One Bout Added


July 27, 2005

Shinkiba 1st Ring

Tokyo, Japan 


After a string of D.O.G. (Demolition of Octagon Gear) events, GCM brings back Demolition on July 27th.

All bouts are scheduled for two rounds lasting five minutes each round.


Line-up so far:

Fight 1 - 72.5kg \ 159.84 lb. Bout

Wataru Miki (RJW)  vs. Yuki Takaya (SK Absolute)


Fight 2 - 57kg \ 125.66 lb. Bout

Rambo Matsukaze (Tiger Place) vs. Heat Takeshi (Pancrase ism)


Fight 3 - 61kg \ 134.48 lb. Bout

Gachi (Team Kiba) vs. Daisuke Sugisima (RJW)


Fight 4 - 83kg \ 182.98 lb. Bout - Added

Yusaku Tsukumo (Team Kiba) vs. Ryo Kawamura (Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo Hombu)




Card subject to change