Wanderlei Silva New Sponsor

Koral Fight Co.



Special Thanks goes out to Julio Heller for the article and the pictures (with a little editing form us)


It is with great satisfaction that we are announcing the new sponsor of the World-wide Champion of PRIDE

Wanderlei Silva, KORAL FIGHT CO. - one of the main companies of the segment in Brazil and in the

International Market, having its kimonos commercialized in the entire world and one of the Brazilian

companies with bigger credibility inside of the world of the Martial Arts.


The agreement involves direct sponsorship to the athlete and the development of new products in

partnership with the first one, the Kimono KORAL/WAND, being launched world-wide very soon.



Commentary of Wanderlei Silva: "I'm very proud to have a brand like Koral supporting me, Brazilian company

with strong international performance and like me working to promote Brazil overseas. This agreement

motivates me a lot and ratifies how much the sport is growing and being more professional. The Kimono

developed is international standard and I'm sure that it will be a sales success."


Commentary of Victor Costa, President of the KORAL: " Wanderlei is a top MMA athlete around the world, I

follow his career since that he started in the great international events. To conquer such status with a highly

professional work nowadays differentiates him of the majority of others fighters. All Koral Fight Co. staff is

very happy with this contract, the beginning of a work that we are certain that will give excellent results. To

Wanderlei and the Koral fans this partnership comes to ratify the growth and professionalism of the sport in

the world."


We hope that you enjoy the news.


For more info about the new kimono: press@koral.com.br


Special Thanks goes out to Julio Heller for the information and the pictures (with a little editing

   from us )