Full Contact Fighting Federation 

"Rumble at the Roseland XV"


April 30, 2005

Roseland Theater - 7pm

 Portland, Oregon



Doors open at 6pm with the bouts starting at 7pm. Tickets are available online at www.ticketswest.com. For

more info, visit: www.thefcff.com.


Line-up (Not in fight order):

Fight 1 - 175 lb. Bout

Justin Nelson vs. TBA


Fight 2 - 165 lb. Bout

Mel Locke vs. Taylor Klahn


Fight 3 - 175 lb. Bout

Cody Bras vs. Matt Cozart


Fight 4 - 150 lb. Bout

Matt Stein vs. Jesse Hamm


Fight 5 - 150 lb. Bout

Drew Bayless vs. Keisuke Andrew


Fight 6 - 140 lb. Bout

Jacob Ritchie vs. Dave Kohn


Fight 7 - 155 lb. Bout

Barry Holmes vs. Alex Carrion


Fight 8 - Heavyweight lb. Bout

Aaron Starks  vs. Kevin Farmer


Fight 9 - Light Heavyweight lb. Bout

Jeremy Thomas vs. Vincent Meyer


Fight 10 - Heavyweight lb. Bout

Josh Bennett vs. Rath Cyrus


Fight 11 - 185 lb. Bout

Zach Allison vs. Sean Berberick


Fight 12 - 175 lb. Bout

Jason Perry vs. Adell Campbell


Fight 13 - Women's Bout

Shoni Plagmann vs. Sarah Runion


Fight 14 - Featherweight Title Bout

Champ Ian Loveland vs. Rick Cayo


Fight 15 - Middleweight Title Bout

Champ Ocean Baker vs. Scott Trayhorn


Fight 16 - Heavyweight Title Bout

Champ Delon Williams vs. Inoke Tupou


card subject to change