ADCC Italy Submission Fighting Iron Men

by ADCC Italy

May 17, 2008

Livorno (Tuscany, Italy)



ADCC Italy (Filippo Leone) and Team Gladiatori Labronici (Alessio Diliberti) organize an ADCC event in

Livorno (Tuscany, Italy) on Saturday, May 17, 2008: ADCC Submission Fighting Iron Men.


The main event will be an 8-man tournament, 3 fights + the final, the prize money for the winner is 500 Euro.

ADCC rules will be applied, open weight event with the limit of 77 Kg (so it's open to all fighter under the

weight of 77 Kg).


Also on the card:

- 4 women tournament under 60 Kg.

- ADCC Superfight 95 Kg: Matteo Calamandrei (ITA) vs. TBA

- ADCC Superfight 83 Kg: Bernardo Serrini (ITA) vs. TBA

- ADCC Supefight 85 Kg: Nicola Sacco (ITA) vs. TBA


Registration: No fees to pay for fighter to sign in the event.

Prize: Iron men winner 500 Euro;

Trophies and medals for each podium.


Weigh-in at 6 pm (18,00) and fights start at 8,30 pm (20,30).


For matchmaking, all fighters interested in being selected to fight in the event has to send an email with

some notes, curriculum and photo to


Soon news about the full card, stay tuned on


ADCC Italy Staff


- From ADCC Italy with a little editing from us (color, etc...)



Subject to change