"Muay Thai Challenge"

February 26, 2005

16752 Millikan Ave.

Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 251-8822



This upcoming Saturday, NO LIMITS continues their ongoing series of Muay Thai events called the NO

LIMITS Muay Thai Challenge. The series is geared towards featuring some of California's best

middleweight fighters. The fighters will battle it out for a chance to enter the NO LIMITS Muay Thai

Grand Prix slated to begin in April of 2005 and conclude in July of 2005. The Grand Prix will consist of a 16

man tournament with the first two rounds taking place in April and the final two rounds in July.

"The first round of the tournament will see each fighter receive $300 to show. The winners will then get $150

to advance to the second round. Then the winners of the second round will get a $100 bonus to conclude the

first day."


"The second part of the tournament will take place two months later. The four fighters will receive $300 to

show. Third round winners will advance to the final round for a chance to win $2000 with $800 awarded to

second place."


For more information on the events, call (949) 251-8822 or visit:


The event starts at 7pm with the weigh-ins being held at 5pm.


Donations for Saturday's event (February 26th):

General $10, Ringside $20.


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