The Cagewarriors Fighting Championships Announces its

 Expansion and Franchising Plan Which Include 2 New Brands for 2005




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The Cagewarriors Fighting Championships, the UK's most innovative MMA/Ultimate Fighting organization

reveals its 2005 expansion plans which include a stunning new Northern Franchise and a ground-breaking

semi-pro division.


The Cagewarriors Fighting Championships Promoter/Owner Mr. Dougie Truman is pleased to announce an

overhaul of the whole Cagewarriors organization as 2005 which will not only see the revamping of their

website,, but will also see the Cagewarriors brand being franchised and spilt into three

parts. This exciting move will see the existing show moving to Coventry in the Midlands, with a Northern

Franchise being created and based in Leeds and will also see the creation of a Semi-Pro division known as

Cagewarriors: Quest that will move into Cagewarriors’ previous home of the Sheffield Octagon Centre.


This exciting new project will also see the number of Cagewarriors shows increase dramatically, with each

franchise producing a minimum of four shows a year. CWFC Owner Dougie Truman hopes this will lead to

Cagewarriors producing at least 12 Cagewarriors shows per year which will give the CWFC a solid base to

develop their product, which in turn, will give the CWFC a bulk of fights which can be used to create

legitimate CWFC rankings and give TV companies a range of fights to choose from.


The CWFC show of the year is titled Cagewarriors 10: Strike Force and will provisionally take place in

Coventry during March. This show will see some of the UK’s best battle it out against fighters from around

the world. An exact date and venue for this event will be confirmed before the end of the month, but it

promises to be a show full of surprises.


Following the show in March, the CWFC Northern Franchise will be also holding its first show in April. This

show will be headed by the respected Yorkshire based promoter Paul Murphy and his business partner

David Mangham, who has considerable experience in event management and has been previously been

involved in promoting pop events and other arena based entertainment.


Both these men have already been in high level talks with new corporate sponsors who are interested in

backing this exciting new brand, which has had the existing CWFC team buzzing with excitement. Murphy

and Mangham have already pulled off one big coup by booking the futuristic Xscape Centre

near Leeds, Yorkshire for the April 30th show. This fantastic indoor entertainment venue contains a wide

range of activities and entertainment, which will enhance the whole Cagewarriors experience for both fans

and fighters alike. The CWFC has high hopes that this new show will live up to the high standards of previous

Cagewarriors show and will be followed by at least 3 other top quality shows in Leeds before the end of the



The third brand that the CWFC will promote during 2005 will be entitled “Cagewarriors Quest” and will be

the start of a Cagewarriors Semi-pro division, in which the CWFC hopes to find the next generation of UK

MMA stars whilst also testing new and innovative ideas within the Cagewarriors organization. The CWFC

also hope to forge new alliances within the traditional martial arts community and beyond throughout the life

of this new venture.


The Cagewarriors Quest events will also use the same 32ft titanium octagon which has impressed everyone

since its debut at Cagewarriors 8 in September, 2004. The UFC analyst and grappling revolutionary Eddie

Bravo called the CWFC octagon “The best in the world” during an interview on the 18th of September and

the CWFC hopes it will give the “Cagewarriors Quest” competitors the valuable octagon experience they

need to progress through the MMA ranks.


The first show of this new innovative semi-pro division is already booked for Friday, the 8th of April in the

Sheffield Octagon Centre (which has already held two successful Cagewarriors events in September and

December of 2004) with further Cagewarriors Quest shows planned for Friday, July 29th , Saturday,

September 17th and Sunday, December 18th. If this pioneering new series proves successful, the

Cagewarriors Quest organizer Rob Butler (Along with CWFC owner Dougie Truman) hopes to expand this

Semi-Pro division to six shows in 2006.


The CWFC hopes by creating these shows, they will have laid a solid foundation for Cagewarriors to continue

on and become the UK's premiere breeding ground of raw and valuable new talent for the UK MMA circuit

which will also allow them to continue the expansion of the main Cagewarriors brands to bigger venues and

markets in 2005. And with the CWFC hoping to secure a "Southern Franchise" during 2005 and with TV

deals also on the horizon, the CWFC team feels the expansion and partnership will increase the

professionalism and legitimacy that the CFWC holds so dear whilst also marking the dawn of a new age for

the Cagewarriors Fighting Championships.


If you wish to compete in any of these Cagewarriors shows or just require more information on Cagewarriors

events, then contact the CWFC owner Dougie Truman at or the News/Media

manager at And watch out as the Cagewarriors Fighting Championships

expands in style during an action packed 2005.


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The Cagewarriors Fighting Championship (CWFC) brand is one of the UK’s leading professional mixed

martial arts events and was established in the summer of 2002. Owned by Dougie Truman under his “Shield

Promotions” banner, the CWFC now has a total of 3 franchised events (Cagewarriors North, South and

Quest, which is our feeder show) which together now aim to produce a total of 12-15 shows per calendar



The CWFC also has its own official fight team ’The Northern Cartel’ and also has its own website at which contains information about the CWFC, merchandise, ticket details,

DVD’s and also boasts an in-depth UK and World MMA news website and forum.


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