CSI Meets the Needs of all Combat Athletes




Combat Sports International, the only company focused solely on equipment for combat athletes, will launch

in February. In true pioneer fashion, CSI will do what no other company has attempted by providing hundreds

of products for all combat realms, including the striking arts, grappling arts and traditional arts.


The CSI brand will set a new standard of quality in the industry. Utilizing over two years of research, testing

and development, CSI will have what the competitive athlete requires to be successful.


Randy Couture


“We’ve worked very closely with CSI and are very excited about the depth and scope of the company, as

they gear-up all combat athletes. Our team of UFC athletes has been intimately involved in the testing phase

of the products and can vouch for its superiority. The UFC partners with nothing but the best,” said Dana

White, President of the UFC.


There has been a movement toward the mixed martial arts in recent years, as many athletes realize that

being proficient in more than one style is to their benefit. CSI has expanded on this fact and built a strong

foundation in support of these individuals.


This comprehensive line of performance gear will be offered in the CSI Catalog or online. Go to

www.combatsports.com to order or request a catalog.


From its very inception, CSI has been “Engineered for the Performance Athlete.”


- From Albert Guardado Jr. with a little editing from us (highlight)