ADCC Italy Iron Men

Report & Results

by ADCC Italy

May 17, 2008

Livorno (Tuscany, Italy)


A great show for all ADCC Submission Fighting fans was held in Italy in the beautiful region of Tuscany; a

great job for the organization and the international matchmaking by ADCC Italy president Filippo Leone

supported by Alessio Diliberti and Stefano Perullo, coaches of the Team Gladiatori Labronici. After

introducing all the fighters to the public, the fights began.


Iron Men Tournament – 77 Kg

- Pool A:         

  Michel Salvadori (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur – France)

  Andreas Achniotis (Italian Connection – Cyprus)

  Fabio Perlangeli (Pankration Lecce – Italy)

  Simone Franceschini (Italian Connection – Italy)


- Pool B: 

  Jean Robert Monier (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur – France)

  Jonatas Novaes (Team Brasa – Brazil)

  Alessio Diliberti (Gladiatori Labronici – Italy) 



Salvadori – Achniotis 5 – 2

Perlangeli – Franceschini mata leao (rear naked choke)

Salvadori – Perlangeli sottomissione (submission)

Achniotis – Franceschini 0 – 0

Salvadori – Franceschini 6 – 4

Achniotis – Perlangeli armbar 


Monier – Novaes mata leao (rear naked choke)

Monier Diliberti 2 – 0

Novaes Diliberti injury


In pool A some intense fights with Salvadori who did well deserving the victory, with perfect and effective

style: 3 matches, 3 victories! Second place for the Italian “golden boy”, Simone Franceschini …a young and

very talented grappler!


In pool B, first intense and balanced fight between Monier and Novaes, won by the Brazilian black belt

Novaes, via mata leao. Second with Diliberti against Monier: the Italian grappler fought with all his heart

countering each attack of his opponent and escaping from a mount position when the score was 0-0; smart

takedown of the French MMA stylist for the definitive 2 – 0. No fight between Novaes and Diliberti because of

the injury of the Italian grappler!


Semifinals: Monier gave the victory to Salvadori. Novaes met on tatami Franceschini: great match, with

speed and technique at high levels; Franceschini put all his heart in this match fighting without any fear of

the Brazilian grappler. Novaes won by submission and reached the final.


Finals: 3rd place for Franceschini, who won over Monier by mata leao. First place for Novaes: he won over

Salvadori for 1 to 0 because one penalty…applauses! Novaes won the ADCC Italy Iron Men trophy and the

money prize.


ADCC Italy Superfights – 88 Kg.

First semifinal: Boalem Benaissa (France) won Nicola Sacco (Italy) for 10 a 2. Other semifinal: Gustavo

Freire (Brazil) won by arm triangle over Franceco Marangi (Italy). Third place for Sacco, who won over

Marangi by guillotine choke.


In the final Benaissa scored 6 – 0 over Freire.


ADCC Italy Superfights + 99 Kg.

Matteo Calamandrei (Italy) against Samuel Monin (France): the French athlete, really in great shape, started

the match with aggressiveness and won by a quick guillotine choke. In the second match Karim Mosbah

won by inverted armbar over Francesco Mazzotta (Italy). Third place for Calamandrei (over Mazzotta by mata

leao). Two French grapplers in a final dominated by Monin, winning by choke from north-south position.



ADCC Italy Iron Men winner Jonatas Novaes with

ADCC Italy President Filippo Leone



Filippo Leone (ADCC Italy President): great show and good technique on the tatame! Of course, events

like this help the spreading of our sport to the public, and increase the experience of the Italian fighters. A

pity for some injured athletes who were out, even they will have the opportunity to show themselves in next

ADCC events. I thank all ADCC Italy staff members and our media partners for the good level of promotion

given to this event, inside and outside Italy.


All athletes were great, and I thank everybody, also the fighters who weren’t selected: see you at the next



Jonatas Novaes from Brasa won the ADCC Italy Iron Men, doing a good job. I was also satisfied for the job of

the Italian grapplers: Franceschini did great, showing his ability and skills: a young grappler, growing up fast

… I think he could do very well in the future. No luck for Diliberti,  who injured in the back, one week before

the event; he decided to fight but he had to give up after one match… I know him …he’s a warrior, and I am

sure it was a really hard decision!


Alessio Diliberti (Team Gladiatori Labronici): a fantastic tournament with skilful and well renowned

grapplers. Thanks to ADCC Italy President, Filippo Leone, and his staff. I was impressed by Franceschini’s

level…he is a man of the event!


Michel Salvadori (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur): a very good Submission competition organized in galà

style, good fights and spectacular martial arts exhibitions. Perfect organization planned by Filippo Leone.

Public, ambience and organization at top levels!


ADCC Italy Iron Men: from left the winner Jonatas Novaes (Brasa), Michel Salvadorì (Gracie Barra Cote

d'Azur), Simone Franceschini (Italian Connection) and Jean Robert Monier (Gracie Barra Cote d'Azur).


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- From ADCC Italy with a little editing from us (color, etc...)

- Photos courtesy of ADCC Italy