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PRIDE Shockwave Results(12/31/04)

K-1 Dynamite Results - Dec. 31st(12/31/04)

PRIDE Shockwave PPV Reminder(12/30/04)

HBO Boxing: Mayweather Jr. vs. Bruseles - Jan. 22nd(12/30/04)

K-1 Dynamite Fight Order(12/30/04)

PRIDE Shockwave - Silva's Opponent Named(12/29/04)

K-1 Dynamite - Musashi's Opponent Finalized(12/29/04)

BTT Jiu-Jitsu Camp Reminder(12/29/04)

Pancrase Rankings(12/29/04)

K-1 World Max 2005 - Feb. 23rd(12/29/04)

All Japan Kickboxing - January 4th(12/28/04)

SportFight: Justice - January 8, 2005(12/28/04)

WMC Explosion II - Feb. 19, 2005(12/27/04)

Rage in the Cage 67 - January 29, 2005(12/27/04)

Pancrase: Tokyo [Don't] Night Cancelled(12/27/04)

Sakuraba Out! - PRIDE FC - Dec. 31st(12/26/04)

Shooto Update - January 29, 2005(12/26/04)

K-1 Dynamite Bout Updates - Dec. 31st(12/25/04)

PRIDE Shockwave: Three Promo Videos(12/24/04)

Thomas Denny Video Interview(12/24/04)

K-1 Dynamite: 1 Bout Added - Dec. 31st(12/24/04)

Wanderlei Silva(12/23/04)

DEEP 18th Impact - Feb. 12th(12/23/04)

Gi-Feminino Update - Jan. 8th(12/23/04)

CW 9 Recap by Hywel Teague(12/22/04)

PRIDE FC: Chonan vs. Silva Release - Dec. 31st(12/21/04)

Pancrase Results(12/21/04)

Joe Camacho New School(12/21/04)

Santa Silva(12/20/04)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/20/04)

X-Plosion: K-1 Challenge Results(12/20/04)

Smack Girl World ReMix Results(12/19/04)

Cagewarriors 9 Results(12/19/04)

Super League Results(12/19/04)

HBO Boxing: Tarver vs. Johnson Results(12/18/04)

DEEP 17th Impact Results(12/18/04)

ADCC European Trials - Jan. 22, 2005(12/18/04)

Shooto - January 29, 2005(12/18/04)

UFC 51: Sylvia vs. Arloski - Feb. 5, 2005(12/17/04)

PRIDE FC Official Release - Dec. 31st(12/17/04)

SHOBOX Results: Elder vs. Burton(12/17/04)

PRIDE Shockwave - One bout added - Dec. 31st(12/17/04)

ZST GP 2 - January 23, 2005(12/17/04)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/17/04)

TKO 19 Update - January 29, 2005(12/17/04)

CW 9 Updated Final Card - Dec. 18th(12/17/04)

WBU Champ Monterio at CW 9 - De. 18th(12/17/04)

BTT Invites You to Their BJJ Camp(12/16/04)

PRIDE - 4 Bouts Added to Shockwave - Dec. 31st(12/16/04

Pancrase: Tokyo [Don't] Night - Jan. 9, 2005(12/16/04)

Shobox: Smith vs. Estrada - Jan. 21st(12/15/04)

UFC: Ultimate New Years - Dec. 31st(12/15/04)

Super League Update - Dec. 18th(12/15/04)

Ollie Ellis out of CW 9 - Dec. 18th(12/14/04)

Shooto Results(12/14/04)

HBO Boxing: Tarver vs. Johnson - Dec. 18th(12/14/04)

Smack Girl Line-up Update - Dec. 19th(12/14/04)

No Limits Muay Thai - Dec. 18th(12/13/04)

Gladiator Challenge 33 Results(12/13/04)

Warriors Realm 2 Results(12/13/04)

Ring of Fire 14 Results(12/13/04)

Gi-Feminino Line-up - January 8, 2005(12/12/04)

Cross Section III Results(12/12/04)

SuperBrawl Results(12/12/04)

FCFF 14 Results(12/12/04)

Historical Meeting: Freitas & Silva(12/11/04)

HBO Boxing Results - Klitschko vs. Williams(12/11/04)

Newsbits: ZST - WBC(12/11/04)

Boxeo Telemundo - Dec. 17th(12/11/04)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(12/10/04)

K-1 Dynamite 2004 Update - Dec. 31st(12/10/04)

Ultimate Nokaut - March 11th(12/10/04)

Cagewarriors Xtreme Xmas - Dec. 18th(12/10/04)

Boxing: Gatti vs. Leija - January 29, 2005(12/10/04)

WEC Line-up - January 22, 2005(12/10/04)

Boxing: Jirov vs. Moorer Result(12/9/04)

Shobox on Showtime: Elder vs. Burton - Dec. 17th(12/9/04)

HBO PPV: Klitschko vs. Williams - Dec. 11th(12/9/04)

Newsbits: Gracie - Vovchanchyn - WBC(12/9/04)

Boxing: Jirov vs. Moorer - Dec. 9th(12/9/04)

Pancrase Rankings(12/9/04)

SuperBrawl 38 Updated Card(12/9/04)

FCFF Updated Card - Dec. 11th(12/9/04)

TKO 19 Update - January 29, 2004(12/9/04)

FCFN 3 Promo Video(12/8/04)

Smack Girl Tourney Line-up - Dec. 19th(12/8/04)

Fight Night - Dec. 12th(12/8/04)

Gold Medalist Takimoto in PRIDE - Dec. 31st(12/7/04)

Cagewarriors 9 Update - Dec. 18th(12/7/04)

UFC, Spike TV: Ultimate Fighter TV Show(12/7/04)

UKMMAC Extreme Fighters 9 Recap(12/7/04)

M-1 Tournament Results - Dec. 4th(12/7/04)

Reality Combat Results - Dec. 4th(12/7/04)

Frederico Sabbatini video Interview(12/6/04)

Walter Michalowski video interview(12/6/04)

Cro Cop vs. Randleman - PRIDE Dec. 31st(12/6/04)

KOTC 45 Results - Dec. 4th(12/6/04)

PRIDE Shockwave - One match added - Dec. 31st(12/6/04)

Super League Line-up - Dec. 18th

IronLife Magazine Issue 16(12/6/04)

HBO Boxing Result: Taylor vs. Joppy - Dec. 4th(12/4/04)

Showtime Boxing Results - Three Title Bouts(12/4/04)

XFO 4 Results(12/4/04)

K-1 World GP Final Results - Dec. 4th(12/4/04)

PRIDE FC Hardcore KOs Promo Video(12/3/04)

K-1 GP Final Line-up - Dec. 4th(12/3/04)

Cross Section III Update - Dec. 12th(12/3/04)

Ring of Fire 14 Line-up - Dec. 11th(12/3/04)

Kickboxing Superfights - Dec. 3rd(12/3/04)

MMA Mexico - Dec. 17th & 18th(12/3/04)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 21st(12/2/04)

RINGS Fight Gala - Dec. 12th(12/2/04)

Gladiator Challenge 24 - January 27, 2005(12/2/04)

TKO 19 - January 29, 2004(12/2/04)

Reality Combat - Dec. 4th(12/2/04)

KOTC 44 Amended Result(12/1/04)

DEEP 17th Impact - Dec. 18th(12/1/04)

Sportfight 8 - January 8, 2005(12/1/04)

PRIDE Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(11/30/04)

HBO Boxing: Taylor vs. Joppy - Dec. 4th(11/30/04)

PRIDE FC Shockwave Update - Dec. 31st(11/30/04)

Desert Quest 11 - Dec. 4th(11/30/04)

Super Brawl Update - Dec. 11th(11/29/04)

K-1 Dynamite Update - Dec. 31st(11/29/04)

It's Showtime Update - June 12, 2005(11/29/04)

UKMMAC Extreme Fighters 9 Results(11/29/04)

G-Shooto Results(11/28/04)

VFC Results(11/28/04)

IKUSA 6 Results(11/28/04)

HBO Boxing: Morales vs. Barrera Results(11/27/04)

Cage Rage 9 Results(11/27/04)

Shooto Line-up - Dec. 14th(11/27/04)

TKO 18 Quick Results(11/27/04)

Cross Section III Update - Dec. 12th(11/27/04)

Rage in the Cage 67 - Dec 16th(11/27/04)

Ring of Fire 14 - Dec. 11th(11/27/04)

Spartan Reality Fight 12 Results(11/27/04)

FCFF Updated Card - Dec. 11th(11/27/04)

Pancrase Results: Ximu vs. Yamamiya(11/26/04)

Polish Full-Contact Jiu-Jitsu Championships Results(11/26/04)

Shooto Results (11/25/04)

K-1 Dynamite - Dec. 31st(11/25/04)

TKO 18 Updated Card - Nov. 26th(11/25/04)

EVT 5 Cancelled - Dec. 4th(11/24/04)

FCFN 3 Wrap-up (Nov. 13th)(11/24/04)

Warriors Realm Reality Fighting - Dec. 10th(11/24/04)

XFO 4 - Dec 3rd(11/24/04)

UAGF - Dec. 9th(11/23/04)

PRIDE Auditions Wrap-up (Nov. 20th)(11/23/04)

Spartan Reality Fighting 12 - Nov. 27th(11/23/04)

KOTC 45 - Dec. 4th(11/23/04)

KOTC 44 Results(11/23/04)

Ring of Combat Results(11/23/04)

Fight Party Results(11/23/04)

M-1 GP Heavyweight Line-up - Dec. 4th(11/22/04)

Cage Rage 9 Update - Nov. 27th(11/22/04)

Shooto Updated Card - Nov. 25th(11/22/04)

Victory FC line-up - Nov. 27th(11/22/04)

Rumble on the Rock 6 Results(11/21/04)

Gladiator Challenge 32 Results(11/21/04)

XFC 6 Results(11/20/04)

HBO Boxing: Mosley vs. Wright Result(11/20/04)

Super League - Dec. 18th(11/20/04)

K-1 Challenge - Dec. 18th(11/19/04)

Bobby Gamboa Video Interview(11/19/04)

Shobox Results(11/19/04)

HBO: Mosley vs. Wright II - Nov. 20th(11/19/04)

Cagewarriors 9 Update - Dec. 18th(11/19/04)

Pancrase Update - Dec. 21st(11/19/04)

EVT 5 Update - Dec. 4th(11/19/04)

KOTC 43 Ring Girl Gallery - Nov. 14th(11/18/04)

No Limits Muay Thai Recap \ Gallery - Nov. 13th(11/18/04)

Rumble on the Rock Update - Nov. 20th(11/18/04)

UFC 51 - Feb. 5th 2005(11/18/04)

Pancrase Rankings(11/18/04)

Gladiator Challenge 33 - Dec. 12th(11/18/04)

SuperBrawl 38 - Dec. 11th(11/18/04)

K-1 Brazil Results(11/18/04)

Shonie Carter Video Interview(11/17/04)

Bao Quach Video Interview(11/17/04)

Cagewarriors Forum Unique Membership(11/17/04)

FCFN 3 Recap - Nov. 13th(11/17/04)

Bushido Vol. 5 Promo Video(11/16/04)

Debi Purcell Video Interview(11/16/04)

Reality Combat Results(11/16/04)

KOTC 43 Fight Gallery - Nov. 14th(11/15/04)

FCFN 3 Results(11/15/04)

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Video Interview(11/14/04)

KOTC 43 Results(11/14/04)

No Limits Muay Thai Fight Gallery(11/14/04)

No Limits Muay Thai Results(11/14/04)

Demolition Results(11/14/04)

Rage in the Cage 66 Results(11/14/04)

HBO Boxing: Heavyweight Title Bout Results(11/13/04)

Cagewarriors 9 - Dec. 18th(11/13/04)

FCFN 3 Line-up - Nov. 13th(11/13/04)

Cross Section III - Dec. 12th(11/13/04)

Smack Girl Update - Dec. 19th(11/12/04)

Shooto Results(11/12/04)

Fight Party - Nov. 20th(11/12/04)

WFF 8 - Dec. 11th(11/12/04)

Kick Down 14 - Nov. 13th(11/11/04)

Cagefighting Championships 2 - Nov. 14th(11/11/04)

Ring of Combat VII - Nov. 20th(11/11/04)

RITC 66 Updated Line-up - Nov. 13th(11/11/04)

Newsbits: Spartan - UFC(11/11/04)

DEEP 17th Impact - Dec. 18th(11/10/04)

TKO 18 Line-up Update(11/10/04)

KOTC 44 Line-up - Nov. 20th(11/10/04)

Newsbits: De La Hoya - Tarver \ Johnson \ Briggs(11/10/04)

Demolition Update - Nov. 14th(11/10/04)

Shobox - Nov. 19th(11/9/04)

Return of the Gracie Camp by Symon Jenner(11/9/04)

Pancrase - Dec. 21st(11/9/04)

Fight Festival 12 Update - Nov. 13th(11/9/04)

Showtime Post-Fight Release - Tszyu \ Mitchell(11/9/04)

FCFF - Dec. 11th(11/8/04)

Renegades Results(11/8/04)

Bravo is Coming to Chicago - Nov. 20th(11/7/04)

Pancrase Results(11/7/04)

IronLife Magazine Issue 15(11/7/04)

Showtime Boxing Results: Tszyu vs. Mitchell(11/6/04)

Titans 1st Section Results(11/6/04)

Titans 2nd Section Results(11/6/04)

Extreme Challenge 60 - Nov. 12th(11/6/04)

No limits: Muay Thai - Nov. 13th(11/5/04)

Showtime Boxing - Dec. 4th(11/5/04)

Smack Girl Results(11/4/04)

IKUSA 6 Updated Line-up - Nov. 28th(11/4/04)

Pancrase Updated Card - Nov. 26th(11/4/04)

EVT 5 Updated Card - Dec. 4th(11/4/04)

ZST GP2 Results(11/3/04)

ZST GP 2 Genesis Results(11/3/04)

Shooto Updated card - Nov. 25th(11/3/04)

HBO PPV - Nov. 13th - 4 Title Fights(11/2/04)

ZST GP2 Line-up(11/2/04)

Shooto Updated Line-up - Nov. 12th(11/2/04)

Newsbits: MMA Sim Game - WBC(11/2/04)

Renegades Extreme Fighting - Nov. 5th(11/2/04)

KOTC 42 Results(11/2/04)

PRIDE Shockwave - Dec. 31st(11/1/04)

PRIDE's New Years Eve Card - Dec. 31st(11/1/04)

PRIDE 28 After Thought(11/1/04)

PRIDE 28 Play by Play \ Results(10/31/04)

PRIDE 28 Results(10/31/04)

Mass Destruction 18 - Dec. 11th(10/31/04)

Combat Zone 9 - Dec. 4th(10/31/04)

Fury 2 Results(10/30/04)

DEEP 16th Impact Results(10/30/04)

PRIDE 28: Halloween Night - Oct. 31st(10/30/04)

PRIDE 28 Predictions(10/30/04)

Leigh Remedios Open Mat - Nov. 13th(10/30/04)

ZST GP2 Genesis Line-up - Nov. 3rd(10/30/04)

Todd Medina, Cedric Marks & more interviews(10/29/04)

Demolition Line-up - Nov. 14th(10/29/04)

Fury 2 Line-up - Oct. 30th(10/29/04)

Morales vs. Barrera III - Nov. 27th(10/29/04)

K-1 Brazil Challenge 2004 - Oct. 30th(10/29/04)

Jason Chambers, Aaron Riley & more interviews(10/28/04)

Full Contact Fight Night 3 - Nov. 13th(10/28/04)

TKO 18 Line-up Update - Nov. 6th(10/28/04)

XFC 6 Line-up - Nov. 20th(10/28/04)

European Vale Tudo 5(10/28/04)

Shooto Brazil Results(10/28/04)

Rumble on the Rock 6 - Nov. 20th(10/27/04)

Reto Maximo VI Recap \ Gallery(10/26/04)

Total Combat VI Rcap \ Gallery(10/26/04)

Boxing Results: Pulver, Garcia, Harris(10/26/04)

Reality Combat - Nov. 13th(10/26/04)

Boxing Results: Pulver, Garcia, Harris(10/26/04)

Reality Combat - Nov. 13th(10/26/04)

Reto Maximo 6 Fight Gallery \ Results(10/25/04)

Total Combat 6 Fight Gallery \ Results(10/25/04)

It's a Nokaut Time - Nov. 5th(10/25/04)

Reto Maximo 6 Results(10/24/04)

Total Combat 6 Results(10/24/04)

GCM Cand Results: Uno vs. Vasquez(10/24/04)

Super League Quick Results(10/24/04)

SportFight "FrightNight" Results(10/24/04)

Jungle Fight 3 Results(10/24/04)

ZST GP2: Nazarian Out - Nov. 3rd(10/23/04)

Pride 28 Line-up:Official Release - Oct. 31st(10/22/04)

UFC 50 Results: Post-Fight Release(10/22/04)

Shobox Results(10/22/04)

UFC 50 Results \ PBP(10/22/04)

Pancrase Line-up - Nov. 26th(10/22/04)

World Championship Muay Thai - Nov. 20th(10/22/04)

NO Limits: Muay Thai Challenge - Oct. 23rd(10/22/04)

WEC Results(10/22/04)

UFC 50 Weigh-ins(10/22/04)

Reto Maximo Update - Oct. 24tht(10/21/04)

PRIDE 28 Line-up - Oct. 31st(10/21/04)

UKMMAC: EF 9 - Nov. 28th(10/21/04)

Shooto Line-up -  Nov. 12th(10/20/04)

IronHeart Crown VIII Line-up Update - Nov. 20th(10/20/04)

Pancrase Rankings - Oct. 18th(10/20/04)

ZST GP2 Tournament Update - Nov. 3rd(10/19/04)

WEC Updated Card - Oct. 21st(10/19/04)

TCM VI Promo Video - Oct. 24th(10/19/04)

Cage Rage 9 Line-up - Nov. 27th(10/19/04)

KOTC 43: Nakayama vs. Kohler - Nov. 14th(10/19/04)

Jungle Fight III Update(10/19/04)

Pancrase: Kondo vs. Cyborg - Nov. 7th(10/18/04)

Rage in the Cage 66 - Nov. 13th(10/18/04) 

Super Brawl Results(10/18/04)

Reality Fighting 7 Results(10/18/04)

Fight Party Results(10/18/04)

Shooto Brazil - Oct. 23rd(10/18/04)

Notice: October 17, 2004

3rd Inland Empire BJJ Tourny - Nov. 6th(10/17/04)

Shooto Line-up - Nov. 25th(10/17/04)

Shooto Results(10/17/04)

GCM Cand Updated Card - Oct. 24th(10/17/04)

Euphoria II Results(10/16/04)

Newsbits: Super Brawl-KOTC-K-1-ROTR-WBC(10/16/04)

Demolition Results(10/15/04)

UFC 50 Update - Oct. 22nd(10/15/04)

ZST GP2 - Nov. 3rd(10/15/04)

Shooto Update - Oct. 17th(10/15/04)

ZST GP2 - Nov. 3rd(10/15/04)

Shooto Update - Oct. 17th(10/15/04)

Gladiator Challenge 32 - Nov. 18th(10/15/04)

IronHeart Crown VIII (Shooto) - Nov. 20th(10/15/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. V Results(10/14/04)

Fight Festival 12 Results (10/14/04)

K-1 2004 World Grand Prix Update - Dec. 4th(10/14/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Results(10/13/04)

Smack Girl 2004 - Nov. 23rd(10/13/04)

Smack Girl: Kondo vs. Buckner - Nov. 4th(10/13/04)

Pancrase: Kondo vs. Cyborg - Nov. 7th (10/13/04)

Pancrase Results(10/13/04)

Showtime Boxing: Tszyu vs. Mitchell - Nov. 6th(10/12/04)

It's Showtime - June 12, 2005(10/12/04)

TCM VI Line-up - Oct. 24th(10/11/04)

IKUSA 6 - Nov. 28th(10/11/04)

Jungle Fight III - Oct. 23rd(10/11/04)

FCFF Results(10/11/04)

Fight Festival 12 - Nov. 13th(10/10/04)

Grapplers Quest - Nov. 6th(10/10/04)

2Hot2Handle Results(10/10/04)

TKO 18 - Nov. 6th(10/10/04)

Demolition Line-up - Oct. 15th(10/9/04)

GCM: Uno vs. Vazquez - Oct. 24th(10/9/04)

Cage Rage 9 - Nov. 27th(10/9/04)

Gladiator Challenge 31 Results(10/9/04)

PRIDE 28 Promo Video: Jackson vs. Silva(10/8/04)

Cage Carnage - Nov. 14th(10/8/04)

Fight Party - Oct. 15th(10/8/04)

PRIDE 28 - Official Release - Oct. 31st(10/7/04)

PRIDE 28 - Oct. 31st(10/7/04)

SHOBOX: Arnaoutis vs. Feliciano - Oct. 22nd(10/7/04)

PRIDE Bushido V - Official release - Oct. 14th(10/7/04)

2Hot2Handle - Oct. 10th(10/7/04)

SportFight: "FrightNight" - Oct. 23rd(10/7/04)

FCFF Fight Night - Oct. 9th(10/7/04)

M-1 Middleweight Grand Prix - Oct. 9th(10/7/04)

Showtime" Javier Vazquez Interview(10/6/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. V - Oct. 14th(10/6/04)

DEEP 16th Impact Line-up - Oct. 30th(10/6/04)

IFC Warriors results(10/6/04)

Pancrase: "H2O vs. TK" - Nov. 7th(10/5/04)

TCM VI - Oct. 24th(10/5/04)

Pancrase Rankings(10/5/04)

Showtime Boxing Oct. 2nd Post-Fight Release(10/5/04)

Rings Kickboxing Gala Quick Results(10/5/04)

Titans (Kickboxing) 1st Sec.- Nov. 6th(10/4/04)

Titans (Kickboxing) 2nd Sec. - Nov. 6th(10/4/04)

Fight Night Brazil Results(10/4/04)

Combat Zone 8 Results(10/4/04)

XFO 3 Results(10/4/04)

The Cage Finland Results(10/4/04)

Contenders - Oct. 24th: Uno vs. Vazquez(10/3/04)

Newsbits: HBO Boxing - Boxing - UFC(10/3/04)

Euphoria II - Oct. 15th(10/3/04)

DSE: Hustle Auditions - Nov. 21st(10/2/04)

Notice: October 2, 2004

Showtime Results: Klitschko vs. Williamson(10/2/04)

HBO Boxing Results: Trinidad vs. Mayorga(10/2/04)

Jack Mosley & Steve Parker Interviews(10/1/04)

WCK Sept. 11th  Fight Gallery \ Results(9/29/04)

WCK Muay Thai Sept. 11th Fight Gallery(9/29/04)

PRIDE 28 - Oct. 31st(9/29/04)

XFO 3 - Oct. 2nd(9/29/04)

Newsbits: K-1-Vikingfight-UFC-DVD Magazine(9/27/04)

Pancrase - Nov. 7th(9/27/04)

KOTC Bennett-Villasenor-Denny-Interviews(9/26/04)

EVT 4 Results(9/26/04)

2004 K-1 Grand Prix Final Round - Dec.4th(9/26/04)

Shooto Results(9/26/04)

Rage in the Cage 65 Results(9/26/04)

HBO Boxing Result: Jones Jr. vs. Johnson(9/25/04)

Reality Combat Results(9/25/04)

TKO 17 Results(9/25/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 Results(9/25/04)

EVT 4: Goes vs. Guillet Cancelled - Sept. 26th(9/25/04)

Extreme Challenge 59 Results(9/25/04)

KOTC 40 Fight Results \ Gallery(9/24/04)

KOTC 40 Results(9/24/04)

Pancrase Results(9/24/04)

Extreme Challenge 59 Results(9/25/04)

KOTC 40 Fight Results \ Gallery(9/24/04)

KOTC 40 Results(9/24/04)

Pancrase Results(9/24/04)

KOTC 40 Results(9/24/04)

Pancrase Results(9/24/04)

SportFight Reno Results(9/24/04)

Newsbits: WCK Photos - WBA Boxing(9/24/04)

Super League Update - Oct. 23rd(9/24/04)

EVT 4 Line-up Update - Sept. 26th(9/24/04)

Boxing Result: Toney vs. Booker(9/23/04)

KOTC fighter John DeLaO Interview(9/23/04)

Boxing Result: Toney vs. Booker(9/23/04)

KOTC fighter John DeLaO Interview(9/23/04)

WEC  - Oct. 21st(9/23/04)

RITC 65 Line-up Update - Sept. 25th(9/23/04)

TKO 17 Revenge: Updated Line-up - Sept. 25th(9/23/04)

HBO Boxing: Jones Jr. vs. Johnson - Sept. 25th(9/22/04)

Shooto Line-up Updated - Sept. 26th(9/22/04)

Swiss K-1 Results(9/22/04)

Boxing: Klitschko vs. Williamson - Oct. 2nd(9/21/04)

Pancrase Updated Card - Oct. 12th(9/21/04)

SportFight Line-up - Sept. 23rd(9/21/04)

Spartan Reality Fight 11 - Sept. 25th(9/21/04)

Reality Fighting 7 Updated Card - Oct. 16th(9/21/04)

Ultimate Grappling Challenge Results(9/20/04)

Demolition Results(9/20/04)

Newsbits: De La Hoya vs. Hopkins - KOTC - UFC(9/20/04)

S-Cup: Standing Vale Tudo Results(9/19/04)

Gi-05: Professional  Jiu-Jitsu Results(9/19/04)

RETO MAXIMO VI - Oct. 24th(9/18/04)

HBO Boxing: Hopkins vs. De La Hoya Results(9/18/04)

Cagewarriors 8 Results(9/18/04)

Cagewarriors 8 PBP - Sept. 18th(9/18/04)

Swiss K-1 Line-up - Sept. 18th(9/18/04)

HBO Boxing: Hopkins vs. De La Hoya - Sept. 18th(9/17/04)

Newsbits: BJJ Tourney - FCFF - James Thompson(9/17/04)

SHOBOX Results(9/16/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. V - Oct. 14th(9/16/04)

Bushido Vol. V - Oct. 14th(9/16/04)

Cagewarriors 8 Line-up Update - Sept. 18th(9/16/04)

UFC 50 Line-up - Oct. 22nd(9/15/04)

DEEP 16th Impact Line-up Update - Oct. 30th(9/15/04)

K-1 Oceania Max - Nov. 5th(9/15/04)

Newsbits: MMA Game - PRIDE Bushido(9/15/04)

Demolition 2nd Anniversary Line-up - Sept. 19th(9/15/04)

Fight Festival 11 Results(9/14/04)

Shooto Switzerland II Results(9/14/04)

Ultimate Grappling Challenge - Sept. 18th(9/14/04)

Krause, Adanza, "Rampage" Jackson Interviews(9/13/04)

No Limits Fighting Sports & Fitness - Oct. 2nd(9/13/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 Line-up(9/13/04)

UC 11 Results(9/13/04)

Shooto Gig Central Vol. 6 Results(9/13/04)

ZST 6 & Genesis Results(9/12/04)

World Championship Muay Thai Results(9/12/04)

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Cage Rage 8 Results(9/12/04)

HBO Boxing After Dark Results(9/12/04)

Extreme Challenge 59 - Sept. 24th(9/11/04)

Cage Rage 8 Live Play by Play - Sept. 11th(9/11/04)

Kevin Randleman Inducted into Ohio State HOF(9/10/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime - Sept. 16th(9/10/04)

Cagewarriors 8 Line-up - Sept. 18th(9/10/04)

Dakota FC Line-up(9/10/04)

Newsbits: Girl Shock - SuperBrawl -  ZST - Boxing(9/10/04)

ZST 6 Update - Sept. 12th(9/10/04)

Valhalla Results(9/10/04)

Cagewarriors 8 Update - Sept. 18th(9/9/04)

Fist of Fury 4 - Sept. 25th(9/9/04)

Showtime Boxing Recap: Brewster vs. Meehan(9/9/04)

TCM V Results(9/9/04)

Larry Landless & Brandon Lange Interviews(9/8/04)

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Chris Brennan Interview(9/7/04)

Super League Germany Line-up - Oct. 23rd(9/7/04)

Rage in the Cage 65 Line-up - Sept. 25th(9/7/04)

CFC Recap \ Gallery II(9/7/04)

Crown Fighting Championship Results \ Gallery(9/6/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Line-up - Oct. 13th(9/6/04)

Apex Championship Fighting Results(9/6/04)

WMC - World Title Fights Results(9/6/04)

ICE 11 Results(9/6/04)

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira & Marco 'Tony' Perez(9/5/04)

Crown Fighting Championship Results(9/5/04)

Cross Section II Results(9/5/04)

Showtime Boxing Results(9/5/04)

UK Storm Results(9/5/04)

Ground Impact: Gi-05 - Sept. 19th(9/4/04)

SportFight "Battleground in Reno" - Sept. 23rd(9/4/04)

Fight Night - Campinas Round - Sept. 24th(9/4/04)

HBO Boxing Sept. 11th: Cotto vs. Pinto(9/3/04)

Newsbits: Pancrase - ZST - Heavyweight Gladiators(9/3/04)

Pancrase Rankings(9/3/04)

Warriors Realm 1 Results(9/3/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Results(9/2/04)

Crown Fighting Championship Update - Sept. 4th(9/2/04)

Fist of Fury 4 Full Line-up - Sept. 25th(9/2/04)

Newsbits: Pride & Glory - Heavyweight Gladiators(9/2/04)

Warriors Realm - Sept. 3rd(9/1/04)

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Cross Section II Update - Sept. 4th(9/1/04)

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Mass Destruction 17 Results(8/31/04)

Pancrase - Oct. 12 & Nov. 7th(8/31/04)

Newsbits: Olympic Medals - KOTC 39 - EVT - ZST(8/30/04)

Love Impact Results(8/30/04)

CFC Update - Sept. 4th(8/29/04)

XFO 3 - Oct. 2nd(8/29/04)

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SportFight Results(8/29/04)

PXC 3 Results - Aug. 28th(8/28/04)

Shooto Switzerland II - Sept. 4th(8/28/04)

Fist of Fury 4 - Sept. 25th(8/28/04)

PXC 3 - Aug. 28th(8/27/04)

SHOBOX: Toygonbayev vs. Gardner - Sept. 2nd(8/27/04)

Love Impact - Aug. 29th(8/27/04)

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Total Combat Mexico V: Sept. 5th(8/26/04)

Newsbits: KOTC - Cage Rage DVD(8/26/04)

Reality Combat - Sept. 25th(8/26/04)

Combat Zone 8 - Oct. 2nd(8/26/04)

Newsbits: UK Storm- Olympics- Rob Evans Interview(8/25/04)

ICE 11 - Sept. 4th(8/25/04)

Mass Destruction 17 - Aug. 28th(8/25/04)

Fight Festival 11 Update - Sept. 11th(8/25/04)

EVT 4 Updated card - Sept. 26th(8/25/04)

ZST 6 Line-up - Sept. 12th(8/24/04)

Ian Butlin: Profile & Interview(8/24/04)

Newsbits: Riddick Bowe- FCFN 2 - PRIDE\Couture(8/24/04)

Gladiator Challenge 31 - Oct. 7th(8/23/04)

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Shooto Line-up - Sept. 26th(8/23/04)

Gladiator Challenge 30 Results(8/23/04)

Newsbits: Martial Arts History Museum - Pancrase(8/23/04)

UKMMAC 8 Results(8/22/04)

Pancrase Results(8/22/04)

S-Cup 2004: Pulver - Kraus - Souwer - Sept. 19th(8/22/04)

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Crown Fighting Championship - Sept. 4th(8/21/04)

UFC 49 Results(8/21/04)

Pancrase Line-up - Sept. 24th(8/20/04)

Reality Fighting 7 - Oct. 16th(8/20/04)

PRIDE Fighter To Attend UFC 49(8/19/04)

Pancrase Aug. 22nd Updated Card(8/19/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Results(8/19/04)

UKMMAC 8 Updated Card - Aug. 22nd(8/19/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix Line-up - Sept. 25th(8/18/04)

Fight Night - Boxing - Aug. 20th(8/18/04)

UFC 49 Pay-Per-View Locations - Aug. 21st(8/18/04)

Rage in the Cage 65 - Sept. 25th(8/18/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 Update - Sept. 25th(8/18/04)

PRIDE FC PPV Reminder - Aug. 22nd(8/17/04)

RINGS Kickboxing Gala - Oct. 3rd(8/17/04)

Total Combat Mexico - Sept. 5th(8/17/04)

SHOBOX: Dunne vs. Valdez - Aug. 19th(8/16/04)

Newsbits: Frank Shamrock - Olympic Medals (Judo)(8/16/04)

World Extreme Cagefighting XI - Aug. 20th(8/16/04)

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PRIDE FC Final Conflict Post-Fight Interviews(8/16/04)

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FCFN 2 (UK) Results(8/16/04)

XFC 5 Results(8/15/04)

Kickboxing & Free Fight Night Results(8/15/04)

PRIDE Heavyweight GP Tourney Prediction(8/14/04)

Valhalla Update - Sept. 4th(8/14/04)

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EVT 4 Update - Sept. 26th(8/12/04)

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Full Contact Fight Night (UK) - Aug. 14th(8/11/04)

Showtime Boxing - Sept. 4th(8/11/04)

DragonFest - November 21st(8/11/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 Update - Sept. 25th(8/10/04)

UFC 50 - October 22nd(8/10/04)

Showtime: Freitas vs. Corrales Post Fight Release(8/10/04)

In Memoriam: Paul Castelloni (8/10/04)

Herb Dean KOTC 38 after fight Interview(8/9/04)

KOTC 38 Gallery II(8/9/04)

FCFF Results(8/9/04)

European Vale Tudo 4 Update - Sept. 26th (8/9/04)

Demolition Results(8/9/04)

World Championship Muay Thai(8/8/04)

KOTC 38 Photo Gallery - Fights 2-18(8/7/04)

K-1 Battle at the Bellagio III Results(8/7/04)

Pride & Glory III Results(8/7/04)

Showtime Boxing Results: Freitas  vs. Corrales(8/7/04)

Rage in the Cage 64 Results(8/7/04)

TKO 17 Revenge Update - Sept. 25th(8/7/04)

KOTC 38 Results(8/6/04)

Cagewarriors 8 Update - Sept. 18th(8/6/04)

Cage Rage 8: Murray vs. Silva 100% - Sept. 11th(8/6/04)

Pride & Glory III Line-up Update - Aug. 7th(8/6/04)

SHOBOX Results: Peter  vs. Pudar(8/5/04)

K-1 Las Vegas Update - Aug. 7th(8/5/04)

Smack Girl Results(8/5/04)

UFC 49 - Aug. 21st(8/5/04)

Shooto Sweden - October 3rd(8/4/04)

Pancrase Rankings(8/4/04)

PRIDE FC Additional Match Announced - Aug. 15th(8/4/04)

PRIDE FC Final Conflict Line-up order(8/4/04)

European Vale Tudo 4 Update: Sept. 26th(8/4/04)

DEEP 16th Impact - Oct. 30th(8/3/04)

Shooto Gig Central Vol. 6 - Sept. 12th(8/3/04)

Absolute Fighting Championship 9 Results(8/3/04)

Ultimate Combat 11 - Sept. 12th(8/3/04)

Pancrase - Sept. 24th(8/3/04)

Newsbits: Morales -  Tyson (8/3/04)

KOTC Tickets - Aug. 6th(8/2/04)

It's Showtime!!(8/2/04)

A Night of Fury Results(8/1/04)

Cage Rage 8 Update - Sept. 11th(8/1/04)

Newsbits: CageWarriors Interviews - Tyson(8/1/04)

HBO Boxing Results Morales vs. Hernandez(7/3i/04)

ZST 6 Line-up Update - Sept. 12th(7/3i/04)

Showtime PPV Boxing Results: Tyson vs. Williams(7/30/04)

HBO PPV Boxing: Morales vs. Hernandez- July 31st(7/30/04)

Shooto - Oct. 17th(7/30/04)

PRIDE FC Final Conflict 2004 - Aug. 15th(7/30/04)

Cage Rage 8 - Sept. 11th(7/29/04)

Kickdown Classic 12 - Aug. 13th(7/29/04)

Showtime Boxing: Tyson vs. Williams - July 30th(7/29/04)

K-1: Battle at the Bellagio III - Aug. 7th(7/29/04)

Mike Tyson(7/29/04)

UFC 49 - Aug. 21st(7/27/04)

Cagewarriors 8 - Sept. 18th(7/27/04)

Newsbits - Boxing - UFC(7/27/04)

Total Combat IV Results(7/27/04)

Shooto - WFF - Results(7/27/04)

KO Arena 2 Results(7/27/04)

SportFight 5 - August 28th(7/26/04)

Apex Championship Fighting - Sept. 5th(7/26/04)

Clash In Consett II Results(7/26/04)

"Swiss K-1" - Sept. 18th(7/25/04)

Pancrase Results: Pancrase vs. Team Quest(7/25/04)

Pancrase Results: Pancrase vs. Team Gracie(7/25/04)

HBO Boxing Results: Gatti vs. Dorin(7/24/04)

Freestyle Fighting Championship Results(7/24/04)

SHOBOX: Peter  vs. Pudar - Aug. 5th(7/24/04)

FCFF Fight Night - Aug. 7th(7/24/04)

Valhalla Kickboxing: Sept. 4th(7/23/04)

WFF: Shooto Updated card(7/23/04)

Boxer Steve Parker & Trainer Joe Garcia Interviews(7/23/04)

Storm Samurai - Aug. 7th(7/23/04)

UKMMAC 8 Line-up - Aug. 22nd(7/23/04)

Pancrase Update - Aug. 22nd(7/22/04)

PRIDE Bushido Pay-Per-View Schedule(7/22/04)

Boxers Jay Horton &  Danny Garcia Interviews(7/22/04)

Cage Rage 7 Recap - Cage Rage 8 line-up(7/22/04)

Kombat-Komplett 1 Update - August 7th(7/22/04)

TKO 17 Line-up Update - Sept. 25th(7/22/04)

Renegades Results(7/21/04)

HBO Boxing: Gatti vs. Dorin - July 24th(7/21/04)

XFC 5:"When Worlds Collide" - Aug. 13th(7/20/04)

Fight Party: Anarchy in August II - Aug. 7th(7/20/04)

Paul Briggs & Jack Mosley Interviews(7/19/04)

Bushido Vol. IV Post-Fight Interview Recaps(7/19/04)

Bushido Vol. IV Results(7/19/04)

World Extreme Cagefighting XI - Aug. 20th(7/19/04)

Reality Combat Results(7/19/04)

K.O. Arena 2 - July 24th(7/18/04)

Newsbits: Boxing - Cage Rage(7/18/04)

HBO Boxing After Dark Results: Sim vs. Diaz(7/17/04)

ZST 6 line-up - Sept. 12th(7/17/04)

K-1 World GP in Seoul Results(7/17/04)

Shooto July 16th Results(7/16/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Results(7/15/04)

Cross Section II - Sept. 4th(7/15/04)

Newsbits: Boxing-Fight Party-Ice-Pancrase-Pride(7/15/04)

UKMMAC 8 - Aug. 22nd(7/15/04)

K-1: Battle at the Bellagio III - Aug. 7th(7/14/04)

Showtime Boxing - Aug. 7th (Freitas  vs. Corrales)(7/14/04)

Newsbit: Boxing -Tyson \ Williams(7/14/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 - Sept. 25th(7/13/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. 4 - July 19th(7/12/04)

HBO Boxing - July 17th(7/12/04)

K-1 Oceania - July 16th(7/12/04)

Combat Zone 7 Results(7/12/04)

Bushido Vol. IV Update - July 19th(7/11/04)

Cage Rage 7 Results(7/11/04)

European Vale Tudo 4 - Sept. 26th(7/11/04)

IKUSA 3 Results(7/11/04)

SmackGirl 2004 Update - Aug. 5th(7/10/04)

SOLJAH Fight Night Results (Shooto)(7/9/04)

IKUSA 3 Line-up - July 10th(7/9/04)

Newsbits: WBC -  WEF -  Desert Heat III(7/9/04)

Spartan Reality Fight 10 - July 31st(7/9/04)

K-1 World GP in Seoul Line-up - July 17th(7/8/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime - July 15th(7/8/04)

TKO 17 Revenge - Sept. 25th(7/8/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Tournament Final Results(7/7/04)

K- 1 World Max 2004 - Aug. 13(7/7/04)

Total Combat Mexico IV - July 25th(7/7/04)

Newsbits: Jefferson Tank - TKO(7/7/04)

Pancrase vs. Team Gracie, Team Quest - July 25th(7/6/04)

Upcoming Boxing Schedule(7/6/04)

Freestyle Fighting Championship July 24th(7/6/04)

Rage in the Cage 64 - Aug. 7th(7/5/04)

Fight Festival 11 Line-up Update(7/5/04)

Shooto July 16th: Hansen vs. Franca(7/5/04)

Pride & Glory III Line-up Update - Aug. 7th(7/5/04)

Showtime Boxing Recap: Casamayor vs. Seda(7/5/04)

ZST Battle Hazard 01 Results(7/4/04)

Newsbits: Bushido - Shooto \ Franca(7/4/04)

Shooto July 4th Results(7/4/04)

ZST Genesis Results(7/4/04)

Showtime Boxing Results: Casamayor vs. Seda(7/3/04)

DEEP 15th Impact Results(7/3/04)

Full Contact Fight Night DVD Release(7/3/04)

Newsbits: Bushido - Pancrase - Tyson - Cage Rage - Enter the Cage - TKO -  RITC DVD(7/3/04)

Gala Sportow Walki Results - June 19th(7/3/04)

IFC Update: Sturgis Rally Rumble - Aug. 14th(7/2/04)

Mike Seal, Cedric Marks & Larry Landless Interviews(7/2/04)

DEEP 15th Impact Line-up - July 3rd(7/2/04)

Shobox Results: Mora vs. Quinonez(7/2/04)

Brazilian Top Team vs. Japan: Bushido Vol. 4(7/1/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. IV Line-up - July 19th(7/1/04)

ZST Battle Hazard Update - July 4th(7/1/04)

Reality Combat - July 17th(7/1/04)

Guy Scott & Weber Lin Interviews(7/1/04)

Mac Danzig & Chris Kyle Interviews(6/30/04)

WFF Presents Professional Shooto - July 23rd(6/30/04)

Pride & Glory III - Aug. 7th(6/30/04)

Renegades - July 17th(6/30/04)

Sportfight Results(6/29/04)

Combat Zone 6 Results(6/29/04)

John Marsh Interview(6/29/04)

Smack Girl 2004 - August 5th(6/29/04)

Newsbits: Marvin Eastman - Tyson (6/29/04)

RETO MAXIMO V Recap \ Dean Lister Interview(6/28/04)

RETO MAXIMO V Results \  Photo Gallery(6/28/04)

Cage Rage 7 Line-up Update - July 10th(6/27/04)

Gladiator FC Day 2 Results(6/27/04)

Shooto Results(6/27/04)

Girl Shock V Results(6/27/04)

Gladiator FC Day 2 Line-up(6/26/04)

Gladiator FC Day 1 Results(6/26/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Results(6/26/04)

Battle for the Belts(6/26/04)

Point of Impact Results(6/26/04)

Kombat-Komplett 1 MMA Gala - Aug. 7th(6/25/04)

SoCal Self-Defense Academy Grand Opening(6/25/04)

K-1 Asian GP in Seoul - July 17th(6/24/04)

Newsbits: XKK - Ortiz - Tyson (6/24/04)

Showtime Boxing: Casamayor vs. Seda - July 3rd(6/24/04)

Pancrase South Korea - July 17th(6/23/04)

Shobox on Showtime: Mora vs. Quinonez - July 1st(6/23/04)

Newsbits: Jones Jr. - DLH\Sturm - Reality Combat(6/23/04)

Ring Experienced Fight Specialists(6/22/04)

Pancrase Aug. 22nd Event(6/22/04)

Shooto June 27th Update(6/22/04)

Pancrase Results: Kondo vs. Ritch(6/22/04)

Newsbits: Mike Tyson - UFC \ Sylvia(6/22/04)

Shooto July 4th Update - July 4th(6/22/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Update - June 26th(6/21/04)

Rumble at the Roseland 13 Results(6/21/04)

PRIDE FC Post-Fight Interview Recaps(6/20/04)

Ultimate Combat 10 Results(6/20/04)

PRIDE FC "Critical Countdown" Results (6/20/04)

UFC 48: Payback: Short Summary(6/19/04)

HBO Boxing Results: Barrera vs. Ayala(6/19/04)

UFC 48 Results(6/19/04)

SmackGirl  Results(6/19/04)

Clash In Consett II - July 24th(6/19/04)

Newsbits: UFC 48 - Tyson - Mayorga(6/19/04)

SuperBrawl 36 Results(6/18/04)

KOTC 36 Video Interviews 5(6/18/04)

SOLJAH Fight Night Update (Shooto) - July 9th(6/18/04)

Fight Festival 11 - Sept. 11th(6/18/04)

Newsbits: WBC - Spartan - Pulver\Boxing Results(6/18/04)

SHOBOX Results: Malignaggi vs. Cano(6/17/04)

KOTC 36 Video Interviews 4(6/17/04)

HBO Boxing: Barrera vs. Ayala(6/17/04)

K-1 World Max update - July 7th(6/17/04)

TheFightGame.tv Contest - through June 30th(6/17/04)

KOTC 36 Video Interviews 3(6/16/04)

KOTC 36 Gallery II(6/16/04)

UFC 48: Pay-Per-View Schedule - June 19th(6/16/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Update - June 26th(6/16/04)

Girl Shock V -  June 27th(6/16/04)

KOTC 36 Interviews 2(6/15/04)

Sturgis Rally Rumble IFC  - Aug. 14th(6/15/04)

Newsbits: Felix Sturm - Boxing Hall Of Fame(6/15/04)

PRIDE FC "Critical Countdown" Fight Order (6/14/04)

KOTC 36 Video Interviews I (6/14/04)

RETO MAXIMO V - June 27th(6/14/04)

KOTC Gallery I - fights - also contains results(6/13/04)

RITC 63 Results(6/13/04)

King of the Cage 36 Results(6/12/04)

Extreme Challenge Official Results(6/12/04)

Combat at the Capitale Kickboxing Results(6/12/04)

SoCal SDA Grand Opening - June 26th(6/12/04)

Newsbits: WBC files for Bankruptcy(6/12/04)

Cage Rage 7 news flash - July 10th(6/12/04)

Extreme Challenge 58 Results(6/11/04)

PRIDE FC Middleweight GP 2005(6/11/04)

Rumble at the Roseland 13 - June 19th(6/11/04)

Combat at the Capitale - June 11th(6/11/04)

Newsbit: UFC Guest Appearances - June 20th(6/11/04)

Pancrase Update - June 22nd(6/10/04)

KOTC: Desert Extreme - June 19th(6/10/04)

Rumble in the Jungle IV - June 19th(6/10/04)

Newsbits: Sturm protest - Super League(6/10/04)

Gladiator Challenge 26 Results(6/10/04)

Gladiator Challenge 27 Results(6/10/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Final Line-up - July 7th(6/9/04)

Full Contact Fight Night - August 14th(6/9/04)

Italian Extreme II: June 11th(6/9/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime: June 17th(6/9/04)

Cage Rage 7 - July 10th(6/8/04)

SuperBrawl 36 Line-up: June 18th(6/8/04)

SOLJAH Fight Night (Shooto) - July 9th(6/8/04)

DEEP 15th Impact Line-up: July 3rd(6/7/04)

Combat Zone 7 Line-up: July 10th(6/7/04)

Love Impact Results(6/7/04)

Xtreme Fight Club II Results(6/7/04)

Extreme Brawl 7 Results(6/7/04)

Newsbit: Arizona MMA DVD's(6/7/04)

K- 1World GP 2004 in Nagoya Results(6/6/04)

HBO Boxing Results: De La Hoya \ Hopkins(6/5/04)

Showtime Boxing Results: Phillips vs. Bojorquez(6/5/04)

MECA 11 World Vale Tudo Results(6/5/04)

Newsbits: UFC(6/5/04)

IronHeart Crown VII (Shooto) Results(6/5/04)

Battle Hazard 01 Line-up July 4th(6/5/04)

Tim Sylvia To Host Ultimate After Fight Party(6/5/04)

ZST Genesis Battle Hazard 01 - July 4th(6/5/04)

Newsbits: Hopkins - UK Storm(6/5/04)

Combat Zone 6 Updated Card - June 26th(6/5/04)

Boxing Results: WBA Title's(6/4/04)

SHOBOX Results: Guerrero vs. Sanchez (6/4/04)

MECA 11 Updated Card - June 5th(6/4/04)

Newsbits: Hopkins fight in Jeopardy? - XRF(6/4/04)

William Sriyapai Interview(6/3/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Line-up - June 26th(6/3/04)

HBO PPV Boxing: De La Hoya \ Hopkins - June 5th(6/3/04)

Newsbits: SuperBrawl - UFC (6/3/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 in Nagoya Update II - June 6th(6/2/04)

PRIDE FC: Three Bouts Added - June 20th(6/2/04)

Mix-Fighting Championship News - Oct. 9th(6/2/04)

Showtime Boxing: Ouma vs. Phillips - June 5th(6/2/04)

Newsbits: Pancrase - PRIDE Bushido(6/2/04)

PRIDE FC Heavyweight GP Press Release - June 20th(6/1/04)

K-1  Nagoya Update: June 6th(6/1/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 in Seoul: July 17th (6/1/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime: June 3rd line-up(6/1/04)

PRIDE FC Heavyweight GP Poll Results(6/1/04)

Total Combat Mexico III Results(6/1/04)

PRIDE  Heavyweight GP Line-up - June 20th(5/31/04)

Newsbit - Mike Tyson(5/31/04)

Extreme Fighters 7 Results(5/30/04)

Ichigeki Results: Kyokushin vs. K-1 (5/30/04)

Extreme Challenge 58: June 11th(5/30/04)

Reality Combat Results(5/30/04)

Ichigeki Complete Line-up: May 30th(5/29/04)

SmackGirl 2004: June 19th(5/29/04)

Full Impact 3: June 20th(5/29/04)

Newsbits: Pancrase \ K-1 - Boxing(5/29/04)

Pancrase Results(5/28/04)

Gladiator Challenge 27 - June 22nd(5/28/04)

Chuck Liddell - June 12th appearance(5/28/04)

Xtreme Fight Club II - June 5th(5/27/04)

Combat Zone 6 - June 26th(5/27/04)

Newsbits:  DangerZone - Gladiators Kickboxing(5/27/04)

Shooto Rankings(5/27/04)

If-Project (Ground Impact) Results(5/26/04)

Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament - July 25th(5/26/04)

Shooto July 4th Line-up(5/26/04)

Shooto June 27th Line-up(5/26/04)

Tyson and K-1(5/26/04)

Pancrase Rankings(5/25/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 in Nagoya Line-up(5/25/04)

Combat Sports Challenge II(5/24/04)

Evolution Combat: XCF - May 28th(5/24/04)

UFC 48: Payback(5/24/04)

Cage Rage 6 Results(5/23/04)

PRIDE Bushido Short Recaps(5/23/04)

PRIDE Bushido Results(5/23/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 in Nagoya Update(5/23/04)

Amateur Shooto Results - Finland(5/22/04)

TKO 16 Results(5/22/04)

Super League Results(5/22/04)

Chavez vs. Randall Results(5/22/04)

European Vale Tudo  3 Results(5/22/04)

K-1 Romanex MMA Results(5/22/04)

PXC II (Guam): Chaos Results(5/22/04)

Renegades Extreme Fighting Results(5/22/04)

HBO Boxing: Mayweather Jr. vs. Corley(5/22/04)

Gladiator FC Line-ups - June 26th & 27th(5/21/04)

Cagewarriors 7 - Video Clip download(5/21/04)

Pacific Xtreme Combat II - May 22nd(5/21/04)

SHOBOX Results: Wilson vs. Lubwama(5/20/04)

NHB Results(5/20/04)

It's Showtime Results(5/20/04)

HBO Boxing: Mayweather Jr. vs. Corley(5/20/04)

K-1 Kings of Oceania - July 16th(5/20/04)

Chavez vs. Randall Line-up - May 22nd(5/20/04)

Newsbits: Tyson - Grappling Tournament(5/20/04)

Pancrase Line-up - June 22nd(5/19/04)

French Top Team(5/19/04)

Ultimate Combat 10 Line-up - June 20th(5/19/04)

Extreme Brawl 7 Line-up - June 6th(5/19/04)

Newsbits: Super League - Bowe - UFC(5/19/04)

PRIDE Bushido Update - May 23rd(5/19/04)

SHOBOX: Wilson vs. Lubwama - May 20th(5/18/04)

RITC 63  Line-up - June 12th(5/18/04)

SportFight Line-up - June 26th(5/18/04)

Newsbits: IFC  - RITC DVD(5/18/04)

WFF 6 Results(5/18/04)

Amateur Shooto Line-up(Finland) - May 22nd(5/17/04)

KOTC 35 Results(5/17/04)

Full Contact Fighting Federation Results(5/17/04)

SubFac Grappling Tournament(5/16/04)

Rage in the Cage 62 Results(5/16/04)

SmackGirl Grapplers Holiday & F8 Results(5/16/04)

Jungle Fight II  Results(5/15/04)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Jones Jr. vs. Tarver(5/15/04)

Boxing Results: ATT Members Monson, Thomas(5/15/04)

SmackGirl Grapplers Holiday & F8 Line-up: May 16th(5/15/04)

If-Project: Professional Jiu-Jitsu Gi-04 - May 26th(5/14/04)

Jungle Fight II Updated Card(5/14/04)

FFC IX Results(5/14/04)

World Championship Kickboxing - June 19th(5/13/04)

IFC Cage Combat - June 26th(5/13/04)

Newsbits: Love Impact -Boxing -ZST -RITC(5/13/04)

Ichigeki Line-up May 30th: Kyokushin vs. K-1 (5/13/04)

CageWarriors Recap(5/12/04)

Ring of Fire 12 - May 22nd (5/12/04)

WFF 6 - May 14th(5/12/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 - June 26th(5/12/04)

RITC 62 Line-up - May 15th(5/11/04)

NHB: No Holds Barred - May 20th(5/11/04)

PRIDE Official Bushido Release - May 23rd(5/11/04)

It's Showtime Update(5/11/04)

K-1 Romanex MMA(5/10/04)

PRIDE Bushido Line-up -May 23rd(5/10/04)

HBO PPV Boxing: May 15th - Jones Jr. vs. Tarver(5/10/04)

Gladiator FC - June 26th(5/10/04)

Reality Combat - May 29th(5/9/04)

CageWarriors 7 Results(5/9/04)

HBO Boxing  Results: Marquez vs. Pacquiao(5/8/04)

Boxing Results: Butterbean - Mia St. John (5/8/04)

Fight Night VII Results(5/8/04)

KFC IV Results(5/8/04)

ICE IX Results(5/8/04)

3d International MixFight Gala - May 15th(5/7/04)

Fight Night VII(5/7/04)

Newsbits: Boxing Results - Laila Ali -Renegades(5/7/04)

Rumble on the Rock VI Results(5/7/04)

Rage in the Cage 62(5/7/04)

Gladiator Challenge 26(5/6/04)\

Freestyle Fighting Championship IX - May 14th(5/6/04)

SHOBOX Results: McDonagh vs. Pryce(5/6/04)

Extreme Challenge 57 Results(5/6/04)

PRIDE Bushido Vol. 3 - May 23rd(5/6/04)

Super League Switzerland - May 22nd(5/5/04)

MECA World Vale Tudo 11 - June 5th(5/5/04)

Newsbits: Boxing(5/5/04)

ZST 5 Results: Morkevicius - Aurelio(5/5/04)

ZST 5 Genesis Results(5/5/04)

Shooto - Hawaii(5/4/04)

ICE IX - May 7th(5/4/04)

CageWarriors - May 9th(5/4/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime (5/3/04)

Shooto Results(5/3/04)

NJPW / K-1 Results: "Nexess"(5/3/04)

Pancrase Line-up - May 28th(5/2/04)

VikingFight 5 Results(5/2/04)

Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament Results(5/2/04)

Jungle Fight II Line-up(5/1/04)

Havoc in Havasu(5/1/04)

Showtime Boxing Results(5/1/04)

Absolute Fighting Championship Results(5/1/04)

Boxing Results(5/1/04)

European Vale Tudo 3 Line-up(4/30/04)

Havoc in Havasu(4/30/04)

RITC 61 Results(4/30/04)

K-1 Las Vegas Results(4/30/04)

International Cage Combat IV Results(4/30/04)

Eruption Results(4/30/04)

HBO Boxing - May 8th: Marquez vs. Pacquiao(4/29/04)

Newsbits: Kentucky Derby - Upcoming events(4/29/04)

Boxing Results(4/29/04)

Deep 15th Impact - July 3rd(4/28/04)

K-1 NEWS - Tyson(4/28/04)

Rumble on the Rock VI Line-up Update - May 7th(4/28/04)

Full Contact Fights - May 8th(4/28/04)

Eruption - April 30th(4/28/04)

Kirino Garcia Interview(4/27/04)

Kirino Garcia - Intro to interview(4/27/04)

Kentucky Fighting Challenge 4 - May 8th(4/27/04)

Northstar Fighting Association - June 12th(4/26/04)

Larry Landless Interview(4/26/04)

European Vale Tudo 3 Updated Card - May 22nd(4/26/04)

TKO 16 Infernal Updated Card - May 22nd(4/26/04)

Extreme Challenge 57 Updated Card - May 6th(4/26/04)

Weekend Boxing Results(4/25/04)

PRIDE FC Grand Prix Play by Play(4/25/04)

Rumble on the Rocks VI - May 7th(4/25/04)

Oktagon K-1 Italy Results(4/25/04)

PRIDE FC  Post-Fight Interview Recaps(4/25/04)

UFC 48: Payback - June 19th(4/19/04)

ROUFUS vs. TYSON: "Redemption"(4/19/04)

Shooto Line-up updated(4/19/04)

Beginners Pancrase  Recap, Results, & Videos(4/18/04)

Kickdown Classic 10 Recap(4/18/04)

Kickdown Classic 10 Results(4/18/04)

Dakota Fighting Championships Results(4/18/04)

DEEP 14th Impact Results(4/18/04)

HBO Boxing Results - Ruiz, Byrd(4/17/04)

SportFight Dome Results(4/17/04)

SportFight Dome - April 17th(4/16/04)

SuperBrawl Results(4/16/04)

Newsbits: Boxing PPV\Rahman\WFF\SportFight(4/16/04)

Shooto Results(4/16/04)

ZST 5 Update: Morkevicius - Aurelio - May 5th(4/15/04)

SHOBOX Results: McCline, Williams (4/15/04)

Atlanta Fights(4/15/04)

International Cage Combat IV - April 30th(4/15/04)

Newsbits: Mosley - Rahman(4/15/04)

Mike Tyson Signs With K-1 - Again!(4/15/04)

Eruption - April 30th(4/14/04)

Shooto Line-up - May 3rd(4/14/04)

S1 - Sumo GP  Results(4/14/04)

TCM III Preliminary Line-up - May 30th(4/14/04)

NJPW / K-1 "Nexess" - May 3rd(4/14/04)

PRIDE FC Official Announcement - GP Match-ups(4/14/04)

PRIDE Heavyweight GP Match-ups - April 25th(4/14/04)

K-1 Las Vegas - April 30th(4/13/04)

IronHeart Crown VII (Shooto) - June 5th(4/13/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime: McCline\Llewelyn April 15th(4/13/04)

King of the Cage 36 - June 12th(4/13/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Final - July 7th(4/13/04)

King of the Cage 35 - May 15th(4/13/04)

HBO PPV Boxing April 17th - Ruiz, Byrd(4/12/04)

Newsbits: UFC - ZST - X-KK(4/12/04)

SmackGirl F8 Update(4/12/04)

Extreme Fighters 7 - May 30th(4/12/04)

Full Contact Fight Night Results(4/12/04)

PRIDE FC: 1 more for the Heavyweight GP(4/11/04)

Shooto Results(4/11/04)

Pride & Glory Results(4/11/04)

Extreme Challenge 57 - May 6th(4/10/04)

HBO Boxing Results: Klitschko vs. Brewster(4/10/04)

VikingFight 5 - May 2nd(4/9/04)

PRIDE Grand Prix Tournament Results(4/25/04)

Pain N Glory Results(4/25/04)

HBO Boxing Result: Klitschko vs. Sanders(4/24/04)

Atlanta Fights Results(4/24/04)

Gladiator Challenge 25 Results(4/24/04)

ZST 5 Genesis Line-up - May 5th(4/23/04)

Pancrase Rankings(4/23/04)

K-1 Battle of the Anzacs Results(4/23/04)

PANCRASE  Results (4/23/04)

Beginners Pancrase Tournament Interviews-April 18th(4/23/04)

PRIDE FC: Official Announcement - April 25th(4/22/04)

PRIDE FC: Final Two Announced!! - April 25th(4/22/04)

Showtime Championship Boxing -May 1st(4/21/04)

Oktagon K-1 Italy Tournament - April 24th(4/21/04)

Upcoming Boxing Matches(4/21/04)

K-1 MMA Championship(4/20/04)

K-1 Battle of the Anzacs - April 23rd(4/20/04)

Xtreme Fight Club II(4/20/04)

European Vale Tudo 3 - May 22nd(4/20/04)

Frank Shamrock Seminar - June 19th(4/20/04)

HBO  Boxing - April 24th(4/19/04)

KOTC champion Charlie Valencia Interview(4/19/04)

The WBC blasts K-1 \ Saddened by Tyson Decision(4/19/04)

Ichigeki: Bonjasky vs. Filho - May 30th(4/9/04)

Mass Destruction 16 Line-up - May 15th(4/9/04)

AFC Line-up - May 1st(4/9/04)

PRIDE FC Official Announcement - Heavyweight GP(4/9/04)

Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament - May 2nd(4/8/04)

Roufus Signs To Fight Tyson(4/8/04)

Universal Challenge 1 - May 1st(4/8/04)

Newsbits: Tyson - GTT - Pancrase(4/8/04)

RITC 61 Updated Card April 30th(4/8/04)

PRIDE FC 14 out of 16  set for Heavyweight GP(4/8/04)

HBO Boxing: Klitschko vs. Brewster(4/7/04)

KOTC 35 & 36 Update (May 15th & June 12th)(4/7/04)

SubFac Tourney Interviews L. Landless-W. Syrapai(4/7/04)

2004 U.S. Sumo Open Results (4/7/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Tournament(4/7/04)

GTT - Calling All European Fighters(4/6/04)

Sub Fac Beginners Pancrase Interviews(4/6/04)

Shooto Line-up April 16th(4/6/04)

SuperBrawl April 16th(4/6/04)

Newsbits:KOTC-PRIDE-Props to WBC(4/5/04)

Shooto Finland Results(4/5/04)

RINGS Holland Results(4/5/04)

Reality Fighting 6 Results(4/4/04)

Sub Fac Pancrase Results \ Full Fight videos(4/4/04)

Croatia vs. Serbia & Slovenia Results(4/4/04)

K-1 MMA 2004 May 22nd(4/4/04)

Larry Landless Update(4/4/04)

"Vendetta" Lithuania (Shooto) Results(4/4/04)

EVT 2 Results(4/4/04)

Croatia vs. Serbia & Slovenia April 4th(4/4/04)

EVT 2  Line-up(4/3/04)

"Vendetta" Lithuania (Shooto) April 4th(4/3/04)

Showtime Boxing Results(4/3/04)

Spartan  9 Results(4/3/04)

Chavez Ready For Return(4/3/04)

Cage Warriors 7: Showdown May 9th(4/2/04)

Extreme Brawl 6: Highlight Clip(4/2/04)

UFC 47 Results - Play by Play(4/2/04)

UFC 47 Predictions - April 2nd(4/1/04)

Showtime  Boxing: Hatton \ Mitchell - April 3rd(4/1/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Results(4/1/04)

Rage in the Cage 61 - April 30th(4/1/04)

UFC 47 Update: Sylvia Out! (4/1/04)

Boxing One Step Closer to being Regulated (3/31/04)

K-1 Battle at the Bellagio II - April 30th(3/31/04)

Newsbits: Sakuraba - XFC- Boxing(3/31/04)

UFC 48: Payback - June 19th(3/31/04)

PRIDE Heavyweight GP Official Announcement(3/31/04)

WEC X - May 21st(3/31/04)

4 Added to Heavyweight GP (3/31/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 - June 6th(3/30/04)

PANCRASE Line-up - April 23rd(3/30/04)

K- 1 Battle at the Bellagio II (3/30/04)

UFC 47 Reminder - April 2nd(3/29/04)

TKO 16 Infernal - May 22nd(3/29/04)

S1- Sumo GP 2004 - U won't believe who participated(3/29/04)

SmackGirl F8 - May 16th(3/29/04)

Amateur Shooto Hawaii Results(3/29/04)

SuperBrawl 34 Results(3/28/04)

PANCRASE Results (3/28/04)

Ultimate Combat 9 Results(3/28/04)

SHOOTO GIG CENTRAL Vol.5 Results(3/28/04)

Beginners Vale Tudo Results(3/28/04)

Hardcore Fighting Championship 3 Results(3/27/04)

HBO Boxing: Taylor vs. Bunema Result (3/27/04)

Saturday Boxing Results(3/27/04)

HooknShoot Results(3/27/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 Results(3/27/04)

Beginners Vale Tudo March 28th(3/26/04)

Friday Boxing Results(3/26/04)

ZST : Morkevicius - Aurelio - May 5th(3/25/04)

SHOBOX: Jennings vs. James - April 1st(3/25/04)

Weekend Boxing on TV(3/25/04)

Shooto Finland Line-up(3/25/04)

SportFight Dome April 17th(3/24/04)

Newsbits: Boxing - FCFF - SuperBrawl(3/24/04)

HooknShoot March 27th(3/24/04)

Spartan Reality Fight 9 April 3rd(3/24/04)

PRIDE: TOTAL ELIMINATION 2004! April 25th(3/23/04)

Ultimate After Fight Party April 2nd(3/23/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Line-up April 7th(3/23/04)

German Top Team(3/22/04)

SHOOTO Results(3/22/04)

Shooto Hawaii Update(3/21/04)

Newsbit: Tonya Harding(3/21/04)

Muay Thai Mixed-Fight Gala Results(3/21/04)

Extreme Brawl 6 Results(3/21/04)

RITC 60 Results(3/20/04)

Rumble at the Roseland 12 Results(3/20/04)

Newsbits: Shamrock - UFC - Boxing(3/20/04)

Boxing Title Results(3/20/04)

SportFight Results(3/20/04)

Fight Festival 10 Results(3/20/04)

SmackGirl F7 Results(3/20/04)

Muay Thai Mixed-Fight Gala March 21st Line-up(3/19/04)

Fight Festival 10 March 20th Line-up(3/19/04)

XFC vs. The World Results(3/19/04)

Pride and Glory April 10th line-up(3/18/04)

Gladiator Challenge 24 March 24th(3/18/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime: Hoye vs. Wiggins Results(3/18/04)

Gladiator Challenge 25(3/18/04)

DEEP 14th Impact Line-up(3/18/04)

Cage Rage 6 - May 23rd(3/18/04)

German Top Team Training Session March 21st(3/17/04)

Newsbits: Kudos to WBC - "Russian Invasion"(3/17/04)

BOC 2 Results(3/17/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 March 27th Line-up(3/16/04)

Ultra FC March 28th Line-up(3/16/04)

The Best Damn Fights March 20th(3/16/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime March 18th(3/15/04)

Newsbits: KOTC Crazy Horse - Klitschko/Sanders(3/15/04)

European Vale Tudo 2 Updated Card April 4th(3/15/04)

Where was Mosley?(3/14/04)

Newsbits: Boxing Doughnut Award - K-1(3/14/04)

Sub Fac Pancrase Tournament Recap(3/14/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Results(3/14/04)

Sub Fac Pancrase Tournament Today(3/14/04)

Pride & Glory Results(3/14/04)

HBO Boxing Results: Mosley vs. Wright(3/13/04)

Russian Invasion Results(3/13/04)

ICC Results(3/13/04)

Boxing Results: Bredahl vs. Naka(3/13/04)

Reality Fighting 6 - April 3rd(3/12/04)

Boxing: Bredahl vs. Naka(3/13/04)

Big Easy Fighting Championships(3/12/04)

Newsbits: Tyson - Rahman Comeback - Chavez(3/11/04)

KOTC Veteran John Delao Interview(3/10/04)

Thomas Kenney Interview(3/10/04)

Shooto Hawaii(3/10/04)

Shooto Apil 11th Line-up(3/10/04)

FCFA Results(3/9/04)

Xtreme Kage Kombat April 3rd(3/9/04)

Sub Fac Pancrase Tournament April 4th(3/9/04)

Super Brawl 34 March 28th(3/8/04)

Newsbits:SuperBrawl 35-Shamrock-Holyfield(3/8/04)

VFC Results(3/8/04)

"Enter The Beast" Results(3/8/04)

Free Combat Warriors 2 Results(3/8/04)

K-1 World Max 2004 Tournament April 7th(3/7/04)

Cage Warriors Results(3/7/04)

Ground Impact 3 Results(3/7/04)

ZST GT-F Results(3/7/04)

ZST Genesis Results(3/7/04)

FFC 8 Results(3/7/04)

Boxing Results: Briggs - Harrison - Farnell - Narvaez(3/6/04)

Showtime Boxing Results: Casamayor vs Corrales(3/6/04)

Boxing Results: Larios - Sahaprom - Todaka(3/6/04)

Boxing Results: Tapia vs. Archuleta(3/5/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 Line-up(3/5/04)

2004 U.S. SUMO OPEN(3/4/04)

Weekend Boxing Schedule(3/4/04)

ZST GT-F Match Order(3/4/04)

Pride & Glory "Clash In Consett" March 13th(3/4/04)

Shooto Results(3/4/04)

German Top Team(3/3/04)

2Hot2Handle Update(3/3/04)

Ultimate Combat Sports March 6th(3/3/04)

HBO Boxing March 27th(3/2/04)

Newsbits: Trinidad - King - Boxer Attacked(3/2/04)

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship March 7th(3/1/04)

Dakota Fighting Championships April 17th(3/1/04)

UKMMA Ultimate Fighting VI Results(3/1/04)

Combat Club Results(3/1/04)

"Enter The Beast" March 6th(2/29/04)

International Cage Combat March 12th(2/29/04)

F.Y.I. - Josh Barnett(2/29/04)

Hardcore Fighting Championship 3 March 27th(2/29/04)

Battle Of Copenhagen 2 March 14th(2/28/04)

KOTC Ohio Results(2/28/04)

HBO Championship Boxing Results(2/28/04)

Boxing Results(2/28/04)

AFC 7 Results(2/28/04)

TKO 15 Results(2/28/04)

Swiss Shooto Results(2/28/04)

Full Contact Fight Night April 11th(2/27/04)

Free Combat Warriors 2 March 6th(2/27/04)

PANCRASE March 29th Line-up Update(2/27/04)

The Rumble in Sonoyta March 6th(2/26/04)

SmackGirl F7 March 20th Line-up(2/26/04)

Shooto March 4th Line-up(2/26/04)

Newsbits: Tyson - Foreman - WBO(2/26/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Results(2/26/04)

DSE Introduces Dream  Stage Pictures(2/25/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Feb. 26th card(2/25/04)

FCFF 12 March 20th Line-up(2/25/04)

FFC 8 March 5th Line-up(2/25/04)

Newsbits: De La Hoya-Hopkins-Grant-Ruiz(2/24/04)

Pancrase Rankings(2/24/04)

K-1 Battle of Britain Tournament Results(2/24/04)

K-1 World Max Japan Tournament Results(2/24/04)

Kickdown Classic 9 Recap(2/23/04)

Ultimate Combat 9 March 28th Line-up(2/23/04)

Shooto Switzerland Feb 27th Line-up(2/23/04)

Kickdown Classic 9 Results(2/23/04)

DEEP 14th Impact April 18th Line-up(2/22/04)

PANCRASE March 29th Line-up(2/22/04)

K-1 World GP Line-up(2/22/04)

2Hot2Handle Results(2/22/04)

Shooto Finland Results(2/21/04)

KOTC 33 Recap/Gallery II(2/21/04)

European Vale Tudo 2 April 4th Line-up(2/21/04)

Newsbits: NJPW/ Shamrock - Boxing(2/21/04)

Mass Destruction Results(2/22/04)

KOTC 33 Small Gallery(2/20/04)

King of the Cage 33 Results(2/20/04)

UFC 47 Line-up(2/20/04)

Rage in the Cage 60 March 20th(2/19/04)

Extreme Challenge 56 March 26th(2/19/04)

K-1 World Grand Prix 2004 Schedule(2/19/04)

"JC Plentee of Skillz" Joe Camacho Interview(2/18/04)

Pain And Glory Fightsport Spectacular(2/18/04)

Newsbits: K-1 - Upcoming Events(2/18/04)

Total Combat Mexico II Feb. 29th(2/18/04)

KOTC 33: Jake Gomez Interview(2/17/04)

Newsbits: Boxing(2/17/04)

ZST GT-F Update March 7th(2/17/04)

Is He or Isn't He? Larry Landless Interview(2/16/04)

K-1 Beast 2004 March 14th(2/16/04)

Ground Impact 3(2/16/04)

Cage Rage 5 Results(2/16/04)

DEEP 14th Impact April 18th(2/15/04)

PRIDE Bushido Post-Fight Interview Recaps(2/15/04)

PANCRASE Results(2/15/04)

PRIDE Bushido Results(2/15/04)

K-1 Burning 2004 Results(2/15/04)

K-1 Scandinavia Tournament Results(2/14/04)

ZST GT-F March 7th Update(2/13/04)

KOTC Ohio Feb. 28th Line-up(2/13/04)

EVT 2 April 4th Update(2/12/04)

Newsbits: Boxing - FCFF - ICC - SmackGirl(2/12/04)

SHOOTO March 28th Line-up(2/11/04)

K-1 World GP 2004 (2/11/04) 

PANCRASE March 29th Line-up (2/10/04) 

SHOOTO March 22nd Line-up(2/10/04) 

HBO Boxing: March 13th - Mosley vs. Wright(2/9/04) 

Newsbits: Shooto - Boxing(2/9/04) 

K-1 Battle of Britain Tournament Feb. 22nd(2/8/04) 

Showtime Boxing March 6th: Casamayor vs. Corrales(2/8/04) 

RITC 59 Results(2/7/04)

Showtime Boxing Result Mitchell vs. N'dou(2/7/04)

SB XXXIII Results(2/7/04)

RINGS Holland April 4th Line-up(2/7/04)

EVT 2  & 3  Update(2/7/04)

Lewis Retires / Jones Jr. Relinquishes Title?(2/6/04)

Boxing: IBF Title Bout Result(2/6/04)

PANCRASE Results(2/6/04)

VikingFight IV Results(2/5/04)

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Lewis To Retire?(2/5/04)

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Reality Combat Feb/ 13th Line-up(2/2/04)

K-1 World Max Japan Tournament Feb. 24th(2/2/04)

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UFC 46 Predictions (1/30/04) 

SmackGirl Feb.1st line-up: Mishima Exhibition(1/30/04) 

RITC 58 Results(1/29/04)

Extreme Brawl 6 March 21st Line-up (1/29/04)

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K-1  World GP: France Results(1/27/04)

UMAC: KRAV MAGA(1/26/04)

K-1 Burning 2004 Feb. 15th Line-up(1/26/04)

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Kentucky Fighting Challenge 3 Results(1/24/04)

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DEEP 13th Impact Results(1/22/04)

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K-1 World GP 2004 France Tournament Feb. 23rd.(1/20/04)

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PRIDE Bushido Vol. 2:"Chute Boxe vs. Japan" (1/20/04)


Kickdown Classic 8 Recap(1/19/04)

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ZST Grappling Tournament March 7th(1/16/04)

TKO: Unstoppable Feb. 28th(1/16/04)

DEEP 13th Impact Jan. 22nd Line-up(1/15/04)

SHOBOX Results(1/15/04)

KOTC 33: Feb 20th Battle of the Joes' (1/15/04)

Gladiator Challenge 23 Feb 24th(1/15/04)

"The Bad Boy" from Denmark -Lars Besand Interview(1/14/04)

PANCRASE vs.King of the Cage !! Feb. 6th(1/14/04)

HBO Boxing: Gatti vs. Branco Jan. 24th(1/13/04)

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Mass Destruction 15 Line-up(1/13/04)

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Ring Of Fire 11: Bring It On ! Recap(1/12/04)

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ZST Grand Prix Final Round Results(1/11/04)

ZST Genesis Tournament Results(1/11/04)

Fury Full-Contact Fighting Results(1/10/04)

XFC 4: "The Beast" vs. "Gun" March 19th(1/9/04)

"Skillz" in Japan(1/9/04)

Fury Full-Contact  Fighting Jan. 10th (1/9/04)

FCFF Jan. 24th line-up(1/9/04)

K-1 Scandinavia Feb. 14th line-up(1/8/04)

Boxing Hall Of Fame Class of 2004(1/8/04)

VikingFight IV Feb 1st. Line-up(1/8/04)

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KFC 3 Jan. 24th Line-up(1/8/04)

Gladiator Challenge 22(1/7/04)

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Shooto Jan. 24th Line-up(1/6/04)

SHOBOX on Showtime Jan. 15th(1/6/04)

European Vale Tudo Dates(1/6/04)

Pride and Glory Feb. 1st Line-up(1/5/04)

Pancrase Rankings(1/5/04)

It's Showtime II May 20th Line-up(1/4/04)

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Showtime Boxing: Freitas vs. GrigorianResults(1/3/04)

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King of the Rockies NHB Jan. 3rd Line-up(1/2/04)

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RSF Shooto Results(1/2/04)

RSF Shooto Line-up(1/1/04)

FCFA Tour Dates Announced(1/1/04)

Showtime Boxing: Tszyu vs. Mitchell(1/1/04)


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