPV Boxing Update - Oct. 21st(10/19/06)

Apex Results(10/19/06)

Cage Championships: Fighters Wanted(10/18/06)

Shooto - Dec. 2nd(10/18/06)

ShoBox: Holt vs. Hlatshwayo - Nov. 3rd(10/18/06)

Shooto Update - Nov. 10th(10/18/06)

Smack Girl Update - Oct. 21st(10/18/06)

PRIDE: The Real Deal Bout Change - Oct. 21st(10/17/06)

Cage of Honor Results(10/17/06)

30 Year Anniversary - Songchai Ratanasuban(10/17/06)

K-1 Final Update - Dec. 2nd(10/17/06)

PRIDE FC Training Sessions(10/17/06)

No Limit Results: Serbia vs. Croatia(10/16/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 Update - Nov. 5th(10/16/06)

Boxing Results: Blue Horizon(10/16/06)

Cage Force 01 Update - Nov. 25th(10/16/06)

Smack Girl F-200 Update - Oct. 21st(10/16/06)

Steel City Rumble II Update - Oct. 21st(10/15/06)

RITC Training Center(10/15/06)

NAAFS Team Challenge - Nov. 2nd(10/15/06)

Cage Rage 19: Pre-Sales - Dec. 9th(10/15/06)

Cage Championships I: Fighters Wanted - Oct. 28th(10/14/06)

HBO Boxing Result: Calzaghe vs. Bika(10/14/06)

Shooto Results(10/14/06)

UFC 64 Results(10/14/06)

WBC Convention: Focus on Fight Night - Nov. 3rd(10/14/06)

King of the Cage Results(10/13/06)

Four Days Until PIRDE OnDemand Launch(10/13/06)

PRIDE Fighters at Caesars Palace Update(10/13/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Luevano vs. Cardenas(10/13/06)

Shooto Update - Nov. 10th(10/13/06)

New Episode of PRIDE Fighting on FSN(10/13/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 25th(10/13/06)

Shooto Update - Oct. 14th(10/13/06)

WBC Convention - Oct. 29th to Nov. 4th(10/13/06)

UFC 64 Party Open To The Public(10/13/06)

PRIDE Fighters at Caesars Palace(10/12/06)

Cage Warriors Showdown 2 - Nov. 19th(10/12/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Update - Oct. 21st(10/12/06)

EFC III: Cage of Fury - Oct. 14th(10/12/06)

Super League Vienna - Oct. 14th(10/12/06)

Solo Boxeo: Luevano vs. Cardenas - Oct. 13th(10/12/06)

G-Shooto Special 02 Update - Oct. 20th(10/12/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Gallery \ Results(10/11/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 4 Gallery \ Results(10/11/06)

Gladiadores Extremos - Oct. 13th(10/11/06)

S-1 Muay Thai Explosion - Nov. 9th(10/11/06)

Combined Forces Results(10/11/06)

EISS University Degree(10/11/06)

No Limits MMA: Annihilation - Nov. 4th(10/10/06)

DEEP 26th Impact Results(10/10/06)

Africa Bomba-Yaa - October 14th(10/10/06)

UFC: UFN Results(10/10/06)

UFC: UFN Update - Oct. 10th(10/10/06)

World Championship Muay Thai - Nov. 9th(10/9/06)

Apex Update - October 14th(10/9/06)

N-D-N: Freestyle Cage Fighting Results(10/9/06)

Hero's Results(10/9/06)

Gi Grappling 2006 Results(10/9/06)

Showtime Results: Corrales vs. Casamayor(10/7/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Valuev vs. Barrett(10/7/06)

Apollo Cook Extreme Fighting Results(10/7/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 4 Results(10/7/06)

Cage of Honor - Oct. 14th(10/7/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 Update - Nov. 5th(10/7/06)

Hero's Update - Oct. 9th(10/7/06)

CXF 4 Final Line-up \ Weigh-Ins - Oct. 7th(10/7/06)

X-1 Results(10/7/06)

Showtime Boxing: Margarito vs. Clottey - Dec. 2nd(10/6/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Larios vs. Bonilla(10/6/06)

Shobox Results: Super Middle Tourney(10/6/06)

Shooto Gig Central Vol. 11 - Nov. 26th(10/6/06)

G-Shooto Special 02 Update - Oct. 20th(10/6/06)

WTKA Open World Championships - Nov. 23-26th(10/6/06)

Masters of the Cage V - Oct. 14th(10/5/06)

Gi Grappling 2006 - Oct. 9th(10/5/06)

Cage Force 01 Update - Nov. 25th(10/5/06)

Desert Quest Championship - Oct. 7th(10/5/06)

Shoto Update - Oct. 14th(10/5/06)

Solo Boxeo: Larios vs. Bonilla - Oct. 6th(10/5/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 25th(10/5/06)

Shogun Limited Edition T-Shirt(10/4/06)

MARS-Bodog Fight Results(10/4/06)

Countdown to Caged Vengeance 2 - Oct. 7th(10/4/06)

DEEP 26th Impact Update - Oct. 10th(10/4/06)

MARS 05 - October 28th(10/4/06)

Shoot Boxing S-Cup Update - Nov. 3rd(10/4/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 25th(10/4/06)

Hero's Update - October 9th(10/3/06)

Shooto Update - Oct. 14th(10/3/06)

Forney Fight Nights Date Changed - Oct. 21st(10/3/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting - October 7th(10/2/06)

Total Fighting Alliance - November 3rd(10/2/06)

K-1 World GP Final - December 2nd(10/2/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Update - Oct. 21st(10/2/06)

Apollo Cook Extreme Fighting - Oct. 6th(10/2/06)

Pancrase Results(10/1/06)

Shooto Results(10/1/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Results(9/30/06)

World Freefight Challenge II Results(9/30/06)

Cage Rage 18 Results(9/30/06)

Real Fight: Fire Result(9/30/06)

K-1 Final Elimination Results(9/30/06)

Rage in the Cage Results(9/30/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Line-up - Sept. 30th(9/30/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: De Jesus vs. Ramirez(9/29/06)

HBO Boxing: Calzaghe vs. Bika - Oct. 14th(9/29/06)

Murilo Ninja Will Fight in U.K.(9/29/06)

Beatdown: ROTR Qualifier - Oct. 21st(9/29/06)

K.O. Arena 5 - November 25th(9/29/06)

MARS - October 4th(9/29/06)

Cage Force 01 - Nov. 25th(9/28/06)

K-1 Final Elimination Update - Sept. 30th(9/28/06)

King of the Cage Schedule(9/28/06)

Oktoberfist (XFC) - Oct. 13th(9/28/06)

UFC 64 - Oct. 14th(9/28/06)

Paul Daley Out of Cage Warriors(9/27/06)

WEC - Oct. 12th(9/27/06)

Solo Boxeo: De Jesus vs. Ramirez - Sept. 29th(9/27/06)

WBC News: Peter & Tony Rematch(9/27/06)

Hero's Update: Saku Out - Oct. 9th(9/27/06)

Real Fight: Fire - Sept. 29th(9/26/06)

HBO PPV Boxing: Marquez vs. Jaca - Oct. 21st(9/26/06)

Shooto Update - Oct. 14th(9/26/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 25th(9/26/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 1st(9/26/06)

HBO Boxing: Valuev vs. Barrett - Oct. 7th(9/25/06)

Hero's Update - Oct. 9th(9/25/06)

Rage In The Cage - September 29th(9/25/06)

Pancrase Update - October 25th(9/25/06)

HBO Boxing Result: Arce vs. Makepula(9/24/06)

PRIDE: The Real Deal Update - Oct. 21st(9/23/06)

California Xtreme Fighting - Oct. 7th(9/23/06)

Heat 2nd Results(9/23/06)

Shoot Boxing Results(9/23/06)

Cage Rage 18 - Sept. 30th(9/23/06)

UFC 63 Results(9/23/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Marquez vs. Garcia(9/22/06)

G-Shooto Special 02 - October 20th(9/22/06)

Pancrase - Oct. 25th(9/22/06)

ZST 11 - November 23rd(9/22/06)

Shooto Boxing S-Cup - November 3rd(9/22/06)

PRIDE Bushido 13 - November 5, 2006(9/21/06)

Shobox: Tournament Semi-Final - Oct. 6th(9/21/06)

Solo Boxeo: Litzau Returns - Oct. 20th(9/21/06)

M-1 Tournament - Oct. 12th(9/21/06)

Cage Warriors - December 9th(9/21/06)

Shoot Boxing Update - Sept. 23rd(9/21/06)

Solo Boxeo: Marquez vs. Garcia - Sept. 22nd(9/21/06)

UFC: UFN - October 10th(9/21/06)

PRIDE Real Deal Official Release - Oct. 21st(9/20/06)

PRIDE: Real Deal Update - Oct. 21st(9/20/06)

UFC 63 Update - Sept. 23rd(9/21/06)

Muay Thai: New Stadium Opens Oct. 28th(9/20/06)

DEEP 26th Impact - Oct. 10th(9/19/06)

HBO Boxing: Arce vs. Makepula - Sept. 23rd(9/19/06)

Hero's Update - Oct. 9th(9/19/06)

Forney Fight Nights - Oct. 7th(9/19/06)

Thai-Kickboxing Newsletter(9/19/06)

Casca Grossa Newsletter(9/19/06)

Full Bred Pankration Championships - Oct. 22nd(9/18/06)

Valor Fighting Results(9/18/06)

Ultimate Cage Combat Results(9/18/06)

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Lumpinee Champion KroekKrai Event - Sept. 22nd(9/17/06)

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HBO Boxing Results: Barrera vs. Juarez(9/16/06)

California Cage Championships Results(9/16/06)

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New PRIDE FC Episode on FSN(9/16/06)

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California Cage Championships Line-up - Sept. 16th(9/16/06)

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Solo Boxeo Results: Andrade vs. Grant(9/15/06)

Smack Girl Results(9/15/06)

Muay Thai: The Tiger King vs. Uncle Thong(9/15/06)

Shooto Update - Oct. 14th(9/15/06)

Songchai Dedicates Life for New Boxing Stadium(9/15/06)

Shooto - November 10th(9/15/06)

Showtime Boxing: Liakhovich vs. Briggs - Nov. 4th(9/14/06)

Heat 2nd - September 23rd(9/14/06)

Fight Festival 19 Update - September 16th(9/14/06)

Ultimate Cage Combat: Fighters Wanted - Sept. 16th(9/14/06)

Ultimate Cage Combat Press Release - Sept. 16th(9/14/06)

Swiss Open 2006 - Sept. 23rd(9/13/06)

Solo Boxeo: Andrade vs. Grant - Sept. 15th(9/13/06)

Valor Fighting - Sept. 15th(9/13/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 1st(9/12/06)

K-1 Khan Update - Sept. 16th(9/12/06)

Smack Girl Update - Sept. 15th(9/12/06)

Shoot Boxing Update - Sept. 23rd(9/12/06)

Shooto Update - Sept. 17th(9/12/06)

Fight Rite Boxing Results(9/12/06)

UFC 63 Update - September 23rd(9/12/06)

Apex Update - October 14th(9/11/06)

Showtime Boxing: Corrales vs. Casamayor - Oct. 7th(9/11/06)

Rage in the Cage - September 29th(9/11/06)

PRIDE FC Absolute Results(9/10/06)

ZST 10 Results(9/10/06)

D.O.G. VII Results(9/9/06)

Cage Warrirors - September 16th(9/8/06)

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Steel City Rumble II: fighters Wanted - Oct. 21st(9/7/06)

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Spotlight on Fight Teams: Titanas Gym(9/7/06)

Mauricio Shogun Returns(9/7/06)

RITC Training Center(9/7/06)

PRIDE FC Releases Two New DVDs(9/7/06)

Fight Rite Promotions Boxing - Sept. 8th(9/6/06)

Shooto - November 4th(9/6/06)

Peter vs. Toney: My Rant by Y. Rangel(9/6/06)

PRIDE Open-weight GP Final Bout Order - Sept. 10th(9/6/06)

Solo Boxeo: Beltran vs. Garcia - Sept. 8th(9/6/06)

World Championship Muay Thai - Sept. 30th(9/5/06)

DEEP 26th Impact - October 10th(9/5/06)

Desert Quest Championship - October 7th(9/5/06)

Chonlatarn faces Yoddamrong (Muay Thai)(9/5/06)

Total Combat Line-up \ Internet PPV - Sept. 9th(9/5/06)

Gladiator Challenge - September 17th(9/5/06)

Caged Vengeance 2 - October 7th(9/4/06)

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K-1 World Max Results(9/4/06)

Night of Thunderman 2 Results(9/4/06)

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U.S. Sombo Newsletter - September 2006(9/3/06)

Cage of Fire III Results(9/2/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Toney vs. Peter(9/2/06)

Apex: A Night of Champions - Oct. 14th(9/1/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Velazquez vs. Voronin(9/1/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Green vs. Linton(9/1/06)

Muay Thai: Holland vs. Thailand II Update - Oct. 1st(9/1/06)

COH: Gateway Series 2 - September 9th(8/31/06)

Ultimate Cage Combat - September 16th(8/31/06)

Hero's - October 9th(8/31/06)

Truth Fighting Championships - Sept. 9th(8/31/06)

Cage of Fire III Line-up - September 2nd(8/31/06)

Sonchai Impressed with Heirs(8/31/06)

New Bangkok Boxing Stadium(8/31/06)

K-1 Final Elimination Update - Sept. 30th(8/30/06)

Pancrase Update - Oct. 1st(8/30/06)

Casca Grossa Grappling Tourney - Oct. 7th(8/30/06)

Smack Girl Update - September 15th(8/30/06)

UFC 53 - September 23rd(8/30/06)

Solo Boxeo: Velazquez vs. Voronin - Sept. 1st(8/30/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Green vs. Linton - Sept. 1st(8/30/06)

Pancrase Update - Sept. 16th(8/29/06)

Rage in the Cage 86 - Sept. 15th(8/29/06)

D.O.G. VII Update - Sept. 9th(8/29/06)

World Freefight Challenge II Update - Sept. 30th(8/29/06)

K-1 Khan in Seoul - September 16th(8/29/06)

K-1 king of Oceania - September 16th(8/29/06)

Smack Girl Update - September 15th(8/29/06)

Tatame Magazine New Website(8/29/06)

Noc Skorpiona 4 - September 1, 2006(8/28/06)

PRIDE GP Tourney Update - Sept. 10th(8/28/06)

UGC 8 Update - October 7th(8/28/06)

Pancrase Results(8/27/06)

UFC 62 Results(8/27/06)

Shoot Boxing - September 23rd(8/26/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 Results(8/26/06)

MARS: New Deal Results(8/26/06)

Pangea Fights Gallery \ Results(8/25/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Veneges vs. Smith(8/25/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Mora vs. Regan(8/25/06)

Shooto - October 1st(8/25/06)

Pancrase Update - Sept. 16th(8/25/06)

Shooto Update - Sept. 8th(8/25/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting Results(8/25/06)

Masters of the Cage 3 Results(8/25/06)

Renato "Babalu" Sobral Seminar - Sept. 2nd(8/25/06)

Total Combat Update - Sept. 9th(8/25/06)

TKO 27 - September 29th(8/25/06)

Total Combat Update - Sept. 9th(8/25/06)

California Cage Championships - Sept. 16th(8/24/06)

HBO PPV Boxing: Barrera - Juarez Update - Sept. 16th(8/23/06)

Solo Boxeo: Venegas vs. Smith - Aug. 25th(8/23/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Mora vs. Regan - Aug. 25th(8/23/06)

D.O.G. VII Update - Sept. 9th(8/23/06)

ZST Prestige - Sept. 23rd(8/22/06)

PRIDE GP Final Update: September 10th(8/22/06)

MARS: New Deal Update - August 26th(8/22/06)

K-1 Max Update - September 4th(8/22/06)

Pancrase - October 1st(8/22/06)

World Ultimate Full-Contact FFC Results(8/22/06)

ZST 10 - September 10th(8/22/06)

Smack Girl Update - Sept. 15th(8/22/06)

MARS: New Deal Update - Aug. 26th(8/22/06)

Pancrase Update - Sept. 16th(8/21/06)

World Pro Fighting - Sept. 15th(8/21/06)

K-1 Elimination Update - Sept. 30th(8/21/06)

The Armlock Encyclopedia  by Steve Scott(8/21/06)

Championship Sombo by Steve Scott(8/21/06)

Angelica Kamam vs. Petch-U Sitkrudul(8/21/06)

"Nong Oh" - Muay Thai on TV(8/21/06)

PRIDE VP Turi Altavilla Video Interview(8/20/06)

Cage of Honor: Warzone Results(8/20/06)

World Freefight Challenge 11 - Sept. 30th(8/20/06)

PRIDE: The Real Deal - Oct. 21st(8/20/06)

California Xtreme Fighting Results(8/19/06)

Evander Holyfield is back - maybe by Y. Rangel(8/19/06)

HBO Boxing Result: Williams vs. Mitchell(8/19/06)

Xplosion Results(8/19/06)

Pangea Fights Results(8/18/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results(8/18/06)

PRIDE FC: New Episode on FSN(8/18/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Segura vs. Jimenez(8/18/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 3 Update - Aug. 19th(8/18/06)

FSN Boxing Results: Holyfield vs. Bates(8/18/06)

Shooto Update - Sept. 8th(8/17/06)

Muay Thai: Holland vs. Thailand - Oct. 1st(8/17/06)

Xplosion Update - August 18th(8/17/06)

RMN MMA Demolition - Sept. 16th(8/17/06)

UFC: UFN Results(8/17/06)

Solo Boxeo: Segura vs. Jimenez - Aug. 18th(8/17/06)

ESPN2 Friday Night Fights - Aug. 18th(8/17/06)

PRIDE Meet & Greet - August 17, 2006(8/17/06)

Cage of Honor: War Zone Update - Aug. 19th(8/16/06)

NAAFS - September 16, 2006(8/16/06)

HBO PPV Boxing: Baldomir vs. Mayweather - Nov. 4th(8/16/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 Update - Aug. 26th(8/16/06)

Pangea Fights Update - Aug. 18th(8/16/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 3 Update - Aug. 19th(8/15/06)

NDN Promotions: FCF - August 19th(8/15/06)

Too Hot To Handle - Nov. 12th(8/15/06)

Pancrase - September 16, 2006(8/15/06)

FSN Boxing: Holyfield vs. Bates - Aug. 18th(8/14/06)

Predador Fight Championship 2 Results(8/14/06)

HBO Boxing: Williams vs. Mitchell - Aug. 19th(8/14/06)

Pancrase Rankings: August(8/14/06)

K-1 Las Vegas II Results(8/12/06)

HBO PPV Results: Rahman vs. Maskaev(8/12/06)

MMax Fights IV - August 19th(8/11/06)

Sukosan Fight Night Results(8/11/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Villa vs. Escamilla(8/11/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Cherry vs. Alicea(8/11/06)

WTKA Open World Championships - Nov. 23-26th(8/10/06)

K-1 World Max Line-up - Sept. 4th(8/10/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Cherry vs. Alicea - Aug. 11th(8/10/06)

Solo Boxeo: Villa vs. Escamilla - Aug. 11th(8/10/06)

D.O.G. VII Update - Sept. 9th(8/9/06)

Smack Girl - September 15, 2006(8/9/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Phillips vs. Reid - Aug. 9th(8/9/06)

Cage Rage 18 - September 30, 2006(8/9/06)

Cage Rage 18 Ticket Presales - Sept. 30th(8/9/06)

Fight Festival 19 Update - Sept. 16th(8/9/06)

UFC 62 Update - Aug. 26th(8/9/06)

Showtime Boxing Update - Sept. 2nd(8/8/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Phillips vs. Reid - Aug. 9th(8/8/06)

K-1 Final Elimination - Sept. 30th(8/8/06)

MARS - August 26th(8/8/06)

Pancrase Update - Aug. 27th(8/7/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 Update - Aug. 26th(8/7/06)

Cage of Honor: War Zone Update - Aug. 19th(8/7/06)

K-1 World Max - Sept. 4th(8/7/06)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter - August 2006(8/7/06)

C3 Corral's Combage Classic Message(8/7/06)

SportFight XVII Recap \ Gallery(8/6/06)

"Droppin' Bombs" - Marquez Brothers by Y. Rangel(8/6/06)

Rage in the Cage 85 Results(8/6/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Marquez Brothers(8/6/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Quartey vs. Forrest(8/6/06)

Titan Fighting Championship 5 Results(8/5/06)

Hero's Results(8/5/06)

King of the Cage: Rapid Fire Results(8/4/06)

ShoBox Results: Super Middle Tourney(8/4/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Peterson vs. Soto(8/4/06)

DEEP 25th Impact Results(8/4/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Cotto vs. Hernandez(8/4/06)

Now or Never: Quartey vs. Forrest - by Y. Rangel(8/4/06)

PRIDE FC: The Real Deal - Oct. 21st(8/4/06)

K-1 Las Vegas II - Aug. 12th(8/4/06)

SportFight XVII Update - Aug. 5th(8/4/06)

Hero's Bout Order - Aug. 5th(8/4/06)

Newsbits: WBA Light Flyweight Title - T. Kenney Article(8/4/06)

Hero's Update - Aug. 5th(8/3/06)

Shooto Update - Sept. 8th(8/3/06)

Mundial de Jiu-Jitsu Results(8/3/06)

Solo Boxeo: Cotto vs. Hernandez - Aug. 4th(8/3/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Peterson vs. Soto - Aug. 4th(8/3/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Mtagwa vs. Brown(8/2/06)

HBO Boxing: Quartey vs. Forrest - Aug. 5th(8/2/06)

Total Combat - Sept. 9th(8/2/06)

Hero's Update - August 5th(8/2/06)

Xtreme Muay Thai Challenge Postponed: Aug. 26th(8/1/06)

Pancrase Update - Aug. 27th(8/1/06)

UFC 62 - August 26th(8/1/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Mtagwa vs. Brown - Aug. 2nd(8/1/06)

Hero's: Two Fights Added - Aug. 5th(8/1/06)

Chute Boxe Fight Camp(7/31/06)

Rage in the Cage 85 Update - Aug. 5th(7/31/06)

RITC Training Center(7/31/06)

Shooto - September 8th(7/31/06)

Shooto Results(7/30/06)

K-1 Sapporo Results(7/30/06)

Real Rhythm 4th Stage Results(7/30/06)

GCM: Demolition Results(7/30/06)

PRIDE OWGP Update - Sept. 10th(7/30/06)

Boxing Results: NABO, IBF\IBO, WBO, WBC Title Bouts(7/30/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Harris vs. Johnston(7/30/06)

ShoBox Results(7/29/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Seeger vs. Morales(7/28/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Ibragimov vs. Austin(7/28/06)

Dominion Warrior & S-1 Update - Aug. 5th(7/28/06)

DEEP 25th Impact Update - Aug. 4th(7/28/06)

Pancrase Results(7/28/06)

HBO PPV Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Morales III - Nov. 18th(7/27/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Ibragimov vs. Austin - July 28th(7/27/06)

PXC 8 - July 28th(7/27/06)

Solo Boxeo: Seeger vs. Morales - July 28th(7/27/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 Update - Aug. 26th(7/26/06)

HBO PPV Boxing: Barrera vs. Juarez II - Sept. 16th(7/26/06)

HBO Boxing: Harris vs. Johnston - July 29th(7/26/06)

Real Rhythm 4th Stage - July 30th(7/26/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Castillo vs. Banks(7/26/06)

D.O.G. VII - Sept. 9th(7/26/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Castillo vs. Banks - July 26th(7/26/06)

APEX: Evolution on TSN(7/25/06)

Wanderlei Silva in Training(7/25/06)

New Version of MMA Sim Game(7/25/06)

UFC: UFN - August 17th(7/25/06)

SportFight XVII - August 5th(7/24/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 3 update - Aug. 19th(7/24/06)

Wanderlei Silva New MKM Gi(7/24/06)

Casca Grossa Grappling Tourney - Oct. 7th(7/24/06)

Dominion Warrior USA & S-1 - Aug. 5th(7/24/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 Update - Aug. 26th(7/24/06)

Hero's Middleweight Tourney Match-ups - Aug. 5th(7/24/06)

Amateur Pankration Championships - Aug. 20th(7/23/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Gatti vs. Baldomir - July 22nd(7/23/06)

PKW: The Voice of the Fight Fan(7/23/06)

Smack Girl Grappling Tournament Results(7/23/06)

Predador Fight Championship 2 Line-up - Aug. 11th(7/22/06)

Cage Rage KO Promo Video7/22/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Luevano vs. Cruz(7/21/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Green vs. Bonsante(7/21/06)

MARS Attack 01 Results(7/21/06)

Shooto Results(7/21/06)

Real Fights Results(7/21/06)

K-1 Sapporo Update - July 30th(7/21/06)

Freestyle Cage Fighting - Aug. 19th(7/21/06)

Smack Girl Grappling Tourney - July 23rd(7/21/06)

King of the Cage - August 4th(7/21/06)

Showtime Boxing: Toney vs. Peter - Sept. 2nd(7/20/06)

Hero's Light Heavy Tourney Match-ups - Aug. 5th(7/20/06)

Solo Boxeo: Luevano vs. Cruz - July 21st(7/20/06)

ShoBox: Super Middleweight Tournament - July 28th(7/20/06)

GCM: Demolition Update - July 30th(7/20/06)

Pangea Fights - August 18th(7/19/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Mesquita vs. Pakau(7/19/06)

Extreme Fighting - July 29th(7/19/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Green vs. Bonsante - July 21st(7/19/06)

Interview: David Bielkheden by J. Boogaloo \ Ironlife(7/18/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Mesquita vs. Pakau - July 19th(7/19/06)

PRIDE Bushido WW GP Match-ups - Aug. 26th(7/18/06)

C3 Corral's Combage Classic Update - July 29th(7/18/06)

Rage in the Cage 85 - August 5th(7/18/06)

Interview: Diego Gonzales by J. Boogaloo \ Ironlife(7/18/06)

Total Combat 15 Results(7/18/06)

Cage of Fire II Results \ Gallery(7/17/06)

California Xtreme Fighting - August 19th(7/17/06)

Masters of the Cage Results \ Gallery(7/17/06)

FX3 Full Contact Fight Night 3 Results(7/17/06)

Xplosion (Muay Thai & MMA) - Aug. 18th(7/17/06)

Spotlight: Pro Ring Fight Team (Italy)(7/16/06)

Master Sken Newsletter (Muay Thai)(7/16/06)

Interview: Allen Goes & Sam Liera(7/16/06)

Interview: CXF Promoter Mike Rush(7/16/06)

Interview: Muay Thai Champion Malaipet MTA(7/15/06)

Interview: Kickboxing Champion Baxter Humby(7/15/06)

Cage of Fire 2 Video Interviews: Rios, Martelle(7/15/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 2 Results(7/15/06)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Mosley vs. Vargas II(7/15/06)

Shooto Update - July 21st(7/15/06)

California Xtreme Fighting 2 - July 15th(7/15/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Hernandez vs. Plessis(7/14/06)

K-1 Sapporo Update - July 30th(7/14/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Litzau vs. Bentz(7/14/06)

Masters of the Cage - July 14th(7/13/06)

PRIDE OWGP Final Round - Sept. 10th(7/13/06)

K-1 Sapporo Update - July 30th(7/13/06)

WCK Muay Thai Gallery \ Results(7/12/06)

Xtreme Muay Thai Challenge - Aug. 26th(7/12/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Montano vs. Alejandro(7/12/06)

PRIDE Bushido 12 - August 26th(7/12/06)

GCM: Demolition Update - July 30th(7/12/06)

S1 Oceania Championship - September 2nd(7/12/06)

Valhalla 2006 (Kickboxing) - Oct. 28th(7/12/06)

5 Specialty Seminar Update - Oct. 7th & 8th(7/12/06)

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Ready to Fight Again(7/11/06)

Cage of Fire II Results(7/10/06)

Shooto - September 17th(7/10/06)

U.S. Sombo Newsletter - July, 2006(7/10/06)

Butte Brawl II - July 22nd(7/10/06)

World Championship Muay Thai Results(7/9/06)

DEEP 25th Impact Update - Aug. 4th(7/9/06)

Cage of Fire II Update - July 9th(7/9/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Karmazin vs. Spinks(7/8/06)

UFC 61 Results(7/8/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Escalante vs. Baba(7/7/06)

Shoot Boxing Results(7/7/06)

Shooto Update - July 30th(7/7/06)

Cage of Honor DVD Release \ Promo Video(7/7/06)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Casamayor vs. Pearson(7/7/06)

OneSongchai Muay Thai Promotion Results(7/7/06)

It's Showtime Trophy 75 Max Final - Sept. 23rd(7/7/06)

Fight Festival 19 - Sept. 16th(7/7/06)

FCFF: Rumble at the Roseland 24 - Aug. 26th(7/7/06)

Total Combat: July 15th...No Ticket Surcharge...(7/7/06)

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HBO PPV: Tarver vs. Hopkins - June 10th(3/09/06)

Titan Fighting Championship - March 11th(3/09/06)

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Boxing PPV Results: Margarito vs. Gomez(2/18/06)

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Ring of Combat X Update - April 14th(2/17/06)

K-1 Hungary - Feb. 25th(2/16/06)

Hero's Line-up - March 15th(2/16/06)

ShoBox: Darchinyan vs. Gabi - March 3rd(2/16/06)

Solo Boxeo: Lazcano vs. Tackie - Feb. 24th(2/16/06)

Super League France - March 11th(2/16/06)

Solo Boxeo: Kelley vs. Ramirez - Feb. 17th(2/16/06)

ESPN2 Boxing: Rodriquez vs. Division - Feb. 17th(2/16/06)

Cagewarriors: Enter the Wolfslair - March 5th(2/15/06)

Noc Bojovnikov - Feb. 17th(2/15/06)

Smack Girl Results(2/15/06)

PRIDE Bushido - April 2nd(2/15/06)

Nice & Quick with Sam Hogar by T. Rhodan (IL)(2/15/06)

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Real Rhythm 3rd Stage Update - March 4th(2/14/06)

Mix Fight M-1 - Feb. 18th(2/14/06)

Pancrase Update - April 9th(2/14/06)

G-Shooto Update - Feb. 24th(2/14/06)

Smack Girl Final Line-up - Feb. 15th(2/14/06)

UFC Upcoming April Events(2/14/06)

Rage in the Cage Update - Feb. 24th(2/13/06)

ROF MAA Saturday Night Fights - Feb. 25th(2/13/06)

Gladiator Fighting Series Update - Feb. 18th(2/13/06)

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Countdown To Mosley vs. Vargas - Feb. 25th(2/11/06)

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Xtreme Fight Championship - Feb. 18th(2/10/06)

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Pancrase Rankings(2/10/06)

Jerome LeBanner Calls Out Tim Sylvia(2/10/06)

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Former KOTC Champion John Alessio Video Interview(2/09/06)

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Shoot Boxing Results(2/9/06)

Cage of Honor: Caged Fury Update - Feb. 11th(2/9/06)

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UFC 58 Update - March 4th(2/9/06)

K-1 Auckland - March 5th(2/8/06)

Shooto: Mamoru vs. BJ - March 24th(2/8/06)

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Fight Festival 17 Update - March 25th(2/7/06)

Colosseum Promotion Newsletter (kickboxing)(2/7/06)

XFC 10 Updated Line-up - March 3rd(2/7/06)

WEC XIX - March 17th(2/7/06)

Warriors Challenge Wrestling Tourney - April 7-9th(2/6/06)

PRIDE 31 - 4 Bouts Added - Feb. 26th(2/6/06)

Cage of Honor Gateway Series Line-up - March 18th(2/6/06)

K-1 Dynamite - Nakao vs, Herring Addressed(2/6/06)

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FF2 (Smack Girl) Results(2/3/06)

Total Combat Anarchy Update - March 11th(2/2/06)

U.S. Armed Forces Pankration - March 19th(2/2/06)

Rage in the Cage 79 Update - Feb. 24th(2/2/06)

Real Warriors Boxing PPV - Feb. 18th(2/2/06)

G.C.M. MARS Update - Feb. 4th(2/2/06)

ESPN2 Boxing - Davis vs. Gogoladze - Feb. 3rd(2/2/06)

Solo Boxeo: Bruseles vs. Urena - Feb. 3rd(2/2/06)

Interview: Dan Hardy by Jimmy Boogaloo \ Ironlife(2/2/06)

Pancrase - April 9th(2/1/06)

Shooto Update - March 3rd(2/1/06)

HBO Boxing: Rahman vs. Toney - March 18th(2/1/06)

G-Shooto Update - Feb. 24th(2/1/06)

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K-1 Max: One Bout Cancelled - Feb. 4th(1/31/06)

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Gracie Family, JLB, Dean Lister \ Ironlife.com(1/31/06)

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Dumau Kimonos Pro JJ GP - Feb. 12th(1/30/06)

FF2 (Smack Girl) Update - Feb. 3rd(1/30/06)

WBC Thai Boxing: Wakeling vs. Parr - March 12th(1/30/06)

World Cage Fighting Championship - March 18th(1/30/06)

WBC Boxing Title Bout Results(1/30/06)

PRIDE 31 Update - Feb. 26th(1/29/06)

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KOTC\K-1 veteran Brian Warren Highlight Reel(1/28/06)

Super League Hungary Results(1/28/06)

HBO Boxing Result: Gatti vs. Damgaard(1/28/06)

GCM MARS: Yuka Tsuji Added - Feb. 4th(1/28/06)

HBO Boxing: Chavez vs. Barrera - March 25th(1/28/06)

K-1 Max Updated Line-up - Feb. 4th(1/28/06)

Extreme Fighting (Buffalo Run)  Results(1/27/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Rubio vs. Kodzoev(1/27/06)

ESPN Boxing Results: Ouma vs. Mora(1/27/06)

Shooto - March 3rd(1/27/06)

G-Shooto Update - Feb. 24th(1/27/06)

PRIDE 31: Coleman vs. Rua - Feb. 28th(1/26/06)

Pancrase Results(1/26/06)

Pride and Glory - March 4th(1/26/06)

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Cage of Honor Gateway Series - March, 2006(1/25/06)

KickBoking Night III - Feb. 11th(1/25/06)

WBA News: KO Drug Festival(1/25/06)

Smack Girl: Purcell vs. Akano - Feb. 15th(1/24/06)

Extreme Fighting - Jan. 27th(1/24/06)

G-Shooto - Feb. 24th(1/24/06)

K.O. Arena 4 Line-up - March 11th(1/24/06)

Thomas "Wildman" Denny Video Interview(1/23/06)

Desert Quest Championship - Jan. 28th(1/23/06)

G.C.M. MARS: 3 Bouts Added - Feb. 4th(1/23/06)

Fight Festival 17 Update - Match 25th(1/23/06)

Shoot Boxing Update - Feb. 9th(1/21/06)

Elite cage Fighting Update - Feb. 11th(1/21/06)

HBO Boxing Results: Morales vs. Pacquiao(1/21/06)

K-1 France Results(1/21/06)

Rumble on the Rock 8 Results(1/20/06)

ShoBox Results: Harutyunyan vs. Donaire(1/20/06)

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ESPN2 Boxing Results(1/20/06)

Shooto: 3 Bouts Added - Feb. 17th(1/20/06)

Rage in the Cage 79 - Feb. 24th(1/20/06)

Shobox: Powell vs. Frazier - Feb. 3rd(1/20/06)

DEEP 23rd Impact Update - Feb. 5th(1/20/06)

Newsbits: Renegades - XFC(1/20/06)

Super League Hungary Update - Jan. 28th(1/20/06)

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PRIDE 31: 2 Bouts Added - Feb. 26th(1/19/06)

Showtime Boxing: Castillo vs. Reyes - Feb. 4th(1/19/06)

FF2 Update (Smack Girl) - Feb. 3rd(1/19/06)

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PXC 6 Results(1/18/06)

GCM MARS Update - Feb. 4th(1/18/06)

Shooto Update - Feb. 26th(1/18/06)

Solo Boxeo: Cotto vs. Hernandez - Jan. 20th(1/18/06)

ESPN Boxing - Jan. 20th(1/18/06)

Ring of Fire 21 - Feb. 11th(1/18/06)

Sports Talk Cleveland(1/18/06)

Shoot Boxing Update - Feb. 9th(1/17/06)

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Super League Hungary Update - Jan. 28th(1/17/06)

MFC 6 - March 4th(1/17/06)

FF2 Update: Smack Girl - Feb. 3rd(1/16/06)

UFC: Ultimate Fight Night 3 Results(1/16/06)

DEEP 23rd Impact Update - Feb. 5th(1/16/06)

HBO PPV Update - Feb. 25th(1/16/06)

Sokol Maric Night Results(1/16/06)

Muay Thai: Holland vs. Thailand - March 19th(1/16/06)

Ring of Combat - April 14th(1/16/06)

Combat at the Capitale - Jan. 27th(1/16/06)

K.O. Arena 4 - March 11th(1/16/06)

Elite Cage Fighting - Feb. 11th(1/16/06)

Shooto: Two Bouts Added - Feb. 17th(1/15/06)

PRIDE 31 - Feb. 26th(1/15/06)

Rage in the Cage 78 Results(1/15/06)

Smack Girl: 2 Bouts Added - Feb. 15th(1/14/06)

International Boxing HOF: Class of 2006(1/14/06)

Showtime Boxing: Corrales vs. Castillo Postponed(1/14/06)

WBC News: Laila Ali(1/14/06)

G.C.M. MARS Complete Line-up - Feb. 4th(1/13/06)

Cage Rage 15 - Feb 4th(1/13/06)

Shoot Boxing - Feb. 9th(1/13/06)

Solo Boxeo results: Rubio vs. Galaviz(1/13/06)

Goossen Tudor Boxing(1/13/06)

Shooto Update - Feb. 26th(1/13/06)

XFC 10 - March 3rd(1/13/06)

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UK-1: MMA & Kickboxing - Feb. 25th(1/13/06)

PRIDE FC Promo Videos: Hardcore KOs 2(1/12/06)

ShoBox: Harutyunyan vs. Donaire - Jan. 20th(1/12/06)

WBC News: George Foreman(1/12/06)

Ultimate Nokaut 4 - March 11th(1/12/06)

Sokol Maric Night - Jan. 14th(1/12/06)

K-1 France - Jan. 20th(1/12/06)

FF2 (Smack girl) Update - Feb. 3rd(1/12/06)

Solo Boxeo: Rubio vs. Galaviz - Jan. 13th(1/12/06)

Gladiator Fighting Series - Feb. 18th(1/11/06)

Rage in the Cage 78 Updated Card - Jan. 14th(1/11/06)

Pancrase Update - Jan. 26th(1/11/06)

Smack Girl Update - Feb. 15th(1/11/06)

Solo Boxeo: Rubio vs. Kodzoev - Jan. 27th(1/11/06)

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FCFF Rumble at the Roseland 19 - Jan. 21st(1/11/06)

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K-1 Max Line-up - Feb. 4th(1/10/06)

Pancrase - March 19th(1/10/06)

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SportFight 14 Recap \ Gallery - Jan. 6th(1/9/06)

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FF2: Smack Girl \ Gi-Feminino Update - Feb. 3rd(1/9/06)

UFC 58 - March 4th(1/9/06)

UFC 57 - One Bout Added - Feb. 4th(1/8/06)

Showtime Boxing Results: Mormeck vs. Bell(1/7/06)

WBC News: Arce vs. Rivas(1/6/06)

SportFight 14 Results(1/6/06)

Solo Boxeo Results: Santa Cruz vs. Lozada(1/6/06)

Shobox Results: Julio vs. Kamya(1/6/06)

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U.S. Sombo Newsletter(1/2/06)

Face To Face III - January 28th(1/2/06)

Newsbits: EVT, Fight Festival, G-Shooto(1/2/06)

WFL - February 4th(1/2/06)


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